Banks DIH must be applauded for the Groovy Soca Monarch competition

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate the winner of the inaugural Banks DIH Groovy Soca Monarch competition, renowned Guyanese and Caribbean recording artiste and entertainer extraordinaire, Mr Jomo Primo. Also, the other two top finalists, Michelle ‘Big Red’ King and Dallas Forte, along with the other finalists who provided fierce competition ensuring that a high quality of groovy Soca music was maintained, must be commended as well.

From the unedited recordings of the finals I’ve seen, there was no doubt that Jomo’s international experience and his captivating stage presence and performance made him the clear favourite among the judges to be the winner.

Banks DIH must be lauded for conceptualizing and executing such an innovative and successful competition that has produced some very musically appealing groovy soca pieces for Mash 2011 and beyond. Mr Birchmore Simon and the entire KrosKolor team must also be applauded for their invaluable role in making this competition a success.

Groovy Soca is a sub-genre of Soca and is arguably a more memorable and musically digestible form of Soca that inevitably finds its way into the clubs and parties held in the months leading up to Carnival/Mashramani, and those that follow. It is easy to dance to only requiring its listeners to engage their hips in a minimum continuous rotation to the rhythm.

I hope that as the Banks DIH executives review their reports on this major initiative, they are satisfied with the amount of brand visibility and awareness that was created as a result of this competition, and of course the high quality of the musical pieces that it produced. I’m sure that as a result of this competition, Banks DIH achieved an elevated brand position in the minds of Guyanese. This ought to be an annual event, and I sincerely hope the management of Banks DIH shares this view.

Guyanese must be proud of Banks DIH for producing a unique competition of such high quality.  In return we must show our support for the Banks DIH brand by supporting their various products.
Yours faithfully,
Richard François

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