Diane Henry- Teacher
‘I am not really excited about elections but I guess I will be voting… I’m not sure as yet. The politicians should address the education of young people during their campaign. They should also look into proper measures for garbage disposal and the cleanliness of the city.’

Jermaine Martin- Private Sector
‘I’m excited to vote although it is not my first time. I think they need to focus on young people, which should be the first and foremost thing. They can try to make Guyana a better place, in terms of the provision of more jobs for the youths. They should also come together and unite the country and maybe that would ease the corruption.’


Akeem Mohamed- Private Sector
‘I’m not very excited about elections… I am not even sure if I will be voting, I haven’t decided as yet. I believe that politicians should address the job situation. It would be nice if they can create more job opportunities. That is the main issue because if that problem is resolved then more youngsters will be occupied in fields they want to be in instead of running around and robbing people and all sorts of things.’

Halvard Sealey-
‘There is nothing exciting about it. It’s a routine, you have to vote. I think during campaigns, the parties should focus on the overall development of the country and not one’s self. Maybe they can look at reducing taxes as well because it’s too high. They need to look at the VAT tax. We are way behind in development in this country. There are more modernized countries that have less tax. Society cannot afford the taxes they pay as they were and now they have more tax to pay? It is not normal for a young society which is trying to develop and they are being bombarded by tax. It brings them down and they’re feeling a harder life just because of tax and there is no way of getting over that.’

Imtiaz Mohamed- Construction Worker
‘I’ve voted before and I am excited to vote again come this election. I want youths to get more jobs and the taxes to go down. Also, when election time does arrive, they need to look into better security. The police got to be prepared for that period in case anything happen.’

Teressa Robin- Private Sector
‘Yes, I will be voting. The politicians need to focus on the corruption in this country and find ways to resolve them. They also need to create more jobs for young people because a lot of them are on the road idling and even getting themselves into problems. They should also focus on wages, take it up a little because the economy is so hard these days and another thing, they need to look into security around election time. There’s already so much tension now that we’ve all heard the election date so they need to tighten security around the place.’

Deojnie Ramnauth- Housewife
`Yes, I will be voting. I am very excited. I already see changes in our country but I want to see more jobs for the young people. Too many young people are unemployed and are up to no good. I think if these people get jobs the country would be less corrupt too.’

Margaret Nedd- Pensioner
`I will be voting. I’m excited…all the years I been doing it. I come out at 6 and see all my neighbours, I get them out and we go vote. You got to come out. They need to look at the youths that are coming and the youths need more reading in school. They need a better education system overall. Also, our seniors need to be looked into, which ever party wins needs to do that. Look into their interest, how they exist, what they need and also pension because that $7,500 pension we are getting, you just trying with it. When you come to shop, everything is VAT and that is what is killing us.’

Johnny Braff- Singer
‘I’m not going to vote for anybody… I’ve seen what went on with voting in my life, I travelled the world. I’m not voting at all for nobody. Voting today doesn’t make sense. I‘ve never voted in my life. I don’t care who wins because I living with the law. Whatever I come home here and meet, I shall live in accordance with it but it’s the same old thing.’

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