Granger should recognize that the PNC needs to come clean on its past

Dear Editor,

I refer to a SN article captioned ‘Granger: PNCR can win’ of October 2, 2010.  It is imperative that this political statement be exposed.  I am referring to the political statement that the “PNC has nothing to apologize for.” This statement is nothing more than political arrogance and will definitely contribute to the further marginalization of the PNC from the hearts and minds of Indian Guyanese in Guyana.  This is the foundation for an even bigger defeat of the PNC come 2011.  No party can win elections in Guyana unless a fair share of both of the main races agree with their political philosophy. Unless the PNC can come clean on its past and ask those affected by its past ‘pardon,’ the PNC will never win an election in Guyana.

I do not know which base he was stuck on (Camp Jaguar?), but the facts are the 1968, 1973, 1980 and 1985 elections were heavily rigged with the post-Burnham 1985 elections being the worst. Mr Granger can slice and dice this deception whichever way he wants, it will never wash the facts away – the PNC rigged elections in Guyana and for those atrocious acts that stole the dreams of thousands of Guyanese, they must apologize before they are rewarded with victory at the polls.  His supporters claimed he is an intellectual but an honest intellectual does not deny historical facts.  They embrace them; they accept them and they move on.  The PNC will never be able to move on to a clean electoral victory in Guyana until and unless it enquires into the facts, embraces the facts, takes the necessary measures such as a public apology for their misdeed and move on.  Mr Granger has done little to allay the fears of Aunty Datalin from Albion and Uncle Boysie from Novar, Mahaicony. They have seen the rigging, they are clear in their minds who did the rigging, and they will continue to penalize the riggers, even to their own personal detriment.

I have said enough on Mr Granger and his preposterous positions.  He may be a smart man but all I can do is hold him to his positions. But I am even more aware that the PNC supporters will call me out to say, why only Granger and the PNC, what about the PPP?  The PPP’s crime is not rigging of national elections but the oppression of the people with a ‘starve and feed’ mentality.  They have counted on their ethnic majority to starve the working class while enriching a select cabal, close to their leadership. The PPP misdeed is to lord it over a regime in the last 10 years that has not dealt with an accelerating crime situation affecting their supporters.  They have blamed the PNC for crime in Guyana to guarantee their ethnic votes.  Well their supporters are waking up in larger numbers and asking the question – who has been in charge of the law enforcement agencies for the last 18 years?  The answer is the PPP, yet gun crime, rape, armed banditry and violent crime have not decreased in Guyana over the last 10 years. The soon to be former PPP supporters are waking up to realize the blame is not with the PNC but with the PPP, and this is why the AFC will do so well in the 2011 elections.

This just brings me to a little humour which satirically represents the PPP and the PNC in Guyana.

Someone close to the ruling cabal was in a hot air balloon, trying out his new toy in the Boerasirie Conservancy. This man shouted down to man in a boat below, “Hello!  I promised a friend to meet him at his resort in Parika Back hours ago but I got lost, can you help?”  The man in the Yamaha boat consulted his Yamaha GPS and replied, “You are in a hot air balloon, 30 feet above ground elevation, at sea level.”  He further shouted, “You are 6 degrees north latitude and 58 degrees west longitude.”

The man in the balloon rolled his eyes and said, “You must be one of them Reform boys in the PNC or an AFC supporter.” The man in the boat said “Yes!  But I am in between leaving the Reform and joining the AFC.  How did you know?”

Well, the rich cabalist said, “Everything you told me is technically correct but I have no idea what to do with the information and thus I am still lost.  Frankly you have been of no help to me.” So the man in the boat responded, “You must be one of them newly-rich billionaires?”  The man in the balloon said “Yes!  How did you know?”

Well, said the man in the boat, “You don’t know where you are going.  You have risen to where you are as a result of a lot of hot air and taxpayers’ money.  You have made promises you cannot keep and you expect me to solve your problem.  You are in exactly the same situation you were before we met and somehow it is my fault.”

Tek quarter, lef’ some fuh later.

Yours faithfully,
Sasenarine Singh

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