Tolerance and compassion should be added to emancipation theme

Dear Editor,

I notice that a series of activities have been planned for this year’s emancipation celebrations in most of the regions of Guyana. These activities include a day of sport among others. I also note that the theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘Our Culture, Our Strength, Our Survival’. I would like to suggest that the words ‘Tolerance and Compassion’ be added to this theme as well because our survival depends on tolerance and compassion.

We should set aside a day every week during emancipation beginning now, where we teach and practice the true meaning these words. I am calling on every person of African descent, in the Government, the Opposition, the Commissioner and officers of the Guyana Police Force, Church leaders, market constables, and decent African men and women to be a part of this activity. I am calling on ACDA to invite our educators to help in preparing a programme for this endeavour. Please remember that the saying “it takes a village” is an African proverb. We should take this time to remember that our foreparents toiled for free with diligence, tolerance and compassion and left us a legacy and a foundation to build on. We have a bright future and when we free our hearts and minds, sound ideas for development will flow and help will come from the God we should be serving.

Yours faithfully,
Leolyn Sam

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