Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh said government has allocated $3.6 billion to continue its housing drive this year, particularly with the development of housing schemes.

The housing sector is aiming to allocate 7,500 house lots, and process and distribute 4,000 land titles in 2011 and according to Singh, the One Stop Shop Outreach initiative will be expanded.

Of the total allocation to the housing sector $700 million will be spent on improving the road network and water distribution systems in areas such as Zeelugt, Leonora, Mahdia and Providence to Eccles, which will be approximately 1,500 households.

In addition, Singh mentioned that $100 million is allocated to see the commencement of a US$10 million East Bank Housing Development Project which aims at constructing main access roads to new housing sites benefiting over 3,000 residents.

He said too that 148 houses are expected to be completed under the Second Low Income Settlement Programme; 98 in the coastal regions and 50 under the Hinterland Housing Pilot Programme. In addition, the development of 7,446 new house lots in areas such as Five Miles Bartica, Amelia’s Ward, and Belle West is targeted for this year.

Further, reconstruction and upgrading works for existing roads in established housing schemes under the Community Roads Improvement Project will commence.

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