Why has E-networks been allowed to extend its signal but others have not?

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend President Jagdeo’s administration for the support given to E-networks in its expansion programme. I would also like to commend Mr Vishok Persaud for his vision and hard work which brought success to his company.

What I want to know is how come Mr Persaud was given permission by the National Frequency Management Unit to extend his signal. It was not so long ago that government made a decision not to extend any more signals. The expected argument that Mr Persaud is an internet service provider will not work. E-networks is also providing digital multi-channel television services.

The pioneers of television in Guy-ana, Anthony Vieira and Chandra Narine Sharma showed great vision. In addition, Sharma especially remains the most creative television station owner in Guyana. However, he has been constantly denied permission to extend his signal.

Where is the democracy here? Where is the ‘great’ investment climate for Guyanese who spent decades building their business and are stymied when they want to expand? How many more brilliant young persons with vision have met this same stumbling block? Is government’s support of E-networks while ignoring others with potential not discrimination?

Yours faithfully,
Michael De Freitas

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