Madhoo eliminated after tough seven-game contest

Guyana’s darts ace Norman Madhoo has been eliminated from the World Darts Championships at Palace, London.

Madhoo, last night was on the wrong end of a 4-3 defeat to Devon Petersen in what was reported as a “high-quality preliminary round match.”

Petersen of South African was down to play 19th seed Jamie Caven last night.
“I was really excited coming into the match and I just wanted to play well – which I did, said Petersen.

Norman Madhoo

“Getting here a couple of days ago and soaking up the atmosphere really helped me on the big stage, and I will look forward to playing Jamie Caven now”.

Petersen, the 24-year-old from South Africa made a superb start  to the game establishing a 2-1 lead with checkouts of 136 and 146.

Madhoo hit a maximum in the fourth leg and went on to win it in 15 darts before Petersen regained the lead by winning the fifth, with the aid of a 180.

The sixth leg saw Petersen have four chances to win the match. But his attempts at the winning double were off-target and Madhoo hit double 18 with his last dart to set up a deciding leg.

Petersen had advantage of throw and left 160 after 12 darts. He hit two treble 20s but was unable to hit double top for a third ton plus finish.

However, Madhoo making his second appearance at the Alexandra Palace was not in a position to capitalise and Petersen hit double 10 to end an excellent contest.

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