Why can we not have different radio stations?

Dear Editor,

I am accompanied by a radio all day long and get really mad when the reception is bad, nonsense is played for songs, programmes that do not interest me are aired or the station is down, as is the case now for a number of hours.

The big question is why do we not have the option of different radio stations in such a modern world. Another question is, is there any other country where only one station can be accessed as is the case in East Berbice? This is not democracy it is communism.

This situation is callous, irrational and a definite hindrance to education, pleasure, etc, etc, as so much can be disseminated for different benefits via the radio, and any curtailment is wrong.

Those stifling other radio stations for political reasons should be advised that not allowing others can backfire and cost them votes – the very votes they are trying to preserve and/or attract, as other parties will promise more private stations that will satisfy various religious and ethnic programmes and songs, etc.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)   

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