Crime is the number one concern for Trinidadians

Dear Editor,

I am responding to regional news item ‘T&T PM outlines three steps to fight crime’ (SN, Dec 23). In a NACTA opinion survey I conducted two weeks ago, crime was the number one problem in the country.  In fact, virtually everyone listed it as their main worry. The Trini daily newspapers also ran editorials on the government’s inability to control runaway crime which is also the subject of commentaries by leading political analysts.

People describe crime as being out of control.  And 79% of them expressed a lack of confidence in the disciplined forces successfully tackling crime.  Crime is now the government’s political Achilles heel.

Separately, the poll also found that Minister of Housing Dr Roodal Moonilal has won the approval of a majority of the nation to succeed Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar whenever she demits office.  The Prime Minister endorsed Moonilal last month, saying if anything should happen to her, she had faith in the Parliamentary Majority Leader succeeding her. The poll’s findings also show the PM holding her support base among rank and file supporters although they are not pleased with the government’s handling of certain issues. Fifa Vice President and Works Minister Jack Warner remains the most popular minister. Voters disagree with former Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s valuation and description of Kamla’s home as a palace costing TT$150 million.

Asked if they approved of Prime Minister Kamla’s endorsement of Minister Roodal Moonilal as her successor, 51% answered yes with 31% saying no and 18% offering no response.

Asked if they agreed with former Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s dollar valuation of Kamla’s home, only 23% answered in the affirmative.

Asked if they were satisfied with Kamla’s response debunking Manning’s statement about her home, 61% said yes.

Asked if they were satisfied with the handling of crime, only 11% said yes.

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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