Seven to vie for Miss Linden Town Week pageant tonight

Seven young women drawn from Linden and Kwakwani, Berbice River will take to the stage at the Mackenzie Sports Club tonight in their quest to claim the Miss Linden Town Week Queen 2010 title and crown. This year Dynasty Entertainment won the franchise to promote the annual event. The Scene chatted briefly with the contestants ahead of their big night tonight.

Monette Mingo – This Central Amelia’s Ward Mackenzie Linden resident is the youngest of five children. She has already secured a Diploma in Computer Science from the Linden Technical Institute and in pursuit of her chosen career path subsequently pursued studies at Corner Stone Construction where she obtained pass in Architectural Drawing. Monette says she loves having meaningful conversations with persons of all classes and is inspired by the old saying “a good listener is a good learner”.

“I particularly dislike abusive persons, racism and gossipers. These are just a few things that I would like to share about the intricate person that I am,” she said. Monette is sponsored by Supreme Sound System and would be speaking on community forest and the Indigenous people.

Wrenea Sydney – This contestant has chosen for her platform the topic ‘Biodiversity’. She said that she has a vested interest in issues surrounding her platform and her participation in the pageant this year would give her the opportunity to share her knowledge on the preservation of Guyana’s Flora and Fauna species and their importance to mother earth. “The relevance of biodiversity to human health is becoming a major international political issue as the scientific evidence builds on the global health implications of biodiversity loss,” she said. Wrenea said that her hobbies are reading and modelling and her aspiration is to one day be able to take to the stage in national pageants. She is sponsored by C&C Trading.

Shellon Milling – This Blueberry Hill, Wismar resident sees herself as a sweet, honest, energetic and loving person and loves being spoiled by her peers. She is 17 years old born under the zodiac sign of Leo and a graduate of the New Silvercity Secondary School. She has gone on to pursue a diploma in computer science at the Linden Technical Institute. Working with young children is her passion which fuels her aspiration of becoming a school teacher one day. “I have a passion for fashion and pageantry,” she said. She loves hanging out with friends, meeting new people, surfing the internet, hiking and outdoors camping.

Ruqayayah Boyer – This 19-year-old who was born in Suriname and is Guyanese by naturalization is very confident of capturing the title of Miss Linden Town Week 2010. She migrated to Guyana with her parents after spending two years in Suriname and five years in Canada. She aspires to become an environmental lawyer because of her passion for mother earth and its protection. She also wants to be a novelist.  Additionally she is considering pursuing a degree in psychology, communications or international relations.

Come the start of the new semester she is expected to head off to the University of the West Indies to pursue her studies in Law. Her platform is the Rainforest.

Rhonda Harry – At 17, she is following in the footsteps of her older sister who won the Miss Linden Town Week crown in 2008. She aims to do the same this year.  Rhonda started by participating in pageants at the secondary school level and won the crown. “During my five years as a student of the Wismar Christianburg Secondary School I developed a keen passion for community and welfare activism to address some of the menacing problems in my school and neighbourhood,” she said.

“A joy that is shared is a joy made double and the wise man seeks little joys knowing that life is long and that his quota of great joys is distinctly limited.” It is this quote she holds on to as she dreams of one day becoming a medical doctor. Currently she is a student at the Linden Technical Institute in the field of Computer Science. Her platform is the topical issue of Pollution.

Shenella Thomas – At the age of 16 years Shenella stands at 5ft 8”. She is a very positive person who aims for nothing but the best as she hopes one day to become a medical doctor specializing in paediatrics. It is her love for caring children that is directing her career path.

Her motto for life is ‘you never fail until you fail to try, show courage, for courage conquers fear, make the impossible possible and never give up’. Shenella loves meeting new people, playing volley ball and surfing the internet in her leisure time.

She is currently preparing to write nine subjects in this year’s CSEC examinations upon completion of which she would like to further her studies at the University of Guyana. Her platform topic is Climate Change/Global Warming.

Michon Guillaume – This 20-year-old is the eldest of four siblings and resides at South Amelia’s Ward Mackenzie Linden. Her ambition is to become journalist and in the near future she hopes to attend the University of Guyana as a stage of laying the foundation for her career path. “I have always been a believer that communication is the key to reducing any and all problems,” she said.

Michon said that from a very young age she has had a passion for nature and all things natural and embraces the low carbon development strategy and applauds the world leaders for addressing the issue of climate change. Her participation in the pageant is a fulfillment of showcasing her bravery in public interaction. She will take on the topic deforestation.

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