Yuvraj, Raina lead India to victory over Australia

-four-times champs defeated

Krejza in for his ninth over – the required rate at the start of this over was 5.32. Raina and Yuvraj keep pushing the singles, but again can’t find the boundaries from the off-spinner – 29 needed from 36 balls.

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    From edhewings: “Australia desperately need a new spinner – get Hauritz back in quickly!”

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  • 43 overs OUCH! Ind 229-5 (TARGET 261)

    Did Ponting read my comment from the last over? Watson’s on, although he won’t be able to finish his full 10 overs. Mind you, they couldn’t have continued with Tait, one more over like the last one and the game may have been handed to India on a plate… Raina and Yuvraj help themselves to three singles from Watson’s first three deliveries, and after a dot ball, Yuvraj swivel-pulls to fine leg, Brett Lee dives for the rope and the ball ricochets off his face into the rope! In fact, it’s drawn blood – with a trickle of claret streaming from near his right eye, he walks off for treatment and Smith’s on for more sub-fielding. 32 needed from 42 balls.

    1. 42 overs Commentary Ind 222-5

      I’m personally surprised that Watson hasn’t bowled since the 15th over, he was more economical than most of the Aussie bowlers, but instead they go back to Krejza. Yuvraj turns a single off his legs, but suddenly the off-spinner has put the brakes on India, Raina pushes the last ball to the cover sweeper for one but it’s only two from the over. 39 needed from 48 balls. And still a batting powerplay to come – you just do not know where this game is heading!

    2. 41 overs Commentary Ind 220-5

      Raina pokes Tait for a single, then Yuvraj steers one – picking up a second on the overthrow, although Australia suspect Raina impeded Haddin as he tried to collect the throw to the stumps. Although he wasn’t looking, so couldn’t have seen where the ball was coming in. Then, there’s an awful wide from Tait – a “Harmison ball” that evades both keeper and slip, and shoots away for five wides! Yuvraj rotates the strike with a single, Raina helps himself to two more, before chasing a wide one and getting an inside edge to the keeper. Tait’s having a bit of a whinge as he walks away, with one ball remaining – surely he can’t have forgotton that wide? The sixth legitimate ball is down the leg side, Raina flicks a well-run two to third man, and that’s 13 from the over. “Advantage India,” says Glenn Mitchell on TMS – India need 41 from 54 balls. As a neutral, this is gripping stuff – don’t go away!

    3. Commentary

      From Danny, TMS inbox: “I feel this is tailor-made for the in-form Yuvraj to carry India over the line!”

    4. 40 overs Commentary Ind 207-5

      Raina slaps Lee for four through mid-wicket, then darts a single. Lee fires in an offside wide, Yuvraj runs a four down through third man and the crowd have found their voice again as India sail past 200. But then there’s some more hesitation between the wickets – you sense India are a run-out waiting to happen here. Yuvraj unleashes a fierce square drive, that’s four more (pushing his tournament average over 100) – and with 10 overs left, India need 54 from 60 balls.

      Meanwhile, Glenn Mitchell on TMS tells Vic Marks that the official acronym for the procedure to break a tie is an OOPSE – “one over per side eliminator”.

    5. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live’s Mark Pougatch

      On Twitter: “India about to make a hash of this. Kohli, Gambhir & Dhoni all got themselves out unneccessarily. It does feel like India are the Arsenal of international cricket…”

    6. 39 overs Commentary Ind 193-5

      This could be interesting – Australia bring back Shaun Tait. India have two left-handers together once again – a single takes Yuvraj to 26, then Raina’s off the mark with a paddled single. But just when it looks like an economical over, Tait bangs in a bouncer and Yuvraj dismissively cuts him for four! 68 needed from 66 balls…

    1. 38 overs Commentary Ind 187-5 (TARGET 261)

      Suresh Raina’s not the worst man to have coming in at number seven – but Australia will be firm favourites if they can somehow snare a couple more wickets. Vic Marks on TMS thinks Australia’s fielding could make the difference today. Raina defends the rest of the over, and that’s a wicket maiden from Lee.

    2. 37.3 overs WICKET Dhoni c Clarke b Lee 7 (Ind 187-5)

      Brett Lee back into the attack at the Pavilion End, there’s almost another run-out chance as Yuvraj has to turn to make his ground at the bowler’s end after Lee follows through. And the captain perishes when he fences to the diving Clarke at backward point!

    3. SMS

      From Jase: “C’mon Aussie! Looking forward to putting the Poms to the sword!”

      That’s a big assumption – they can’t face England until the final…

    4. 37 overs Commentary Ind 187-4

      Johnson to continue for his seventh over, Yuvraj turns a two off his toes before a glorious straight drive past the non-striker brings him four. The left-hander flicks a two off his pads, great fielding by the veteran Brett Lee at fine leg stops a possible boundary. And Johnson can’t resist having a little word with Yuvi at the end of the over. 74 needed from 78 balls.

    5. Commentary

      From Rick, Ballymena, TMS inbox: “Looks like it’s going to be another thriller! Good to see that those nice Austrian chaps can do something other than ski, it’s about time too. But prey do tell – why do they dress like budgies? Oh well, each to his own I suppose.”

    6. 36 overs Commentary Ind 179-4

      Dhoni slaps David Hussey for four, just out of the reach of the diving Mike Hussey on the boundary and that’s four. The skipper whacks a single through the cover, Yuvraj can’t quite get hold of a long-hop but they run one. And Ponting, who’s been carrying a finger injury around with him for nearly three months, is inevitably a ball-magnet in the field, but waves the physio away.

    7. Commentary

      From Jonathan, Darlington, TMS inbox: “Planning my fry up for the England game Saturday morning. A glass of fresh orange juice will be the sun, sausages will be my bat/batsmen, baked beans will be the crowd, mushrooms will be my fielders, a waffle will be the wickets, a fried egg will be the ball all fitting into a nice bun which will be the stadium. I love playing fantasy cricket – roll on Saturday morning!”

      Never mind fantasy cricket, you’ve got me hooked with Fantasy Breakfast…

    1. 35 overs Commentary Ind 173-4

      Time for the compulsory (cleaned and whitened) ball change. Cameron White looks like he’s lost a contact lens or something – he trots off the field and 12th man Smith is back on. Yuvraj tries to steer Johnson down the leg side, that’s signalled as a leg bye. Cap’n Dhoni adds a single – he has two from two, Yuvraj has slowed down somewhat and has 16 from 23.

    2. Commentary

      From Tony Lewis (not the former England captain), TMS inbox: “Sitting on my terrace in Dubai wondering how many other Indian taxi drivers here, apart from the one who drove me home, are paying more attention to the live cricket on the radio than the road.”

    3. 34 overs Commentary Ind 171-4

      Captain Mahendra Dhoni is the new batsman – perhaps at the next drinks break he could give his batsmen some lessons in running between wickets. Make sure you watch the BBC highlights tonight (Red Button and BBC Sport website from 2200 GMT, BBC Two from 2325), that was real Keystone Kops stuff. Yuvraj and Dhoni add three singles off the last three deliveries of the over.

