The quality of life for the majority of Guyanese has deteriorated under the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s 19-year administration. Violent crime has given Guyana a murder rate that is more than double that of the USA.

David Granger

Collapsing educational standards and increasing unemployment have enlarged the army of the poor. Environ-mental degradation has scarred the country. The majority of citizens have demanded change.
A Partnership for National Unity – comprising five parties under the leadership of David Granger – will bring about that change.
APNU is the party most committed to improving education at all levels – at the University of Guyana, Cyril Potter College of Education and in all our primary, secondary and technical schools. We shall, with a better educated workforce, increase employment especially among our youth by providing new opportunities for private enterprise in agro-processing and manufacturing.
APNU is the party most capable of ensuring public security and human safety. It will re-train, re-structure and re-equip our law-enforcement agencies in order to protect our citizens from trans-national threats and criminal violence.
APNU is the only party that has declared its intention to give full meaning to the Constitution of Guyana by introducing a truly “inclusionary democracy” thereby enhancing ethnic and national unity.
APNU is the only party with a plan to make Guyana a safer, richer and happier place.

Donald Ramotar PPP/C

Donald Ramotar

At the People’s Progressive Party/Civic elections campaign launch at Albion on Sunday October 3 Mr. Ramotar outlined plans which an administration under his presidency would put in place including cheap and reliable electricity through hydropower, solar power and wind power, facilities which he said were essential for producing value-added products and for developing the manufacturing sector. Additional the PPP/C presidential candidate talked about the importance of a deep-water harbor, giving a commitment that such a project would be realized under a new PPP/C administration.
Mr. Ramotar also alluded to the importance of the mining sector and to the further prospects that would accrue to the country from the discovery of oil. At Albion Mr. Ramotar also said that under a new PPP/C government there will be continued emphasis on education and health and special emphasis on equipping youths with the necessary tools to catalyse the process of modernization and economic development.

Khemraj Ramjattan AFC

Khemraj Ramjattan

Come to think of it, this should not be a difficult task at all. On any criteria, the AFC ought to be picked.
Firstly, the AFC is bereft of the baggage which comes with the PNC (disguised as APNU), and the PPP. One stole the ballot box and our right to vote; whilst the other gorges the treasury and our opportunity for equality. Half of Guyana under one was disenfranchised; half of Guyana under the other is marginalized.
Secondly, Guyanese liberation depends on a halt from race-based politics. Such politics and its consequential polarisation is perpetuated by the PPP and PNC.  The first steps to extirpate this evil must be the invalidating of such a politics.  The best political vehicle to carry us along that journey is the AFC.
Thirdly, the genuinely democratic leadership of the AFC constitute that compassionate new generation of leaders who will take us to a fuller happiness and a greater peace.  The AFC’s primary candidates Ramjattan and Trotman were not conformists of a group-think whilst they were in their previous parties.  They were bold and bright enough to demand that wrongs be righted and that truth be spoken.  They made the break, and broke the chains.

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