Dear Editor,
I am greatly heartened by the nomination of Mr Bertie Xavier to serve on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues by the Government of Guyana, and his election to that body.

I have no reservations about Mr Xavier’s nomination and his ability to deliver at that forum. I am confident that his foremost interest is to be a true representative for all indigenous peoples, more importantly I am thrilled by the fact that young Amerindians are now taking up the mantle and are prepared to face the challenges associated with such tasks.

This clearly articulates a story though, and we must not be biased or blinded by negativity to accept such a reality. I applaud the Government of Guyana and am confident that more Amerindians will be participatory representatives  national and international forums in the future.

Something is being done right as the evolution of Amerindians in national and world affairs has taken root. I am very proud of Bertie Xavier, so on my personal and on behalf of the National Amerindian Development Foundation (NADF) I extend warm and sincere congratulations to him. We wish him well in the execution of his duties in fulfilling the mandate of the Permanent Forum.
Yours faithfully,
Ashton Simon
National Amerindian