Charged with having ‘stolen’ goods, man accuses cops of wrongful arrest

A man was yesterday admitted to bail in the sum of $25,000, after appearing before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on a charge of unlawful possession.

Vincent Fordyce, of Lot 1 Grand Sand Road, Timehri, told the court that the items the police are accusing him of stealing are actually his.

The allegation against Fordyce is that on January 6, at Soesdyke, he had in his possession a television, a CD player, an electrical saw, a bicycle pump, a length of water hose and a number of other items suspected to have been reasonably stolen or unlawfully obtained.

When given a chance to respond, Fordyce said that on the day in question the police went to his house and accused him of stealing the items.

The irate man related that he was not given a chance to declare that the things were his by way of producing receipts which he said he has. “How can the police go to a man’s home and accuse him of stealing things which belong to him without carrying out an investigation?” he questioned.

The case has been transferred to the Providence Magistrates’ Court for January 13.

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