Every football club needs the services of a qualified coach

Dear Editor,

The constraints expressed by the national football coach, Wayne Dover, at the conclusion of the recent Digicel Caribbean Competition with regard to the team’s failure to qualify for the semi-finals, thereby equalling the Gordon Braithwaite’s coached 1986 squad, are not new.
On Monday, December 6, it was reported in an interview with Kaieteur Sport, that an insufficient number of practice days, the unavailability of quality players generally and too little exposure, had been identified as the main causes for our lack of consistency in ‘top-flight’ regional football.

I have been associated with various national teams from 2005-2010, as a scout, selector, assistant and head coach. It is my personal opinion, which I never been bashful or fearful of expressing, that too many players are selected on the national squad to represent Guyana, who are technically, tactically, mentally and physically under-developed.

This situation will remain as is until every club in every sub-association engages the services of a qualified coach who must be given the freedom and authority to develop a programme of technical competence from the nursery stage.

It is only when players can truly master the fundamental techniques required that the limited days available during preparation can be utilized appropriately to adequately and competently teach, implement and execute; as well as to organize, discipline and develop successful tactical manoeuvres.

It would be wise for the national coach to meet formally or informally with all coaches, individually or collectively to update them and address the way forward in solving these problems. We can no longer afford the same recurring factors to limit our regional success.

In the last Fifa-run elite coaching course held in Guyana, the instructor Professor Kenton (ex-Honduran international) stated, “The standard of football is dependent on the quality of coaches.” It is therefore necessary that all coaches understand their responsibility and recognize that the level of success enjoyed by our national teams (all divisions) are directly dependent on how coaches perform.

The initiative and impetus of the technical department of the GFF cannot be over-stated if our next attempt at qualifying for the Concacaf Gold Cup is to be achieved,

In an effort to provide the medium through which coaches can share information, experiences and update themselves with other coaches through interaction, I have decided to start a football programme, ‘Coaches Diary,’ to be aired on CNS Ch 6, in the coming year. It will attempt to supplement the unavailability of an adequate number of qualified coaches, the lack of coaching courses and inform unqualified coaches, players and fans of modern trends in football. Details of airing times and days will be announced when finalized.

Yours faithfully,
Bilaal Eusi Nantambu

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