When should we cross the line in defying the law?

Dear Editor,

I salute Mark Benschop for his concern for the environment and the residents being affected by the dumpsite in Cemetery Road.  However, Mr Benschop’s frequent acts of bravado – his flouting of the law and grandstanding in defying and disrespecting the law must be stopped. 

Mr Freddie Kissoon tries hard to give readers the impression that the recent Benschop incident was a trivial matter and the police were demonstrating their comical side in wanting to question Mr Benschop. The fact of the matter is that such incidents are very consequential; they are not comical matters and it was not a simple traffic violation that the police were concerned about.

One is reminded of the incident when Mr Benschop apparently used his car to block the Berbice bridge because he felt the crossing fees were too high, thereby creating a dangerous and volatile situation for motorists and others – another trivial act that should be virtually ignored by the law authorities, right?
Yes, we do need citizens of the world who dare to stand up for what is ‘right’ and ‘good.’  But often what we deem ‘right’ and ‘good’ in our eyes may not be the case, and may not be as simple as would appear.  

And we certainly need to know when we should cross the line in defying the law and law enforcers.

Yours faithfully,
Devanand Bhagwan

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