In this week’s edition of what the people say we asked youths of Linden (with parental consent) how  they have been spending their holidays and their plans for the remaining few weeks. Here is what they had to say.

‘Sitonya Williams – `I went to VBS (Vacation Bible School) and church camp. At camp I met a lot of new friends, I learnt about how to make choices and how to make picture frames. I still have more nice things to do for the holiday. My mother said that me and Anjo (little sister) will be going someplace far and when we come back I got to start preparing to go out back to school.’

Tomeka Adams – ‘My holiday was fun and enjoyable. I learnt about different decisions that youths make and how they impact their lives negatively and positively. Those lessons have put me in a better position as it relates to the decision I have to make in life.  I have already started preparations for the beginning of the new school year … brushing up on my books to get my brains back in gear.’

Clyann Lewis – `My holiday was somewhat not very exciting or boring. I spent most of my time doing some of the things I do on regular days, whether it’s school or holiday, like going to church and the rest of it. Because they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy I have been spending quality time with my friends in the neighbourhood. More than anything else I am now looking forward to going shopping for school with my mom.’

Joanna Fields –  `My holiday was very relaxing. So far most of the things I did surrounded relaxation some of which were: Taking evening strolls, visiting Church’s Chicken and hanging out at ‘Linden sea walls’ courts tarmac. I also got the chance to spend more time with my family and friends.VBS was also a great activity that I was involved in too. There I learnt some craft work and had a chance to mingle and interact with my peers. For the rest of the holiday I will be looking forward to going on holiday in West Demerara and when I return start preparing for school.’

Ashefa Lewis – ‘My holiday is bittersweet, bitter because I was so looking forward to going to Georgetown to spend some time but didn’t get the chance to do so. The good things were that I attended VBS where I learnt to do things like tie-dying, made circuits and picture frames, beautiful skills to have. More is that I am attending extra classes where the kids in that session are fun to be among, and I was fortunate to visit the Grow More Food exhibition in Linden yesterday. At church I had fun dancing and singing for our harvest.’

Dominique Williams – `My holiday all started with an enjoyable week at vacation bible school. There I had a few new experiences which included making craft articles that I never knew how to make. Apart from that I spent the rest of my time on the computer on Facebook. I also took the opportunity to take some evening walks and have lots of rest.’

Tianna Newland –`My holiday was very exciting and it all started when I went to my uncle’s wedding at which I was a groom’s man. That was the latter part of July, then the next thing was when I went on a trip to Georgetown where I had a medical check-up, am in top shape thank God. Very soon I will be travelling to Leguan to spend the rest of my holiday. It has been good so far and now I hope it gets better as the August month end is soon around the corner. ‘

Matthias Arindell  – `My mother taught me to do some new household chores such as helping cleaning the bathroom and assisting in taking care of dirty dishes. I am happy because I am growing up. Added to that I had a chance to play with my friends in my neighbourhood, we played all sorts of games especially cricket my favourite sport. Other things that I did include visiting my aunt, playing video games with my cousins, surfing the net especially Facebook and shopping with my mom. In the following weeks to come I will be going out of town with my mom and going shopping for school supplies all for me, the only child for now.’

Anthony Stephens – `I have been doing a lot of the guys things, like playing a lot of cricket on the road, table tennis, basketball and the rest of it. Other activities like Vacation Bible School  have consumed a lot of my holiday time too having worked as a helper at several sessions. Wedding festivities got the best of me, see me dancing que que night.
I went to the youth explosion concert, spent some quality time internet surfing where I met a lot of persons both locally and internationally. Now it’s time to regroup and get ready to be back fulltime with the books as school resumes soon.’

Brian Esbrand –  `My vacation so far was enjoyable, I spend lots of my time surfing the internet meeting new people especially interesting young ladies. I also learned to lift weights, attended concerts and my family wedding. My plans for the rest of the holiday surrounds: preparation for back to school, travelling to another region to spend some time with my aunt and getting involved in some sporting activities.’

Lynette Vangronigen –`So far so good. I haven’t been anywhere but I have been involved in a summer job. I am doing house cleaning for August to get some money to help my parents out in these hard times and I am finding it quite interesting.  For the next two weeks I will be starting summer lessons and that’s my summer for this year.’

Tonacia Vangronigen – `Well first of all it started off very boring and kind of stressful after taking the CXC examinations. GT&T launched the fast ball in Linden and that set the pace for my vacation. I also attended school basketball and football competitions which were very enjoyable as well. Today (yesterday) I am heading to the fastball finals at the national stadium, what else can I ask for, with the life given by God, the love of my family and friends, what else can I ask for. And one other thing I am looking forward so much to JamZone.’

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