Ask the Consul

Installment One Hundred and Thirteen

Change in process to pay visa fees

This edition of Ask the Consul covers changes to the way applicants for US visas will pay application fees starting July 1, 2011.

Change to visa fee
payment process

As of July 1, 2011, fees for US visa applications will no longer be accepted at Demerara Bank. Instead, applicants will pay for their application at the time of their pre-scheduled interview appointment at the US Embassy in Georgetown. Any applicant that paid their fees at Demerara Bank before July 1, 2011 will still be able to use the fee receipt they were given by the bank.

How much are the

For a listing of all visa application fees, please refer to the fee schedule on Travel.State.Gov:

How can I pay?

Applicants can either pay their fees in cash or with a bank draft from Scotia Bank, Republic Bank, or GBTI made out to US Embassy Georgetown for the amount of their fees. Bank drafts from US banks will not be accepted. All fees paid in cash at the embassy must be paid entirely in one currency (for example, you cannot pay $100 in US Dollars and the remainder in Guyana Dollars). Please be advised that citizens of other countries may need to pay additional fees based on how much their country charges US citizens for a visa. You can find information on visa issuance fees by country at:

How can I reduce my
wait time to pay?

You can reduce your wait time at the Consular Section by arriving no more than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, and by paying your fees with the exact amount required.

Will I Get a refund if I

am not approved
for a visa?

No. Application fees are the fees required to process your application and conduct an interview, regardless of the outcome of your interview. You will be given a receipt for the fees you paid, regardless of outcome, at the time of your interview.


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