Road to Industrial Site daycare centre needs to be rebuilt

Dear Editor,

As a student of social work, I went to the Mayor and City Council Day Care Complex at Industrial Site for a one-day placement. I was introduced to a friendly staffer and was shown around. As the day progressed I made my own observations. I had the privilege to listen to the children at rehearsal for graduation to go off to Nursery School. I also had the privilege of being at the graduation. In my observation the Day Care centre has delivered.

Having said that, I see a big problem not with the Day Care but with the road that leads to it. Editor, with due respect please take some time off and visit that area, the road needs to be rebuilt (not repaired). It is true that heavy vehicles use the road but then, there’s no other choice because it’s an industrial area.

Those children who remain at the Day Care have had to endure the slush. They are not all babies some of them walk, but then they are taken so they have no choice.

These are our children and we must show respect to them in the way we treat them and also take responsibility for their comfort. They are depending on us, let us not fail them. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Yvonne Walcott

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