Not the intention to disturb residents

Dear Editor,

We have read Mr Khan’s complaint about the music level at the Digicel store in Cotton Field on the Essequibo Coast (‘An inconsiderate marketing strategy’ SN, December 17). We have since personally apologized to Mr Khan. However, we wish to apologize to any other resident who might have been affected by our promotion in Cotton Field.

We have since taken steps to ensure that our current in-store promotions at this and other locations do not disturb residents within the immediate environs of the stores. It was certainly not our intention to disturb residents. In fact, we wished to spread the Christmas cheer among our customers. However, we might have pursued that too vigorously.

We apologize once again and encourage persons to call our 24/7 customer service on 100 if they wish to raise any concerns. We value your feedback and will continue to provide quality service to the whole of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Shonnet Moore
PR and Events Manager

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