Bouterse doesn’t want relapse on war on drugs

Former Cicad chair, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, submitted a final report on his term as chairman to the President. Bouterse, at the meeting with Santhoki, expressed his relief over the position Suriname currently has on this issue. Santhoki points out that Suriname can consolidate its current position if it carries out the Drugs Master plan and the close cooperation with the Cicad is expanded. “I’m happy that we get acknowledgement for our success, for it wasn’t an easy ride with all those drugs transports to the Netherlands,“ the former Cicad chair says. He cites the 100 per cent inspection for Surinamese travellers to the Netherlands, the narcotics bias and international reproach. Justice Minister Martin Misiedjan is also pleased with the success. “If Holland says that fewer people were caught trying to smuggle in drugs since this administration took office, then it means that we’re doing a good job over here. What we know for sure is that since the creation of the BID team, it has become extremely hard  for people to smuggle drugs, so now the Dutch have fewer to catch,“ Misiedjan told de Ware Tijd. “It means that we’re intercepting the culprits here, but also that the drugs mafia is now aware that their opportunities have become very limited.“ Santokhi says that the previous administration laid the basis for this success. He favours continuation and deepening of the current policy. Suriname has a leading role in the region with its drugs Master Plan and this must stay that way. President Bouterse underscores this statement. He has instructed National Security chief Melvin Linscheer to implement measures that will create structures for carrying out the anti-drugs policy, guaranteeing that no relapse takes place and that current success is expanded.

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