This week we asked the man and woman in the streets what they thought about Shilpa Shetty’s “performance” on Bollywood Night for Jamzone 2011, and Vybz Kartel’s walking off the plane on the way to Guyana and not showing up to perform here for the second time.

Raymond Da Camara

Raymond Da Camara – Private Sector Employee: `I heard that she was pregnant and she couldn’t perform, but I think that was just a wash off. People were expecting her to sing and dance and they didn’t get their money’s worth. It was just something thrown at them. I think that since Kartel was supposed to come once before and didn’t show up, he should’ve at least come this time. He probably got paid off. I think they should’ve put another artiste in his place after he didn’t show to make up, because people spent a lot of money buying clothes, women got their hair done, etc. They spent their money and they were expecting to see him, you set your mind to it and then he didn’t show. It was a disappointment, and it would cause a dampening to their spirits.’

Sunita Boodhoo

Sunita Boodhoo – Housewife: `They rip we off! She [Shilpa] could’ve done something, but they just put her up on stage to sit in a chair. And she came in a sari, the minute you see her come on stage in a sari you know she won’t have performed. They rip we off the $3000. They rip off the persons who went regional night too, because they paid $3000 to see two artistes and was only one. They should never think about bringing Kartel here again. His reason for walking off the plane and not coming to Guyana is just an excuse.’

Oswin Crawford

Oswin Crawford – Public Sector Employee: `It was really disappointing that Kartel didn’t come. They had Mavado fans but the majority was looking forward to Kartel. As they would say `the Gaza boss embarrass his fans’. Everybody was more or less looking forward to him performing. [Shilpa Shetty’s performance] was a total disrespect to the Guyanese public, especially the party fans. As a matter of fact both [Shilpa and Kartel] just totally disrespected the Guyanese public. Most people would’ve paid their money to come and see them do what they saw on television. In terms of Kartel it was a huge disappointment. [I was at the show] and it was obvious that when Mavado started singing people started throwing bass, in their disappointment.’

Keita Washington

Keita Washington – Public Sector Employee: `This is the second time Kartel didn’t come and next time people won’t fight up to see him. I think his excuse for not coming was false. For me it was a waste of time and a disappointment. People spending their money and they just wasted the people time. They just taking people money under false pretence.’

Andy Singh – Toronto, Canada, Student:`If they knew Shilpa Shetty is not a singer and was just coming to model they should have said it in the advertisement. They should let the public know because then the public would go with an expectation and then all their

Andy Singh

hopes are gone. You know it causes people to get upset and make all kinda comments, but you can’t blame them cause they wanted their money’s worth. I still think she is a great actress and will continue to support her.’

Roger Gibson – Dancer:I’m a real big fan of Kartel and I was disappointed in him walking off the plane, but I won’t give up on him. The crowd didn’t go out there to see Mavado they went for Kartel, hoping even at the last minute he would appear. It was really sad cause Kartel made a lot of girls go in the salon and get their hair and nails done and them thing and I know they were vex and disappointed. Kerwin  and Hits and Jams them suppose to

Roger Gibson

analyze and realize it was wrong to stop playing Kartel music cause I know Kartel will give Guyanese a surprise one day, and if them say they bringing him again I going. Now Shilpa Shetty, I think that was a waste of money best they did pay a private jet to bring Kartel cause she is de number one and ain’t even perform just came and wave and shake and waste people money.’

Rohan Hoilette – Jamaican living in Canada:`The show was nice, and I enjoyed it. That same night we came from Toronto, but we were looking forward to Vybz Kartel, because I think it would have made the show more hyper you know. He would have liven it more. So it was a disappointment he didn’t show I haven’t seen Vybz Kartel in person and I was looking forward

Rohan Hoilette

to that experience so I feel cheated in a way you know.’

Lana Ross – Businesswoman:`I didn’t go to the Shilpa Shetty show but I read about it in the newspapers. However I don’t agree that they bring a superstar of her name and fame just to what, stand there on stage? If I’m gonna pay to see someone like her she must do something, perform, sing, dance, do something. After all she is a performer and it’s a show. Now Vybz Kartel I can’t blame him for what he did. At the time maybe he was scared as they say indeed, and if he is I can’t blame him. But the

Lana Ross

promoters them now have to look at themselves and try to guarantee the artistes security when visiting here.’

Andre Richmond – Self Employed:`The show was alright, I enjoyed it.  I hope to see better performances next time. For some reason or the other Vybz didn’t show. I don’t know but I feel he shouldn’t have done that. I think he should have made the effort you know, go the extra mile just to be here. This is not the first time this boy doing this thing you know. I know next time I for one won’t be buying tickets in advance for Vybz. I will wait until he arrives in Guyana then buy a ticket and the

Andre Richmond

promoters can’t blame anyone for thinking the same. They cause that. Now Shilpa Shetty I didn’t go, but I heard that Karma rocked that show and she just sat there. She is just like Vybz in some ways. He didn’t come nor perform, she came and didn’t perform. Either way people vex bad.’

Paul Simon – Barber:`Kartel defaulted on the Guyanese people twice before, now if people looking to get rob again then they would go and purchase a ticket for the third time. Kartel realized that it’s profitable business in Guyana: promise the people he would be here, collect a fat cheque and then relax like a king. Nevertheless with all said he is my number one … and should he say he will be back in Guyana then I’ll check for him on channel 72, when I see him talking

Paul Simon

with Rawle and Kerwyn I will go buy my ticket. Until then I’ll enjoy his music on my IPhone. Now the Shilpa Shetty issue I see as being very foolish on the part of the promoters and fans. Everyone knows Shetty is an actress how could you bring an actress to perform at the stadium; singing and dancing in front of thousands of fans? They might as well had gotten Henry Rodney, Jumble Jones and chow Pow and tell them perform. It was the same thing anyway what more could the fans expect? Actors act, singers sing. It’s rare you find them doing both forget the movies they are all lip syncing.’

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