    4. 33.2 overs WICKET Gambhir run out 50 (Ind 168-4)

      Krejza’s off, Hussey has changed ends, there’s another awful mix-up as Gambhir is caught in mid-pitch but Haddin throws to the wrong end! And the next ball, he’s gone as Gambhir charges downh the pitch but Yuvraj hadn’t moved and Gambhir is run out easily. “That’s the craziest five minutes of cricket I’ve ever seen,” says Chappelli on TMS.

    5. 33 overs Commentary GAMBHIR FIFTY – Ind 168-3

      Mitchell Johnson back into the attack, Gambhir brings up his 24th ODI fifty with a single into the covers – but he’s then nearly run out after an awful mix-up, he would have gone if Ponting’s throw had hit the stumps. Yuvraj moves on to 14 with a single, but that’s Johnson’s tightest over yet.

    6. Commentary

      From Simon, London, TMS inbox: “How much do wickets cost and if batsmen give them away cheaply does that mean the other team have an unfair advantage? Maybe the batsmen should pay a £1 deposit like in the swimming pool and wear brightly coloured bands on their wrists or ankles and if they lose their wicket they forfeit their £1.”

    7. 32 overs Commentary Ind 166-3

      Yuvraj and Gambhir find front-line spinner Krejza easier to score off than part-timer Hussey, helping themselves to ones and twos, although there’s one nervous moment when Yuvraj sweeps, gets a top edge and it slices into the air but falls safely. He has 13 from nine balls, Gambhir has 49 from 62.

    8. SMS

      From Rai: “Not much love for Australia on here. Good to see a perth boy get a wicket. Why is TMS called TMS? There is no Test match and you guys think we are the wrong way round down under! Go Oz.”

      Test Match Special – by which name the programme is universally known – celebrated its 50th birthday a few years ago.

    9. 31 overs Commentary Ind 158-3

      Hussey rattles through his over quickly, no full tosses this time but only a single apiece for Gambhir and Yuvraj.

    10. 30 overs Commentary Ind 156-3

      Ponting shuffles his spinners, and with two left-handers in, Krejza returns so we have off-spin from both ends. Gambhir carves a two and a single to bring up India’s 150, and Yuvraj sweeps, fine, for his second boundary. Another attempted paddle from Yuvraj, umpire Gould signals a leg bye. Gambhir skips forward and has to change his shot at the last minute, but keeps the strike with a single.

    11. Contributor BBC Sport’s Oliver Brett

      On Twitter: “Women’s cricket, under-10s cricket, village cricket, or the World Cup quarter-final – the rubbish slow full toss is often a game-changer.”

    12. 29 overs Commentary Ind 147-3

      Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman, he bowled well earlier, and the Aussies have Steve Smith on as a sub fielder for Tait. Yuvi’s first ball is another full toss from D-Huss, the left-hander pulls it  just out of the reach of Ponting at mid-wicket and that’s four. Tait’s back on the field now.

    13. Commentary

      From Phil, North Carolina, TMS inbox: “I’m keeping a keen eye on this whilst sitting at my desk moping because I’m pretty sure I’ve missed out on a nice promotion… Seeing Australia crash out would cheer me up, though. See if you can make it happen for me, Mark.”

    14. 28.3 overs WICKET Kohli c Clarke b D Hussey 24 (Ind 143-3)

      Single from Gambhir, then Kohli’s eyes light up at a high full toss and he smacks it straight into the hands of mid-wicket.

    15. Commentary

      From Simon, Oxford, TMS inbox: “Re: Raheel’s recent comment – are you related to Professor Brian Cox, who also deals in big numbers every time he discuss things of galactic importance?”

    16. Commentary

      From Stefan, Leeds, TMS inbox: “Sachin gives his wicket away cheaply again. That lad needs to watch KP and learn a thing or two about shot selection.”

      Before you all flood the email inbox with complaints, I would like to point out that Stefan is presumably speaking with his tongue firmly in his cheek…

    17. 27 overs Commentary Ind 132-2

      Clarke’s off after two overs and fellow part-timer David Hussey is on with his right-arm off-spin, which has been quite effective at times in limited-overs cricket. He’s quickly through his over, three singles from it.

    18. Commentary

      From Phil, TMS inbox: “To ‘Shaf’ in the corporate governance lecture [19th over] – could you ask your lecturer if a high quality corporate governance regime could itself pose an ethical risk to the business, especially if it encourages constraints on dialogue between the business and its stakeholders? Might keep him occupied for a few overs.”

    1. 26 overs Commentary Ind 129-2 (TARGET 261)

      Krejza in for his fifth over, Gambhir and Kohli follow Geoff Boycott’s suggestion and keep the scoreboard ticking with ones and twos – although Krejza serves up a juicy pie of a full toss with the last delivery, Gambhir aims a big hit but can’t connect and is hit on the pad as he steps away to leg.

    2. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

      “India don’t have to hit fours here, they just have to keep the scoreboard ticking – that’s what Ponting did so well.”

    3. 25 overs Commentary Ind 123-2

      Asad Rauf has had a busier day than fourth umpires normally do, as you may have gathered from his various appearances in the live text. But now he’s doing what fourth umps do best… bring out a briefcase full of replacement balls, as the umpires conclude that the original ball is too damaged to continue with. Gambhir knocks a single to long-on, Kohli cover-drives but straight to the cover sweeper for one – it’s nearly half-an-hour since the last boundary. Three more singles make five for the over, and we’re at the half-way point of India’s run chase.

    4. SMS

      From Mike in London: “Am following live text while in a conference call with my US bosses – thank goodness it’s not video otherwise they’ll see me punching the air every time India smack a boundary!”

    5. 24 overs Commentary Ind 118-2

      The bearded Krejza beats Gambhir’s outside edge with one that scuffs out of the footmarks, but then a single takes him to 27. Kohli takes aim at the big gap at long-on, but slightly miscues it and it reaches David Hussey on the mid-wicket boundary on the bounce – they run one. Gambhir drills a single past point. And at this stage, Australia were 114-2… the game is wide open. We could still be on for that super-over…

    6. Commentary

      From Rory, Bath, TMS inbox: “Oh dear, Tendulkar out cheaply (well, by his standards). India to make it home with an over to spare!”

    7. 23 overs Commentary Ind 115-2

      Michael Clarke on at the media centre end with his part-time slow left-arm spin. Kohli and Gambhir work him around for two singles apiece.

    8. Commentary

      From Clare, north of Scotland, TMS inbox: “Tense match, but gosh, hasn’t the crowd gone quiet now after Sachin’s departure. I’m devastated. So wanted him to get his ton, and now Australia might win.”

    9. 22 overs Commentary Ind 111-2

      Kohli and Gambhir continue their gritty middle-overs accumulation against Krejza. Three singles from the over, and we’re up to 111 (Nelson). Meanwhile, Michael Clarke looks like he’s warming up to bowl. Just as well – after 22 overs in two hours, this Aussie over-rate isn’t much better than the West Indies circa mid-1980s…

    10. Commentary

      From Raheel, TMS inbox: “Million/billion/gazillion dollar question: has Sachin played his last World Cup innings?”

    11. SMS

      From Luke in Durham: “Re: 18th over (Cameron White giving up bowling) – I think White should give up batting too. Hey, go the whole hog, give up cricket. He isn’t very good at it.”

    12. 21 overs Commentary Ind 108-2

      No wides or no-balls from Tait this time, but four singles and a two mean it’s six from the over. Tait has 1-33 from five overs.

