Rugby union formally announces suspension of three players

President of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Kit Nascimento told Stabroek Sport yesterday that it “is yet to be seen” if the suspension of three national rugby players will affect the national team at next February’s International Rugby Board (IRB) World Sevens Series in the United States.

The three players, Dwayne Schroeder, Kevin McKenzie and Albert La Rose were suspended for nine months, one year and two years respectively, effective from November 7 last, as a result of their misconduct (being under the influence of alcohol) while returning from this year’s Commonwealth Games.

All three players are now restricted from participating in local and international rugby tournaments and from representing Guyana in any form of rugby during the period of suspension.

The consequences of the players’ actions are already visible as they were excluded from the national squad that was recently selected by the GRFU to begin preparations to represent Guyana at February’s IRB Series.

Nascimento’s comment came after the disciplinary committee appointed by the GRFU to hear misconduct complaints against the three, released the official statement in relation to the disciplinary actions taken.

The statement reads: “The Guyana Rugby Football Union recently brought three (3) of its players, namely, Kevin Mc Kenzie, Albert La Rose and Dwayne Schroeder, before the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the GRFU, for conduct and behaviour that was indisciplined during their participation in the Commonwealth Games”.

“The Disciplinary Committee found that the three players were guilty of gross misconduct which brought the Country, the game of Rugby and the Team into disrepute”.

Towards its conclusion the statement goes on to state: “The players were afforded the opportunity to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee in writing within seven (7) days of being informed of the disciplinary action taken against them. An appeal submitted by Dwayne Schroeder outside of the prescribed period was not considered. An appeal submitted from Albert La Rose was considered and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee was upheld. Technical grounds for an appeal were submitted from Attorneys-at-Law on behalf of Kevin Mc Kenzie and were considered and found to be without merit.”

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