JCA says finance a problem in central contracts move

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – The Jamaica Cricket Association plans to follow Barbados’ lead in offering retainer contracts to their players but says ailing finances will prevent them from doing so in the short term.

“It is part of the JCA’s plans to get to a stage of contracting players, similar to what the West Indies Cricket Board and Barbados have done,” JCA president Paul Campbell said.

“We consider it an important part for the development of cricket and as soon as our finances are in better condition, it is something that we will be looking at.”
Barbados took the unprecedented move last week of offering 15 players central contracts, in a move aimed at professionalizing the game and giving players job security.

The Barbados Cricket Association, headed by fast bowling legend Joel Garner, said the contracts would go to 13 men and two women’s players and would be made retroactive to December 1.

Campbell praised the BCA’s move while noting the BCA’s finances made it possible for them to undertake the move.
“Barbados, from a financial standing, are in a better and stronger position than other territories, as part of their revenues are guaranteed by a way of percentage of their national lottery,” Campbell pointed out.

“So it is good to see them take the lead and they should be commended.”
Reports have indicated that national captain Ryan Hinds heads the list of those expected to receive contracts, with fellow West Indies discard Dwayne Smith and Dale Richards expected to be signed.

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