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Seon John– Private Sector: `Voting day for me was exciting because it was my first time, just to get the ink on my finger was an exciting experience. It was not a long process, there weren’t any long lines really in the area that I live, Guyhoc Park. Names were all organized in alphabetical order making casting your vote an ease. With regards to satisfaction with results, I would say I wasn’t entirely happy with the newly elected President because he is within the party that has been ruling for the last 19 years. I would like to see a change in the government system and in our country.’

Adrian Glasgow– Private Sector: `The election, in my opinion, ran smoothly. I am a first time voter and I did so in Industry, East Coast Demerara. The day was wonderful. It was cool and very organized. The persons were all kind and polite. I think the results were fair because they did use the statements of poll and each party had their representative there.’

Farah Rufina– Private Sector: `It was my second time voting and it was a very brief process because when I went to vote I was the only one there at the polling station in Plaisance. The persons there did not encounter any problems or anything like that either. With regards to the results, I felt that Mr. (David) Granger would have been a better person for the country. I’m disappointed but I see a little fairness in the ruling party carrying the minority.’

Kerensa Innis– Communications Student: `It was the first time for me and I was greatly excited. I was hoping for a change in government. Me, along with other youths, my friends, woke up very early and we went out and did our thing but when they announced the winner we were very disappointed because we were hoping for VAT to drop, increased salaries and all the other things that APNU promised and we expected change and for them not to change it, really daunted our spirits so I am very, very disappointed.’

Natasha Lovell– Communications Student: `Election day was okay, everything went smoothly and I actually worked that day so I had to go early. Of course, like many other people I expected change but didn’t get it because I’m a student and getting a job once out of UG is very hard so I hope that the government we have now is going to make things easier for students because UG life is very expensive. Other than that, I can only hope that this government looks out for everyone and not just one group of people. I am hoping and praying that Mr. (Donald) Ramotar has good things in store for us and that he can take this country to a higher level.’

Sheleza Kadir– Private Sector: `It was my first time voting and I got through right away at the polling station in Plaisance. There were no reports of people encountering any difficulties either. As for the results, it was okay. It really doesn’t matter to me, once they do good for the country, that’s basically it.’

Delon Bunbury
– Private Sector: `It was my first time voting and it was alright because they separated the names from A-B or A-F and I was like the third person in the line so it was really fast. I went out early because I was really excited but I was studying the pencils they used. I was wondering why they didn’t use pens because the markings could have been erased. The results were shocking in the end because I didn’t know why it took so long to announce the results. It should have been announced the same night and instead they took like 2 and a half days so with that wait. However, with this government, I expect to see a change in everything, the taxes and the duty and they should come through with their promises.’

Tortia Williams– Self employed: `This is like my third time voting and I had absolutely no problems. I went around 1 o’ clock and within three minutes it was over because I was the only person there. I absolutely love the turnout of the results; I love how it is with parliament and everything. I expect that this government will continue on the same road and now they have to meet with the opposition and work along and now we really see if they mean what they said about cooperating. The results will help us to put them to the test now.’

Philip Durant– Public Sector: `The election wasn’t bad at all and I think a lot of people turned out to vote. I voted right here in Region 4 and I went really early. I don’t think the results announced were right but nevertheless, I need to hear what this new government plans on doing, they gotta tell me. From the last elections and even before that, the government hasn’t come forward and fulfilled their promises so something got to happen this time around, they have to present something.’

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