LBI sugar workers protest relocation to Enmore

Factory workers at the LBI sugar estate protested yesterday over their relocation to the Enmore estate and packaging plant

The sugar industry’s turnaround plan had proposed ending grinding at LBI and transforming the Enmore estate into an important hub.

GuySuCo CEO Paul Bhim said that the company was expected to consolidate production at the Enmore factory, since it is expected to be more economically efficient. According to Bhim, a meeting was held recently with the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NACCIE), where an agreement was made concerning the matter. Subsequently, the workers were fully informed of the move, Bhim related. He added that each worker was spoken to individually and had voiced no objections. He was therefore surprised to see workers protesting yesterday.

Meanwhile, GAWU General Secretary Seepaul Narine told Stabroek News of a mix-up with the transportation arrangements being responsible for the strike. He said GuySuCo was supposed to send transportation for the workers to Enmore but the vehicles never showed up. The workers were later informed that they would be compensated for the day and that they should return to LBI. He, however, stated that the matter had been settled.

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