Is there no empty land around Pradoville as a relief site for garbage?

Dear Editor,

My public comments on the works of Mr Mark Benschop in another time and place are not hidden. I have no reason to withdraw those remarks.

However, in the face of the stinking-up and polluting of the surroundings of city poor, whether due to malice, or to incompetence, or to ignorance, I salute his positive action in blocking the path of the accursed garbage-dumping vehicle.  It is positive or affirmative action. Piling up garbage anywhere in the city would be offensive. Piling up garbage in the sectors densely populated and inhabited by poor people is worse.

I have seen a circular from a woman citizen on the issue of garbage and disrespect,where a lot of the garbage comes from, and where the authorities dump it.

Without malice, I ask whether there is no empty land in Pradoville, the Ogle drive-in road, to be used as a relief site. That is how the rulers can set an example, not by throwing garbage in the faces of poor districts with typical city populations. I hope the facts will not disclose a malicious choice by the authorities.

If I were there I would be in court to watch and observe the prosecution of this case against Mr Benschop.

Yours faithfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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