    13. Commentary

      From Jack, London, TMS inbox: “India’s target is 261, and this is my lucky number. This clearly must count for something, I just wish I knew what… Is this a sign that Australia are going to lose? Or is this a sign that India are going to lose? Frankly I want them both to lose and be out of this World Cup. Perplexing.”

    14. 20 overs Commentary Ind 102-2

      Vic Marks on TMS isn’t happy that Krejza already has men back on the boundary for Kohli, who’s only just come in – two singles take India into three figures, and two more mean it’s four from the over, although there’s a moral victory for Krejza on the last ball when one bounces and spins into Kohli’s thigh pad.

    15. Commentary

      From Shaf in the TMS inbox: “Currently sitting in a lecture on corporate governance, risk and ethics… the lecturer is very keen given the boring nature of the content…my eyes are truly fixed on BBC.”

    16. 19 overs Commentary Ind 98-2

      Tait has a slip in for new batsman Virat Kohli, who has to rear away from some “chin music” second ball. He works a single off his legs, then Gambhir – who has taken a fresh guard as Tait moves to bowl round the wicket – will receive a free hit as Tait bowls another no-ball. The free hit ball is short, and Gambhir fences it to third man for a single. Kohli clips the last ball for a single to long leg, where it’s fielded by Johnson – who Simon Mann on TMS thinks “must have one of the best arms in world cricket” as he fizzes in the throw.

    17. 18.1 overs WICKET Tendulkar c Haddin b Tait 53 (Ind 94-2)

      Tendulkar feathers an edge to the keeper, it looks like Tait has him caught behind, but is that a no-ball? They look at the replays, but they’re satisfied that neither foot has infringed – and the ‘Little Master’ has to go.

    18. 18 overs Commentary Ind 94-1

      Australia turn to spin for the first time – off-spinner Jason Krejza. But he’s easy pickings for the Indian second-wicket pair, who help themselves to two singles apiece before Gambhir pulls his second four through mid-wicket – that’s the fifty stand. Krejza’s first over goes for eight. And without Steve “Tintin” Smith, Australia haven’t got a lot of spin options – David Hussey’s part-time off-spin or Michael Clarke’s occasional slow left-arm being the only likely alternatives, as occasional leggie Cameron White appears to have given up bowling.

    19. SMS

      From Don: “On a bus in Belfast, nothing exciting to report but enjoying TMS anyway.”

    20. 17 overs Commentary TENDULKAR FIFTY – Ind 86-1

      Shaun Tait returns to the attack, and blasts another wide down the leg side – keeper Haddin does well to stop it shooting to the boundary. Tendulkar, on 48, flicks a two off his legs to bring up his 94th ODI fifty, before paddling (without a kayak) a single to long leg. Tait is keeping Haddin suitably exercised, pinging another wide down the leg side, while Gambhir knocks a single to third man.

    21. Commentary

      From Andrew, TMS inbox: “Re: Bobby [14th over]. Kayaks have paddles, not oars.”

    22. 16 overs Commentary Ind 80-1

      With Tendulkar in striking distance of his half century, the crowd are keenly anticipating another milestone – but he inches closer with a single against Lee, who sends down another wide behind Gambhir. India leaked nine runs in wides, and Australia have already conceded seven. Gambhir pokes a single, then Tendulkar upper-cuts at a slower ball, there’s a fielder at third man… but it bounces just in front of the tumbling Jason Krejza. They run one – and Sachin has 48.

    23. SMS

      From Brad, Windsor: “Stuck in a hospital bed after extensive surgery on my left leg, hurts to move, can’t even go to the toilet on my own. Oh well at least Sachin is on his way to another century! Thanks to TMS cricket!”

    24. 15 overs Commentary Ind 76-1

      Watson’s bowled steadily, but there’s nothing he can do about it when Gambhir flays him over the covers for four. A single takes him to eight, and Tendulkar dabs one to third man which slides his score up to 46.

    25. Commentary

      From Bobby in the TMS inbox: “Plumetting down the main chute of Victoria Falls in my kayak. No oars but luckily still got my phone and BBC cricket text. Go Oz!”

    26. 14 overs Commentary Ind 70-1

      Vic Marks on TMS wonders when Australia will introduce off-spinner Jason Krejza into the attack – he doesn’t think it’ll be while we’re still in powerplay overs. Johnson is off after taking 0-20 from his first four, and Lee returns, bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Gambhir and immediately having him swinging and missing outside off stump. Gambhir doubles his score with a single to third man – then a single through the covers takes Tendulkar to 18,000 ODI runs. Wow. Gambhir nicks the strike with a single.

    27. SMS

      From the Captain: “Is Ponting up to his old tricks again? Appealing when he knows it never carried?”

      Without having been able to hear what he said, we don’t know whether he knew definitively whether it carried. He didn’t celebrate like he knew it was definitively out – he may have just been asking the umpires for clarification.

    28. 13 overs DRINKS BREAK Ind 67-1

      Tendulkar and Gambhir add a couple of singles, there’s a half-hearted lbw appeal for one which hits Tendulkar outside the line as he plays forward. Better from Watson, who’s been the Aussies’ best bowler so far.

      And if you’re still seeing the “worm” graph from earlier (as one or two of you texting in still appear to be) and it’s going haywire… please manually refresh the page. As I mentioned, it was something of an experiment – and it’s gone now.

    29. Twitter
      From National Hunt trainer Kim Bailey: “Arrived at Southwell [racecourse] listening to cricket and reading a magazine called Heat left by my staff for me to be educated!? Tendulkar going better than my read.”
    30. SMS

      From Dr Robert: “Laying in a bamboo shack near the peak of Puncak Jaya, 80 miles from the nearest village, shivering with another bout of malaria, haven’t spoken English or shaved for months, living off tough roots and bugs, desperately wanting India to win. Thank goodness for TMS and the iPhone.”

    31. 12 overs Commentary Ind 65-1

      Johnson to Tendulkar, that’s a lovely shot which has people all over our office “ooh”-ing. A wristy flick from middle and off and it shoots away through mid-wicket for four. The next ball is wide and it’s cut past third man for four. The ‘Little Master’ is showing off a range of shots, angling a two to long leg and then square-driving to the point boundary to keep the strike – 11 from the over. Sachin has 43 from 49 balls. These two have added 21 in 3.5 overs… and Gambhir’s only faced two balls – not that the crowd will mind with their idol Tendulkar on song.

    32. Twitter

      From Pakistan World Cup winner Wasim Akram: “Sachin Tendulkar should not be underestimated in any given situation…”

    33. 11 overs Commentary Ind 54-1 (TARGET 261)

      Tendulkar gets an edge from Watson… but it reaches first slip on the bounce. A two takes the Indian idol to 31, before he threads a single to the cover sweeper. Watson bangs in a bouncer at Gambhir, that’s a legside wide, then he tries to whip one off his legs, Ponting dives forward, is that a catch? There’s a big discussion between both umpires, and the umpires themselves consult their colleague in the TV box. And slow-motion TV replays show… a rather obvious bounce before it reaches Ponting’s hands.

    34. SMS

      From Pete, Exeter: “How big was the England squad to start with? How many more injury replacements would we need to potentially field a completely different XI to the one that opened against the Netherlands?”

