The strictest reprimand from the President should have followed Lall’s statement

Dear Editor,
When members of the Guyanese public express their disgust and often time embarrassment at the behaviour of some of its leading politicians and public servants, they are pounced on by ferocious elements that possess the astonishing inability to recognize the folly, heightened ignorance, vindictiveness and myopic spitefulness that spews unrestrained from some of these leading figures.

Another year rolls around and the city council is again faced with the dilemma of an unhealthy garbage problem. Its leading garbage collecting contractors have withdrawn their services again, because of non-payment. With the dump site at Mandela Avenue outliving its usefulness, and a new landfill site to correctly manage the city’s solid waste yet to come on stream though long overdue, the city can ill afford an exacerbated garbage problem.

The unending war between the Ministry of Local Government and the City Council, more so the Mayor’s Office, seems to be reaching its boiling point. The obvious differences that exist between these two administrative bodies need not be brought to the fore through moronic outbursts.

Last week when the Honourable Minister of Local Government Mr. Kellawan Lall was asked by sections of media whether his government would rather spend millions on a health crisis than help the City Council he sincerely blurted out: “Well, if there is a health crisis in the city I’ll be glad because it’ll remove the city council. They’ll be responsible for it.” I thought: how more pathetic can a human being become? For the Minister to wish a health crisis on the people of Georgetown as the best way of removing the city council demonstrates the lack of coherence in his thinking and the simplicity of his ability to strategically formulate and execute a more civilized democratic means of removing the duly elected mayor.

How does the Minister know that a health crisis on the people of Georgetown will not affect him or his family? This level of incoherence in thought is not needed in public office.

It is really a pity that even with the incredible crassness of this particular Minister, he continues to be allowed to hold office. Defending the statements recently made by the minister by saying it came out wrong is to show support for this public demonstration of poor tact and class.

Many will know that this particular minister became illustrious for his penchant for public disorderly behaviour. But then again, what am I saying? The apologists surely believe that this person must be excused. He’s probably just prone to having bad days like most of us.

Whatever the case, I strongly believe that the strictest reprimand from the President should have followed Minister Lall’s poor statements. It is times like these the President needs to show that he is truly in charge. Handling situations like these with the deserved chastisement would surely raise the profile of the president, rather than trying to muzzle sections of the press that simply report the news as it unfolds.

Yours faithfully,
Richard Francois

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