Seven bid for Leonora housing, water works

Seven companies have submitted bids for the construction of roads, drains, structures and the installation of a pure water distribution network at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, in Region 3, with one company submitting a bid three and a half times that of the engineer’s estimate.

The same company was among five that submitted tenders for the upgrade of roads at Onderneeming, in Region 2 and quoted a price almost double the engineer’s estimate for the project. The Ministry of Housing and Water is the executing agency for both projects.

The bids were opened yesterday by officials of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) and it was revealed that the highest bid of $296,698,270 for the project at Leonora was three and a half times the engineer’s estimate of $83,816,497. It was submitted by Roopan Ramotar Investments. The lowest bid of $63,996,922 was submitted by Joshi Construction & Transport.

The other bidders were: Eagle Transportation & General Construction Inc. (who bid $86,399, 107), Mohammed Fawaz Bacchus Construction ($74,843,660), Ivor Allen ($104,151,311), Kares Engineering Inc. ($96,389,755) and Courtney Benn Contracting Services Ltd. ($104,286,699).

Meanwhile, the project for the upgrade of roads at Onderneeming, in Region 2, attracted a bid of $125,193,310 from Roopan Ramotar Investments, which is double the Engineer’s Estimate of $63,417,640. Joshi Construction and Transport Services submitted a bid price of $53,448,197, while Dax Contracting Service’s bid was $106,108,310. Bish Turbo Contracting & Trucking Services submitted a bid of $80,115, 605.  The lowest bid, $45,788,127, was submitted by Mohammed Ramzanally Khan Construction Company.

Another project for the construction of a reinforced concrete bridge at Canal #1, West Bank Demurer, in Region 3, attracted ten bids, all of which were under the Engineer’s Estimate of $84,353,940. The highest bid of $76,724,340 was by Jainul Hossein Civil Engineering Contracting Services while the lowest bid of $53,220,915 was submitted by Colin Talbot Contracting Services. Roopan Ramotar Investment’s bid was $76,140,900, while Construct Engineer Inc.’s was $62,683,500. Nabi Construction Inc. submitted a bid of $64,416,157 while Ivor Allen’s bid was $60,991,700 and Eagle Transportation and General Construction Inc.’s bid was $60,131,500. Kares Engineering Inc had a bid of $76,011,650, Golden Star Contracting Services Inc a bid of $67,108,591 and GEICO Construction & General Services Inc. a bid of $68,950,680.

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