      Technically, they’ve now lost five men (Morgan, Broad, Pietersen, Shahzad, Yardy) from their initial 15-man squad – although Morgan subsequently returned as a replacement for Pietersen

    35. 10 overs Commentary Ind 50-1

      Johnson keeps Tendulkar tied down for a while, although he gets away with an outrageous wide outside off stump that somehow isn’t signalled as a wide. He nudges the last ball for a single to the square leg boundary. That’s 50 up for the co-hosts.

    36. Commentary

      From Ian, Lancaster, TMS inbox: “In world sport, which professional has more pressure every time to perform than Tendulkar? Usain Bolt at a push. Everyone (excluding the opposition fans) always want to see the master carve another century. Which I think he may today.”

    37. 9 overs Commentary Ind 49-1

      Gautam Gambhir is the new batsman, but he’s not facing as they ran on the catch. Tendulkar laces a beautiful cover drive past the diving Aussie fielders for four, and a dabbed single to third man brings left-hander Gambhir on strike for the first time. He defends his first ball.

    38. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Simon Mann

      “The numerologist advised Sehwag not to wear the shirt number 44 because it was unlucky. And what’s the score now? 44…”

    39. Commentary

      From ‘Welsh Graham’ in the TMS inbox: “Sitting in my office in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Itching to get back to the house in half an hour to see the little master at work. Making mincemeat of Tait and co!”

    40. 8.1 overs WICKET Sehwag c M Hussey b Watson 15 (Ind 44-1)

      Sehwag hooks at Watson, a top-edge sails into the air and is pouched on the edge of the circle at mid-wicket, and Australia are jubilant.

    41. Twitter

      From JJW_Lamb: “Me and colleague left alone in the office, sun is shining. Good day to be following the BBC cricket text commentary.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

    42. 8 overs Commentary Ind 44-0

      Tendulkar drives and misses as Johnson bowls one across him that keeps low. But a short-arm pull brings him his fourth boundary of the innings. India are well up with the rate – needing to score at 5.16 per over.

    43. Commentary

      From Suraj, TMS inbox: “I am here at the match in Ahmedabad, the atmosphere is crazy and really exciting as if something unexpected is going to happen. All the Australian supporters seem to feel in very minute numbers with all the Indian supporters with their instruments out shouting ‘India Forever’. I wonder how the Indians will feel if the Australians win!”

    44. 7 overs Commentary Ind 40-0

      Ian Chappell on TMS thinks Tendulkar is “quite pedantic” about things behind the bowler’s arm, hence the delay last over… Shane Watson into the attack as Australia look to make the breakthrough, Sehwag takes a single to move on to 15; then, with the slip cordon undefended, Tendulkar slices a leg-cutter wide of the keeper for four. A single takes him to 19.

      Meanwhile, an email comes in from the ICC… the World Cup’s event technical committee has approved England’s replacement of Michael Yardy with Adil Rashid.

    45. SMS

      From Chris in Bradford: “My prediction is that India will win by virtue of having fewer extras than the Aussies. Tait and Johnson are too costly.”

    46. 6 overs Commentary Ind 34-0

      Left-arm speedster Mitchell Johnson replaces the wayward Tait – if there are any England fans inside the Sardar Patel Stadium, they may wish to teach their Indian friends the words to the Mitchell Johnson song. Will he “bowl to the left” and “bowl to the right”? His first ball’s pretty straight, Sehwag gets an inside edge onto the pads as he tries to heave to leg, but then it’s the Johnson we remember from the Ashes as he fires a wide down the leg side. Sehwag turns a three off his legs, and then there’s a bit of a delay – something to do with a reflection from one of the boxes above the sightscreen? Fourth umpire Asad Rauf comes on for a chat with his on-field colleague Ian Gould, and eventually we complete a long over.

    47. SMS

      From Jinder from Leeds: “Pressure from over a billion people across the world, shouldn’t faze the little master, I sense a magical 100 from the Indian gem.”

    1. 5 overs Commentary Ind 30-0 (TARGET 261)

      Tendulkar squeezes Lee off his legs for a single, Sehwag pulls one to rotate the strike, and the Little Master carves a two to third man.

    2. Commentary

      From Aashish, TMS inbox: “I’m sitting in a classroom at a college in Indiana, USA. It’s a double derivatives class but all I can think about is Sachin scoring a double century!”

      He may be an all-time great but we doubt even Tendulkar could score 200 chasing a target of 261 when you consider the quality of the players at the other end…

    3. 4 overs Commentary Ind 26-0

      Tait bowls a no-ball (we think it may have been a back-foot no-ball, which he gets very close to on most of his deliveries), and the crowd crank it up to 11 as the umpire signals a free hit – but Sehwag can’t connect with a bouncer. But after yet another wide from the South Australian, Sehwag flicks a four off his toes. He has 10, Tendulkar has 11 and the slingy Tait is all at sea so far.

    4. Twitter

      From mashinc: “Is there a more apt example of Beauty and the Beast than Tendulkar and Sehwag… perfect foil for each other.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

    5. 3 overs Commentary Ind 20-0

      Lee has two slips in for Tendulkar, who pushes a quick single to mid-off but Ponting’s throw is not quick enough to beat Sehwag – who was an injury doubt before this game – to the striker’s end. The second slip switches to Reasonably Short Extra Cover for Sehwag, who works a single off his legs. Two more singles, a decent start by the co-hosts.

    6. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Glenn Mitchell

      “There’s a lizard in the commentary box! And Simon Mann has just had kittens – we might need a paramedic in to revive him.”

    7. 2 overs Commentary Ind 16-0

      Shaun Tait to charge in for the second over, Tendulkar guides his first ball for four just out of the reach of backward point! Glenn Mitchell on TMS points out that Tait has bowled the most wides and no-balls in the tournament… and as if to prove his fellow Australian’s point, Tait slings a wide down the leg side. The next ball is short, Tendulkar upper-cuts him for a first-bounce four over the slips! Next ball is a swing and a miss, followed by a bit of chuntering from the bowler. The next one is even wider outside off stump, that’s his 20th wide of the tournament. Tendulkar nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.

    8. 1 over NOT OUT Ind 5-0 (TARGET 261)

      There doesn’t appear to be a nick… no Hotspot but multiple replays are shown. Umpire Erasmus holds his hand to his ear, he’s struggling to hear his earpiece above the crowd noise… and it’s not out.

      And apologies for 1314 – of course this is India’s reply, not England’s! (Or Australia’s!). Just checking you’re all still awake…


      Brett Lee takes the new ball for Australia – and just for once, Sehwag doesn’t hit the first ball of the innings for four as he hits it straight to mid-on. Lee sends down a bouncer which is adjudged as a legside wide, but then Sehwag resumes normal service with a flashing cover drive for four. Sehwag swings and misses at a bouncer, then Australia appeal for a catch behind, it’s not out but goes to a review…

    10. Twitter

      From InfostradaLive: “India have reached at least the semifinals at alternate World Cups from 1987 onwards. Now due SF again.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved on Twitter today

    11. 1314 Commentary

      The crowd are on their feet – Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar are out in the middle to begin India’s reply. As Alison just said, GAME ON!

    12. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Alison Mitchell

      On Twitter: “Sense the crowd are nervous about whether India can chase 261. Wonder how fit Sehwag is exactly. So many variables in this one. Game on!”

