Some rum shops in Mahaicony sell liquor to persons under age

Dear Editor,

I have a few things bothering me. You see I am a Haji and the imam of Dundee Mosque. I was living in Canada but I came back home to continue my trade as a carpenter.  Mahaicony has a couple of rum shops, and most of the owners sell alcohol to underage persons. I was in Novar when I saw a boy of about 14 with a bag.

He had one pack of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka. I asked him who sent him to buy it, and he said, “Dem boys.” I asked him where he had bought it and he gave me the name of the shop.  I told him not to buy rum again because he was “too lil.”

There are another two shops doing the same thing. There is also a man name (name provided_ whose son has a barber shop on the government reserve; people hang round the shop and drink beers. I pass there every day, and as a Muslim I do not like to see people drinking alcohol on the road where people walk. There is yet a liquor restaurant in Dundee; people drink there from morning till night and some of them are under age.

People need to see see what is happening in Mahaicony. I found out from Customs about some trucks selling rum on the road. I was told they can only do deliveries and not sell on the streets. Customs should send some people to charge them and take away their licences.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Mustupha
Dundee Mosque

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