Wayne Dover is the most successful coach in Guyana

Dear Editor,

Our national coach, Wayne ‘Wiggy’ Dover, obtained his ‘B’ licence in 2006 after Messrs Joseph Wilson, Collie Hercules and Paul James 2005; simultaneously with Lyndon France and Denzel Thompson; and before Bilaal Eusi Nantambu, 2008 and Gilbert Sampson, 2009.

Of this qualified and certified elite group, (by FIFA, FA and UEFA), Wiggy has excelled. He had, along with Paul James, started the upward path of the senior Jaguars in FIFA rankings. His subsequent collaboration with former technical director, Jamal Shabazz, proved to be the vital distinction between him and his peers. His further exposure to coaching at a semi-professional league in Trinidad and Tobago also influenced by his mentor, Jamal ‘Captain’ Shabazz, has resulted in his phenomenal achievements.

Without the benefit of any research, I venture to say that Wiggy has proven to be the most successful coach in Guyana. He has to his credit two Kashif and Shanghai championships (one as a player); four premier league titles; three times Guyana’s representative to the Caribbean Football Union and Concacaf tournaments; Super League first tournament winner; Super Eight champion and without doubt the most dominant team in local football since Whitty’s Conquerors (now Fruta Conquerors).

Regionally, Wiggy has matched his coaching acumen against T/T’s national football hero, Russell Latapy, and other professional coaches from Suriname, French Guiana and Haiti, creating history by being the first Guyanese coach to lift a major, regional championship victory (the inaugural  Suriname Independence Cup). He has also faced off with his more illustrious counterpart in Theodore ‘Tapper’ Whitmore, of Jamaica at the recently concluded elite coaching course held at the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago, coming out as the best graduating participant.

Since his return from T/T, he has rescued the national men’s squad from a disastrous Parbo Bier tournament to restore pride and confidence in the Golden Jaguars themselves as well as other national youth squads, and most importantly football fans.

The nation, national players, GFF and technical staff (of which I am privileged to be a part) all look forward to a successful Digicel Tournament qualifying for the Gold Cup for the first time in history, equalling the feat of the much talked-about and celebrated female Lady Jaguars.

I have absolutely no hesitation or doubt that given the requisite support from all stakeholders, Wayne ‘Wiggy Wonder’ Dover, will surpass even his wildest expectations and dreams in the upcoming Digicel tournament in Suriname.

I wish ‘Wiggy Wonder’ and other technical and administrative staff, the national squad and the expected large turn-out of support in Suriname for this tournament, God’s Blessings.

Yours faithfully,
Bilaal Eusi Nantambu

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