Who should be Guyana’s ‘Person of the Year’

Time Magazine has named ‘The Protestor’ as its ‘Person of the Year’ an accolade it bestows at the end of each year on a deserving person. Among previous honorees were Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This week we asked the man and woman in the street who they would nominate as Guyana’s ‘Person of the Year’ and why this individual would merit their selection. Their views follow:

Troy Andrews

Troy Andrews – vendor:  ‘I think [CNS TV Channel 6 owner CN] Sharma should be person of the year because he is a person for all the people of Guyana. I like him because he is good to all the races, whether it be Indian, African, Amerindian, everybody and he’s been doing a good job helping everybody who has ever gone to him with problems.’

Kwesi Grant

 Kwesi Grant – public servant: ‘I would suggest the former president, Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, because he was the youngest to have served in such a position and while in office he did a lot for the youths of Guyana, such as offering opportunities to study abroad with scholarships. Also, he is the Champion of the Earth and a role model for all of us. He came up from a humble background and worked his way up in the cabinet and government, and later becoming the president of Guyana and it is a testimony to any young person who grew up in underprivileged circumstances to look at his life and say hey, I also have those opportunities.’

Yevonne Antonio

Yevonne Antonio – public servant: ‘I think David Granger should be awarded as person of the year because he has done a lot of good for the people. He had plans to raise the old age pension, the wages, he carrying down the tax and all of that but we just have to wait and see. So I think if there was an award, Mr Granger should get it.’

Reema Singh – private sector employee: ‘In my opinion, it would be Mr Bharrat Jagdeo because he was young and ruled for 10 years and I think for his outstanding performance he should be awarded. One thing I specifically liked was his actions taken with regard to the Low Carbon Development Strategy and also because I like him.’

Reema Singh

Debra Charles – public servant: ‘I think Deborah Backer should be chosen as person of the year because she was very vocal during campaign season at least from August to the end of the year and was prominently in the news and I think she made a good contribution to the campaign for the betterment of all Guyanese.’

Ivy Barrow – Qualfon employee: ‘I think that entertainer [DJ] Casual should get this award because I normally just can’t wait to turn on my radio in the mornings to hear him. He does a great job whereby he allows the public to call in and give their views. He is a people’s person and also, I just love his voice.’

Debra Charles

Adrian Joseph – public servant: ‘I think Mr David Granger did a good job and deserves this award. He is a very influential person and he has done a lot for Guyanese people. He has a very good programme for youths and he is also very respected. Another thing, I think he is the reason why APNU was awarded so many seats in parliament and hence, would make Guyana a better place.’

Amanda Asharam – public servant: ‘I think Minister Priya Manickchand should be given the award because of the work she did while she served as Minister of Human Services and Social Security. She has done a lot and I believe she has the best interest of women and children at heart.’

Ivy Barrow

 Daunette Thomas – public servant: ‘I think the person of the year should be [Ramnaresh] Sarwan, the cricketer because he is a good sportsman and very handsome. He put Guyana on the map with his great performance in international matches and a lot of Guyanese people have great love and respect for him.’

Daunette Thomas
Amanda Asharam
Adrian Joseph

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