    13. 1308 Commentary

      As I was about to tell you before the Rashid email came, you may not have read Michael Vaughan’s view on Michael Yardy’s withdrawal from the England squad – Vaughan, after all, knew Marcus Trescothick well when he was similarly suffering with depression. And if you missed it on the TMS blog, my colleague Oliver Brett has gathered some expert views on all the quarter-finalists.

    14. Commentary

      England national selector Geoff Miller on Rashid’s call-up: “We have been closely monitoring Adil’s progress over the winter and he will have benefited from being part of the Lions tour in the Caribbean and his recent experience in Australia where he played a key role in helping the Redbacks win the Big Bash T20 competition. His inclusion will provide us with a different option in our bowling attack and I am sure Adil will be delighted to be joining the squad at such a crucial juncture in this Cricket World Cup.”

    15. 1301 Commentary BREAKING NEWS

      Email from the ECB… England call Adil Rashid into their World Cup squad to replace Michael Yardy.

    16. Commentary

      From Adnaan, Cape Town, in the TMS inbox: “Delaying doing my work until the last over is bowled. I reckon India are going to blow Australia away – all the way down under.”

    17. Twitter

      From Isa Guha, England women’s team: “Slow wicket means Lee and Tait won’t be as potent. Openers must take advantage as slower bowlers will be harder to play. C’mon India!”

      Whether you’re an international cricketer (like Isa or Gilly) or not – you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved on Twitter today

    18. Commentary

      From Andy, in Ireland, in the TMS inbox: “Finely poised – Punter got the 260 he spoke of at the start and it will probably go right to the wire. For my money they’re still 10-15 runs short though.”

    19. 1245 Commentary

      Right then – the Indian reply should start at 1315 GMT as they were slightly slow to bowl their overs. I’m off for the between-innings-sandwich-dash that has been a feature of my World Cup – and keep an ear on TMS for all the latest news from the England camp. Kevin Howells reveals there’s been a lot of rain in Colombo…

    20. Twitter
    21. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Adam Mountford

      On Twitter: “During interval on TMS shortly they’ll be live report from England camp including Vaughan on Yardy, and Bopara on wanting to open batting.”

    22. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

      “I wouldn’t like to put money on either side here. It’s very tight – and that’s how we like our cricket. Watching Tait against Sehwag, with both of them going hell for leather, should be terrific.”

    Australia 1st Innings – Close

    Watsonb Ashwin
    Haddinc Rainab Yuvraj Singh
    Pontingc Z Khanb Ashwin
    Clarkec Z Khanb Yuvraj Singh
    M Husseyb Z Khan
    Whitec and bZ Khan
    D Husseynot out
    Johnsonnot out
    Extras9w 2lb11
    Totalfor 6260(50.0 ovs)
    Z Khan10.00532
    Harbhajan Singh10.00500
    Yuvraj Singh10.00442
    Fall of wicket
    150M Hussey
    1. 50 overs Commentary Aus 260-6

      Harbhajan Singh to bowl the last over, that’s a horrid start to the over as the first ball is five wides down the leg side. D-Huss can only manage a single off the first legal ball, Johnson blasts it down the ground and they run two to the diving Ashwin at long-off. (As I’ve mentioned before, generally India have been much better than usual in the field today). A full toss is hit back to the bowler, then Johnson drills a two through mid-wicket.. A single brings Hussey back on strike for the last ball – it’s a low full toss which Hussey flat-bats to cow corner for two. He finishes with 38 from 26. And India will need to score 261 to set up a semi-final meeting with Pakistan.

    2. 49 overs Commentary Aus 247-6

      It’s Mitch overload as with Alison Mitchell having replaced Glenn Mitchell on TMS commentary duty, Mitchell Johnson is the new batsman. He sweeps a single to get Hussey on strike, and D-Huss manages a single from the last ball to ensure he’ll face the last over.

    3. SMS

      From Mike in sunny Bristol: “Re Boycott’s World XI [42nd over], who are they going to play and where? Does he have an intergalactic tour lined up?”

      Quite possibly, although they may have trouble negotiating the use of the DRS when they face the Daleks…

    4. 48.3 overs WICKET Ponting c Zaheer b Ashwin 104 (Aus 245-6)

      Ravichandran Ashwin to bowl the penultimate over – Ponting guides a two off his legs, before his innings is ended when he attempts a reverse-sweep and is caught at short third man.

    5. SMS

      From Nick in balmy Central London: “Impressed with India keeping the extras under control. Like to see the Aussies match that once REG (Random Extras Generator) Mitchell Johnson winds up.”

    6. 48 overs Commentary Aus 243-5

      Last over of the batting powerplay, and last over for Zaheer. Hussey and Ponting manage a single apiece, then Hussey has to do well to dig out a couple of yorkers – a single brings up the fifty stand. Ponting walks down the wicket, Zaheer drops it short and the skipper pulls a single to long leg. Hussey flicks Zaheer’s last ball for two wide of mid-on – Australia have scored 44 without loss in that powerplay, and Zaheer finishes with 2-53 from his 10.

    7. Commentary

      From Mo, London, TMS inbox: “Well played Punter. Under a lot of pressure before the game, but cometh the hour, cometh the man.”

    8. Commentary

      From Kev, Swindon, TMS inbox: “TV technology should either get the correct decisions or not be used. If Ponting goes on to score a vital 30 runs in these last few overs it will render its use irrelevant. We may as well not have it.”

    9. 47 overs THAT’S 100 Aus 237-5

      Ponting guzzles a drink between overs – Glenn Mitchell on TMS applauds the umpires for taking pity on the batsmen and allowing them a mini-drinks break as it’s very hot out there in the middle. Ashwin back on to bowl, a single apiece means Ponting’s on 99. Hussey skips forward to power the off-spinner over long-on for six – a single to the same region takes him to a very tidy 29 from 18 balls. A paddle-sweep brings the Aussie skipper his 30th ODI century, and he defiantly lifts the bat to the crowd. That’s his first international century for 13 months. Hussey knocks the last ball for a single, these two have added 47 from 34 balls.

    10. Commentary

      From Graham, TMS inbox: “Poor decision to keep White (who can’t bat or bowl) and drop Smith (who can’t bat or bowl).”

    11. 46 overs Commentary Aus 226-5

      Zaheer to bowl his penultimate over. Hussey steers a single to long-on, Ponting works one off his legs to move to 95. Hussey rotates the strike, Ponting takes aim at the mid-wicket fence but a good stop by the fleet-footed Kohli restricts him to two – a single to Sehwag at square leg takes him to 98. Hussey gives Zaheer the charge to the last ball and whacks a single past the bowler.

    12. Commentary

      From Gav, sitting on his balcony in sunny Estoril, TMS inbox: “I fancy India to chase down anything short of 290 today. Also have to say (through gritted teeth) well done to Punter for a good knock.”

    13. BBC Test Match Special's Glenn Mitchell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Glenn Mitchell

      “If Australia can get to 270, it would set up a really exciting finish tonight.”

    14. 45 overs Commentary Aus 219-5

      Harbhajan back into the attack, Ponting steps back to expose his stumps and goes inside-out, whacking him high over extra cover for four. Next ball, huge shout for leg before but India may rue wasting their two reviews earlier as Ian Gould shakes his head… and the ball-tracking system shows the ball pitched in line and would have hit middle stump… Bhajji strays with a wide, Ponting blasts a two to take his score to 93 and then sweeps a single to short fine leg. Hussey keeps the strike with a pulled single to deep backward square leg.

