One of the service clubs could oversee contributions for Dawnetta’s education

Dear Editor,

I read the rather inspiring article on Dawnetta’s academic success (Sunday Stabroek July 18/2010) and the financial challenge to her parents in making her achievements possible.  I was rather moved and impressed with this little young lady and I, like so many others living overseas with whom I shared my thoughts, would like to assist.  However, everyone was concerned that just donating money blindly could end up with the funds being spent on things other than this child’s education.  I was wondering whether the Lion’s or Rotary Club would like to manage such an undertaking.  As a matter of fact, should there be other Dawnettas out there, it would be a good thing to have either or both of these clubs administer a fund set up for the sole purpose of overseeing the prudent disbursement of any monies donated towards the education of these children.  The qualifying criteria should be that the recipient children must have demonstrated exceptional excellence in the face of adversity and do not have the financial capacity to fulfill their dreams.

I look forward to hearing from these organizations as to their position on this matter.

Meantime, I extend heartiest congratulations to Dawnetta and wish her well in all that she sets out to achieve.  Finally, I applaud Stabroek News for highlighting this positive story.

Yours faithfully,
Marva Christian

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