Emmy snubs! Master grouse list

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – What?! How could they?! Are you serious?! What-what-what … You mean they nominated THAT one, but not THAT one??

Yup. With plenty of fresh shows invading the major Emmy categories this year, it means competition was tougher than ever — and some of the usual honorees were left in the cold. Overall, the Academy actually did a pretty good job of avoiding snubs that were flat-out jaw-droppers, but there’s still plenty to complain about for fans.

Below is a list of those weeping bitter Emmy tears:

— HBO’s “Entourage,” along with co-star Jeremy Piven, were mercifully squeezed out of the comedy series and supporting comedy actor categories, respectively. Piven’s actually won the past three years, and “Entourage” was nominated for each.

— Though practically every member of the cast of “Modern Family” received an Emmy nomination, Ed O’Neill, oddly, did not.

— NBC’s “Community” was shut out, while “Parks and Recreation” only scored for star Amy Poehler.

— OK, this one stings a bit: “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” left out of the reality category despite one of the show’s best seasons ever.

— “House” didn’t make the cut among drama series this year.

— Fans of FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” hoped for a nod for the very worthy Katey Sagal or, possibly, a drama series nod.

— “Cougar Town” star Courteney Cox was also denied.

— Though the final season of “Lost” was honoured, the swan songs for “Ugly Betty,” “24” and “Law & Order” were left out of the series categories.

— Charlie Sheen may have received quite a raise in salary this year, but the Emmys broke his four-year nomination streak.

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