    15. SMS

      From Brian, Chester: “Dave [40th over] is possibly referring to Stone Cold Steve Bucknor’s ruthless umpiring.”

    16. 44 overs Commentary Aus 209-5

      Batting powerplay taken. Zaheer to Ponting, ball of full length, it hits him on the pad and there’s a big shout for lbw as Ponting nearly falls over… but India have no reviews yet. May have pitched outside leg. The Aussie captain then has to dig out a fierce yorker from the wily Indian seamer, but eventually digs out a single to mid-off. Zaheer strays with his line and length and Hussey chops a four through backward point before flicking a four down the leg side. A single off the last ball takes him to 16 from 10 balls. Punter has 87 from 104. And isn’t 87 unlucky for Aussies?

    17. SMS

      From a clearly repentant Ben, Lancs [see 42nd over]: “Please make it known that Ian Austin is still a great player and a great bloke. I was being a bit harsh.”

      You heard it here: Ian Austin is a great player and a great bloke.

    18. 43 overs Commentary Aus 199-5

      Still no sign of the batting powerplay, but off-spinner Ashwin returns as Cap’n Dhoni rotates his bowlers, making many of them bowl one-over spells at this stage. D-Huss and Ponting plunder four singles from the over.

    19. SMS

      From Gareth in a rather sunny Guildford: “Re: Steve Austin [41st over] – could he be referring to the Bionic Man?”

      Very possibly!

    20. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

      “I think if I were picking a World XI for one-day cricket at the moment, I’d have Zaheer Khan opening the bowling with Brett Lee. And I’d take Shahid Afridi.”

    21. 42 overs Commentary Aus 195-5

      New batsman David Hussey is beaten by a beaut of a delivery from Zaheer, but guides a low full toss off his legs for four as the left-armer strays with his line. He dabs a single to Tendulkar at third man.

    22. SMS

      From Ben, Lancs: “Re: Andy [39th over] – I played against Ian Austin last year. He would need 10XL.”

    23. 41.2 overs WICKET White c and b Zaheer 12 (Aus 190-5)

      Single from Ponting, then the out-of-sorts White pops a regulation return catch to Zaheer.

    24. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

      “This part-time bowler [Tendulkar], going for four runs an over, is just as good as Patel, who I think’s only military medium. I can’t believe the selection committee have got it right. What they have got, with Raina in for Pathan, is a quick fielder.”

    25. 41 overs Commentary Aus 189-4

      That’s strange – Tendulkar back into the attack, it gets the crowd going but shouldn’t Ashwin or someone be bowling instead? White and Ponting help themselves to some ones and twos, Tendulkar yelps an appeal for lbw to one that clearly pitched outside leg stump. But just four runs off the over – this stand is worth 39 from 45 balls.

    26. SMS

      From Dave in Slough: “Re: Ian Austin [38th over] – More like Steve Austin required for us to beat Murali and co.”

      Do you mean wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin? Can he read Murali’s doosra?

    27. 40 overs Commentary Aus 185-4

      Munaf Patel back into the attack, I can only assume India are saving Zaheer (who has four overs left) for the batting powerplay. White knocks a single, Ponting pulls a four backward of square. When will they take the batting powerplay, then?

    28. 39 overs Commentary Aus 180-4

      Yuvraj in for his last over, White can’t quite time it as he steers a single to long-on. For someone who’s well known as an uninhibited biffer in Twenty20, he’s been rather studious in compiling 10 from 17 balls. Ponting is in the zone now, skipping forward and lifting Yuvi over extra cover for six, before a savage cut to the unguarded third man boundary brings him four, and rather dents Yuvraj’s figures. He finishes with 2-44 from his 10.

    29. SMS

      From Andy, Manchester: “Re: Nick [37th over] – just because your source has seen some XXXL kit being made up, this does not mean that Samit Patel is being called up. My bet is on Ian Austin being tempted out of retirement.”

    30. 38 overs Commentary Aus 169-4

      Apologies if you saw the red “WICKET” box appear there rather than “UMPIRE REVIEW”, I hit the wrong button. White and Ponting plunder three more singles.

    31. NOT OUT

      Replays show it came off White’s forearm… and India have used up their second and final review.


      As predicted by Chappelli on TMS, Kohli’s off. Ravichandran Ashwin back into the attack, White sweeps, Dhoni appeals for a catch behind but Ump Erasmus shakes his head – and India call for a review.

    33. 37 overs Commentary Aus 166-4

      Yuvraj back into the attack for his penultimate over, just two singles from it as Ponting tries to use his feet to the slow left-armer.

    34. Commentary

      From Nick, Manchester, TMS inbox: “I have it on incredibly good authority that Samit Patel has had a full set of England kit made up for him, can’t reveal my sources, naturally, but he is the next cab off the rank…”

    35. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Ian Chappell

      “India took a punt on him there, but I don’t think we’ll see Kohli again.”

    36. 36 overs Commentary Aus 164-4

      Virat Kohli into the attack as India’s seventh bowler, he’s a bit of a Scott Styris-style gentle medium-pacer. White and Ponting look very comfortable, six runs from the over.

    37. SMS

      From Anonymous (yet another one – don’t forget to stick your names on your texts, folks): “Mmmm – interesting alternative explanation of the term ‘cow corner’. Your theory would of course rely on having cricket savvy cows who were able to change ends each over otherwise they would find themselves fielding between cover and backward point! And that’s before taking left-handers into account!”

    38. 35 overs Commentary Aus 158-4

      India are handed the “new” (cleaned and whitened) ball – Ponting and White nurdle a couple of singles to leg against Harbhajan, who’s not taken a wicket today but has bowled pretty tightly. Ponting sweeps, Yuvraj on the backward square leg boundary sees it late and it goes for four. Harbhajan shakes his head, giving the fielder a dark look.

    39. Commentary

      From Huneid, Tanzania, TMS inbox: “I have a feeling today its going to be Yuvraj Singh’s day! The dude has always been under shadows of Tendulkar, Dhoni and Sehwag! Keep it Yuvi! Singh is King!”

    40. 34 overs Commentary Aus 152-4

      Cameron White replaces Hussey, he’s not had a great World Cup after scoring 22, 22 not out, 2, 4 not out and 8 from his five previous innings, but he’s off the mark with a single. Ponting nicks the strike, he’s up to 57.

      And thanks for your comments on the “worm”, it was something of an experimental trial but has disappeared now.

    41. 1123 DRINKS BREAK

      In a rare outbreak of common sense, a drinks break is taken at the fall of the wicket…

    42. Commentary

      From Andy, Edinburgh, TMS inbox: “I thought I was relatively well versed in cricketing terminology and slang, but am bamboozled by the dawning realisation that every ground used in the World Cup appears to have a ‘Cow Corner’. Explanation please?”

      It’s the area between deep mid-wicket and long-on – where balls played with the “cow shot” (an ungainly heave to leg) end up. An alternative explanation is that cows may supposedly safely graze there, given that it should be untroubled by orthodox cricket shots.

