Cocaine seized in Suriname believed smuggled from Guyana

Police in Suriname on Tuesday said that they had seized some 115 kilogrammes of cocaine believed to have been transported from Guyana, the Star Nieuws has reported.

According to the report the seizure was made by units of the Judicial Service of the Police Corps and it quoted Head of the Judicial Service Commissioner Krishna Hussainali-Mathoera as saying investigators believe that the cocaine was smuggled across from Guyana to Nickerie and then transported by road to Paramaribo.

Four Surinamese, including one woman, between the ages of 20 and 40 years old have been arrested. The drugs were seized and arrests made on Tuesday by a special arrest team of the Anti-Narcotics Brigade, the Intelligence Narcotic Unit.

Meanwhile, on Sunday last Surinamese law enforcement arrested three persons, including one Jamaican and one Guyanese, in connection with the seizure of 52 kilogrammes of marijuana.

The seizure was made at Calcutta. Authorities say the marijuana might have originated from Jamaica.

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