Republican Singh steals spotlight at third Pro-Am Card

By Carwyn Holland
Republican Nandkumar Singh dealt Claymont Gibson of the Guyana Defence Force a serious beating  Saturday night in the amateur segment of the monthly Pro-Am boxing card staged at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Claymont Gibson visits port canvas during his bout against Republican Nandkumar Singh. (Orlando Charles photo)

Singh, who entered the ring in his yellow outfit and who seemed full of confidence, acted as if he was seeking to take out his frustration at being incarcerated on the army private.

He unleashed a barrage of blows throughout the lightweight contest which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

It was the third fight on the card and the muscular Army boxer entered the red corner of the ring looking as though he would maul the stocky Republican pugilist.

But Singh would have none of that.

Gibson bolted out of his corner as soon as the bell sounded and started a slugfest that wowed the crowd.

He enjoyed just a few seconds of fame before the Camp Street-based fighter turned the tide on the Camp Ayanganna man sending the Sports Hall into an uproar.

“Beat he, wash he nat,” shouted a loud female dreadlocked spectator.

The Republican Singh seemed to have heard those instructions and did just that throughout the first round.

He attacked Gibson with Manny Pacquiao-like leaping jabs which forced the Army man to put his guard up high.

This opened the “kitchen door” for the new “Coolie Bully” who unleashed a barrage of punches to his opponent’s mid-section that later forced him to drop his hands low for cover.

That too didn’t work for the man from Camp Ayanganna.

Singh then went head hunting ending the round as the better warrior.

Round two brought more of the same treatment for the lawman who desperately tried to engage himself in the fistic war. Gibson tried a new strategy this time and that was to trade shots when shots were  fired at him. He landed a flush overhand right to the head of Singh who took it with ease, knitted his brow as if to say ‘you can’t hurt me’ and proceeded to maul the Army man until the referee  was called in to administer two standing eight counts.

Round three saw more punishment for Gibson who came close to being punched out of the ring when he staggered into the slack ropes. Singh, by  this time was looking to close the fight off and was fighting like a possessed man.

“Trash he tail, leh he know you are a sicko,” shouted the dreadlocked female this time.

Singh won the lightweight contest 3-0 much to the pleasure of those in attendance.

The contest between heavyweights Trelon Munroe of the Republican Gym and Romeo Norville of Harpy Eagles Gym also produced lots of excitement.

Munroe was the taller of the two and sported a muscular built unlike the Albouystown-based Norville who looked short and chubby.

“How, he looked so strong like he gon cut fatboy tail,” the dreadlocked female bellowed this time.

Again that was not the case, as Norville pressed the action throughout the fight, boxing beautifully to get on the inside and score with combinations. Munroe tried to use his reach but found his target difficult as the slick Norville danced his way out of danger to hold on for a 3-0 victory.

Earlier in the amateur segment there were 3-0 wins for Junior Welterweight Akeem Alexander of the Bauxite Bombers Gym over Damien Ross of Republicans and female lightweight Natasha Ashby of Forgotten Youth Foundation who got the better of Amanda Norville of Harpy Eagles.

A 30-minute intermission was taken according to international rules of Pro-Am Cards and the organizers employed the services of comedians Kirk `Chow Pow’, Jardine, Lyndon `Jumbie’ Jones and Henry Rodney to entertain the spectators while they waited for the professional segment. Some of the jokes were funny but some were found to be distasteful by many ladies sitting at ringside who complained afterwards.

Laurex Benn and Michael De Mattos started the professionals off with a not so entertaining four round Light Middleweight fight. The taller and heavier De Mattos used his reach to full advantage to keep the hustling Benn on the outside and pull off the first pro victory of the night.

Lindener Sharon Ward again proved to be a spoiler as she outworked the heavier Pauline London in a catchweight contest.

Ward boxed smartly to avoid the big punching London, while countering with well-timed left hooks which gave the judges lots of  reason to hand her the upset victory.

Middleweight Kwesi Jones then slugged his way to lacklustre victory over amateur coach and pro boxer James Walcott in the penultimate bout. The taller and more skillful Walcott, failed to let his hands go which resulted in the awkward Jones winning by a unanimous decision.

The main event finally brought some excitement to the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall as the usually beatable Leon ‘The Lion’ Gilkes left his critics with mouths agape as he outfoxed former amateur heavyweight champion Theophelous Blue for a well-deserved win.

The ‘Lion’ entered the ring quarrelling with spectators as he  was being booed but soon roared on Blue with a series of left hooks which made Blue see red.

The Lennox Daniels-trained Blue was nothing like the Blue of old as he tried desperately to end the fight early. In the third round a winded Gilkes was caught with a powerful right hand to his body but  cried out for a low blow.

He was given time by referee Eion Jardine to recuperate and ended the round safely. The final round was sheer desperation for Blue as he had no clue on how to land the big right hand for the knock out which he badly needed to win. When the victory was announced there was wild celebration.

The night, however, belonged to Singh who staged a tongue-wagging performance which brought back memories of former world champion Julio Caesar Chavez of Mexico.

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