Hot Momma’s Advice: Consistent routines will make for consistent learning, which will lead to consistent success!!!

Things for you and your child are finally settling in for the school year. You’ve met your child’s teacher, you understand what s/he will be learning this year, and you have a good idea of how to help him/her at home. Now we can focus on the importance of a daily routine. It doesn’t matter whether your child is in his/her eighth year of school or if this is the first time s/he is experiencing the new school year; routines will help keep you and your child on track for learning. My Hot Momma told me that having routines helped establish many aspects of healthy living in our home, as well as good habits and behaviour. She said that structure is necessary in day-to-day life and that having a routine is something that kids and parents need and desire– even if we don’t know it! Here are a few good places to start implementing solid routines for you and your family!

Morning time!

Getting up and going can be hard whether you are a child or a parent. It’s important to work together as a family to set routines. Sticking to a similar family wake-up time could make all the difference between having a good day and having a bad one. Think about it, if your child is used to waking up at 7 am, but for some reason gets up an hour earlier or later one day, you will need to figure out how to add an hour to the day or squeeze that hour into ten minutes. The tone of the day can be messed up and that’s not how anyone wants to start their day.

No matter how getting started in the morning goes for a family, getting a solid routine established right away and being consistent makes for an easier flow to the day.

Time to eat!

Mealtime is a perfect time to establish some good habits. Always make sure you and your children eat breakfast at about the same time each day and at the same point in the morning routine. For example, maybe your child gets dressed and packs his/her school bag before eating breakfast, then brushes his/her teeth and hair just after breakfast. Make sure you set times and structure for your child’s meals and snacks so the length of time between eating isn’t so long that hunger takes over the family. Hunger can lead to the unwanted crabbiness or impulse snacking and overeating.

Mealtime is also a good time to incorporate family-time into the routine. Try to find time to sit down together, preferably at a table, to talk and eat your dinner or breakfast (or both!). My Hot Momma also suggests having your child help get dinner started and clean up afterward to give them some responsibility.


Getting your kid to sleep, whether it is for a nap or for the night, isn’t always an easy task. Children always think they are missing something if they have to shut their eyes. It’s important to stick to the same time and same bedtime ritual to help their minds become adjusted to the routine. Sticking to a solid sleep schedule may be one of the most important aspects of routine.

For bedtime, my Hot Momma had us brush our teeth, go to the bathroom, bathe, and then she would read us a story. She said that because we knew what the next step was she had an easier time getting us to sleep at a consistent time.

And don’t forget the best part
of the day- play time!

Having a fun activity built into the day gives everyone something to look forward to. No matter how the basic daily structure is set up, there will always be time for some movement and play!

Morning, mealtime, playtime and bedtime routines provide consistency and structure for a child. They help children stay organized and instil healthy lifestyle habits.  Being consistent and helping your children practice these routines will help keep them organized and contribute to their success in school! My Hot Momma always said that consistent routines will give me consistent success!! In school, at work, in life – routines continue to help me to this day to stay on track and keep going further!!

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