    43. 33.3 overs WICKET M Hussey b Zaheer 3 (Aus 150-4)

      Single from Ponting, then Hussey plays across the line to Zaheer and is bowled between bat and pad!

    44. SMS

      From Matt in Manchester: “Re: Anonymous [31st over]: ‘woah woah woah’ always has to be followed up by ‘sweet child of mine’. Marks off for you too.”

    45. 33 overs Commentary Aus 149-3

      Yuvraj takes a break after taking 2-31 from eight overs. Harbhajan back into the attack, and after a single from Ponting, Hussey looks like he’s not happy with the sightscreens or something… fourth umpire Asad Rauf gets involved and it appears to be settled. Huss knocks a single, Ponting does likewise, then Harbhajan spins one past Hussey’s outside edge and Dhoni whips the bails off, largely for effect you have to say.

    46. 32 overs Commentary Aus 146-3

      For all you Ponting fans, that’s his first ODI fifty since making 92 against England at The Oval last summer – and his first international fifty since he scored 51 not out against England on the last afternoon of the first Test in Brisbane in November as the game was meandering towards a draw. Back on the pitch, India have ended the Tendulkar experiment after one over – Zaheer Khan returns, and Australia help themselves to five singles. Ponting has 53, Hussey has two.

    47. SMS

      From Anonymous (another one): “I’m red and green colour blind and struggling to spot the wicket dots… Any chance of a colour change? Maybe a light blue? I know they are only a couple of wickets down but if we have another innings like the West Indies I could be in real trouble…”

    48. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Sourav Ganguly

      “For me, I think 270’s the par score on this pitch. At 270, Dhoni will fancy his chances. 290 would take the game away from them, but I think Australia will struggle to get to 290.”

    49. 31 overs Commentary PONTING FIFTY – Aus 141-3

      It’s time for Mr Cricket – Mike Hussey is the new batsman. He looks on from the non-striker’s end as Ponting steers a single to reach his 80th ODI fifty from 67 balls.

    50. SMS

      From Anonymous: “Woah woah woah – your y axis is all out of bent. Why doesn’t it sit above the origin? You seem to have minus overs on the x. Marks off for you.”

    51. 30.4 overs WICKET Clarke c Zaheer b Yuvraj 8 (Aus 140-3)

      After a single apiece from the Aussie batsmen, Clarke goes for the big one against Yuvraj, and holes out at cow corner!

    52. Commentary

      From Ashley, TMS inbox: “I am getting some positive vibes here. People started to write the Aussies off after the Pakistan loss. We have not won the last three for no reason. I agree with Warne – 260 should be enough. Prediction – Australia v South Africa final.”

    53. 30 overs Commentary Aus 138-2

      The crowd go wild as Sachin Tendulkar is thrown the ball for the first time in this World Cup – he’s no slouch with the ball, he has 154 ODI wickets in fact – and he’s capable of bowling off-spin, leg-spin or little seamers. It looks like leg-spin initially as Clarke flicks a single off his toes. His first ball to Ponting is a rather village-esque full toss which the Aussie skipper bludgeons to mid-wicket for one, and would be disappointed not to have picked up four. The Little Master then fizzes a lovely leg break past Clarke – Warnie would have been proud of that one – before the Aussies pick up a single and a two. Five from Sachin’s first over.

    54. Commentary

      From ‘Confused in Camden’, TMS inbox: “As an England fan I have disliked Ricky Ponting all my life but for some reason I really want him to make a big score today – what is wrong with me?”

    55. 29 overs Commentary Aus 133-2

      Yuvraj, still bowling in his sunnies, is milked for another single by Ponting. India’s fielding isn’t always their strength, but they’ve been quite sharp today – Kohli makes a smart stop at point to deny Clarke a single. The right-hander tries to tickle one off his legs, they trot through for two leg byes, and he guides the last ball for a single to long-on.

    56. SMS

      From Craig, an Aussie in Whitehaven: “Didn’t expect a great deal off the boys coming into game, but praying we continue this start. We need it with Mitchell bowling.”

    57. 28 overs Commentary Aus 129-2

      Ponting lofts Patel over mid-off for his third four, he’s looking in better nick than he was for most of the Ashes series, I’ll give him that. A single takes him to 44.

    58. NOT OUT

      …and it hit Punter on the thigh pad and would have sailed over the stumps. Good decision by Mr Erasmus.


      Ponting steers Patel for two, then there’s an appeal for lbw, umpire Erasmus says “not out” but India call for a review…

    60. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Sourav Ganguly

      “Yuvraj has nine wickets in the tournament so far, it’s been a good all-round performance from him.”

    61. SMS

      From Anonymous: “I love the new graph but the stats geek next to me is complaining that you have not labelled the graph’s axis. This has put him in a right huff.”

    62. 27 overs Commentary Aus 122-2

      Yuvraj, bowling in a shiny pair of sunglasses, dives to his left to field off his own bowling – and it looks like he’s hurt a finger doing so. A single apiece for Australia’s captain and first officer, Yuvraj has 1-26 from six overs.

    63. 26 overs Commentary Aus 120-2

      Ponting carves a single through the covers, Clarke rotates the strike, and Ponting guides a single off his legs – he’s up to 36, level with his highest score of this World Cup. Clarke nicks the strike, the unthreatening Patel has 0-32 from five overs.

    64. Commentary

      From Usman, TMS inbox: “This is very strange situation for me. On one hand I want India to lose, being a Pakistani supporter. On the other, I want then to win this game to make it Pakistan v India! Putting national history aside there is nothing like a old school rivalry to get the old ticker going! So this will be the only time you will hear me say this: Come on India!”

    65. Twitter

      From TestMatchSofa: “Is that a Bollywood actress in the crowd or is it Sreesanth?”

    66. 25 overs Commentary Aus 116-2

      Tighter over from Yuvraj, Clarke’s off the mark with a single and Ponting finally drills one past Raina, who’s been electric in the covers today. Just those two from the over.

    67. Commentary

      From Tom, Chennai, TMS inbox: “In an Indian call centre, everyone is nervously hoping for an Indian victory (me included!) Don’t know how much calling will happen if this game gets interesting!”

    68. Twitter

      From shaunkrish: “The sheer intensity of a India v Pakistan ODI is frightening. Put the audience of over a billion, you have top rivalry.”

      I’d imagine the sub-continent’s TV companies are drooling at the prospect of that match-up in the semi-finals if India win. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved today

    69. 24 overs Commentary Aus 114-2

      The noise around the Sardar Patel Stadium is deafening as the Indian fans launch a Mexican wave (or its Ahmedabad equivalent). Ponting steers a couple of twos – he has 33, and is closing on his highest score of the tournament (having made 36 v Kenya, 28 v Zimbabwe, 19 v Pakistan, 12 v New Zealand and 7 v Canada).

    70. Commentary

      From Kim in the TMS inbox: “I just bumped into the England team having lunch at their hotel in Colombo. I whispered a quick ‘good luck, boys’, having forgotten I was carrying a large poster of Murali under my arm. Just beforehand, Tremlett found out he couldn’t fit through the lift door.”

    71. 23 overs Commentary Aus 110-2

      Vice-captain Michael Clarke joins his skipper at the crease. Clarke averages 94.42 in all World Cup innings (thanks to rather a lot of not outs). And take a look at the “worm” graph – the red dots have appeared!

    72. Commentary

      From Rob, Wiltshire, TMS inbox: “Re: bog snorkelling [13th over] – after several attempts involving my kid brother, I can confirm that it’s not possible to get one’s head far enough into a bog to make the use of a snorkel a practical proposition. Do they have bigger bogs in Yorkshire?”

      I bet Yorkshire stalwart Geoff Boycott would tell you how “in my day, it was much more difficult as we were having to snorkel through uncovered bogs…”

    73. 22.5 overs WICKET Haddin c Raina b Yuvraj 53 (Aus 110-2)

      Ponting and Haddin tuck into Yuvraj again with ones and twos – but then Haddin perishes when he skims a slower ball straight to extra cover!

    74. 22 overs Commentary HADDIN FIFTY – Aus 105-1

      After a single from Ponting, Haddin opens his shoulders and heaves Patel through mid-wicket for four to bring up his fifty in style.

      Meanwhile, we’ve had lots of e-mails about who England should call up to replace Michael Yardy – Paul in Florida suggests James Hildreth, Martin wants “The Cookie Monster” [Alastair Cook], a number of people think it’s time to forget about Samit Patel’s fitness issues and send for the Notts all-rounder, while Duncan suggests Warwickshire veteran Neil Carter (who would no doubt reopen the debate about the number of South Africans in England’s side). And Rick in Doha says England should send for “young Danny Briggs from the England Lions. He’s wreaked havoc in the Windies so I think he’ll be unplayable in the sub-continent – get him on a plane now!”

    75. Commentary

      BBC Sport’s Paul Grunill: “For those of you concerned about the missing red dot from our match graph, it’s stuck on the Central Line but should be putting in an appearance in the not too distant future – and if India pick up a few wickets, it will be bringing its family with it as well.”

    76. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

      “If you’re Dhoni now, you might be a bit worried about your fifth bowler – Yuvraj has gone for 17 off three, and Patel for 19 off two.”

    77. 21 overs Commentary Aus 100-1

      Harbhajan’s off after taking 0-18 from six overs, and Yuvraj returns – will Australia hit out against the perceived weaker links in India’s attack? Ponting un leashes a fierce square cut, the diving Harbhajan stops it on the cover boundary and they run three. Haddin drives a single to long-off, Ponting flat-bats one to the same fielder to bring up three figures for his side.

    78. Commentary

      From Jeremy, TMS inbox: “It’s late evening in New Zealand and have just noticed the current similarity between the scoring rate of Australia to that of the north Cornwall coast – the graph that is. I guess that the south coast would be more to India’s liking… as long as 50 overs were up by Salcombe!”

    79. Twitter

      Aussie legend and Rajasthan Royals captain/coach Shane Warne: “The game tonight is played at one of the Royals’ home grounds during IPL. Good toss to win – 250/260 should be enough – tough to chase!”

    80. 20 overs Commentary Aus 95-1

      Patel returns, and Haddin (having made his fourth change of headgear this innings) unleashes a perfect old-school late cut for four, before dabbing a single to the same area. Punter steers a single to the cover sweeper.

    81. Commentary

      From Un3k, TMS inbox: “Watching the BBC coverage on an oil platform 50 miles offshore in Angola. Hope my boss doesn’t see this (but if he does it means he’s also watching!)”

      I spoke to a friend the other day, who was about to chastise two of her team for following our live text while at work – before their overall boss came over and asked them what the score was!

    82. SMS

      From Jo, Bristol: “In the office, looking forward to a long close game to take the place of office gossip! Well done Yardy, I know how difficult it is to be open about mental health issues.”

    83. 19 overs Commentary Aus 89-1

      Harbhajan gives the ball a bit of a clean before starting a new over to Haddin, who hasn’t had much of the strike lately but is still plodding along with a single. Vic Marks on TMS thinks the Aussies will be looking to go steadily against Zaheer and Harbhajan, but try to get after Yuvraj and Patel. Bhajji goes round the wicket to the right-handed Ponting, who clips a single to fine leg. Haddin, blinking in the sunshine under his cap, tickles a single to long-on.

    84. Commentary

      From Will, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: “You’ve got a graph! There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down at my desk, firing up TMS, the live text and a well known spreadsheet software and making a nice graph and you’ve gone and added one! I’m redundant, I blame the budget.”

    85. Twitter

      From robertssamuel: “Not being rude but I dont see the point in Munaf Patel. He bats 11 and bowls Colly-like dibblydobblys. Does he deserve to play?”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved today

    86. 18 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 86-1

      Kevin Pietersen famously branded Yuvraj as a “pie-chucker” – but this time it’s Ponting who’s booking in for bed and breakfast, lofting a four through long-on, edging a two to third man and swat-sweeping another four past mid-wicket. Imperious from the Aussie skipper – they take drinks.

    87. Commentary

      From Odiseo, TMS inbox: “Joining the cricket party here from Mexico (probably the only one in miles). Hoping to see Tendulkar achieve his ton of tons, go India! And rooting for England on Saturday!”

    88. 17 overs Commentary Aus 76-1

      Ponting nudges a single, then umpire Gould has a little word with Harbhajan about something. Haddin smacks a single through the covers, and Bhajji sends down another wide before Punter nicks the strike with a single that takes him into double figures.

    89. Commentary

      From Neil, New Zealand, TMS inbox: “What the? Swanky new real-time graphics! Jurassic Park!”

    90. 16 overs Commentary Aus 72-1

      With India able to put the field back, Dhoni turns to slow left-armer Yuvraj Singh as his third spinner. With Yusuf Pathan left out today, Yuvraj will possibly have to do more than his usual share of bowling. A single takes Haddin (back in his cap) to 37, then Raina makes a good stop at short extra cover, throws down the stumps at the striker’s end and Ponting has to duck back into his crease. Gunner Gould checks with third ump Mr Kettleborough, but the Aussie skipper grounded his bat in time. A single takes him to eight – remember, his last international century was back in February 2010.

    91. Commentary

      From Damian, TMS inbox:Ive just arrived back in the UK after travelling around India. Until you’ve actually been to India you have no concept of how massive cricket is over there. If you think England v Australia is bigger then you are living in a westernised bubble.”

    92. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Ian Chappell

      “In his younger days, Harbhajan used to be quite an attacking off-spinner. These days, if he gets a wicket early he tends to attack you, but if he doesn’t he tends to drop into containment mode quite early – too early in my view.”

    93. 15 overs Commentary Aus 70-1

      Ponting and Haddin get stuck into Harbhajan, picking up two singles apiece. The off-spinner tosses one up down the leg side which is called as a wide, but it’s a steady start by Australia – that’s it for the fielding powerplay.

    94. 14 overs Commentary Aus 65-1

      Haddin calls for his helmet as Munaf Patel, India’s second seamer, is into the attack – but the Aussie keeper must be licking his lips as after a single from Ponting, Haddin blasts Patel for three fours – one straight, and the other two either side of the bowler past mid-on and mid-off. He has 34 from 37 balls.

    95. Twitter

      From injured England batsman Kevin Pietersen: “Three cups of coffee… Baby back to bed… Ind v Aus!! #couchpotato. Ponting to get a big score, but India WIN I think… It’s spinning tho!”

    96. Commentary

      From Andy, TMS inbox: “Can’t believe the cricket is not on any of the 300 satellite channels we have here in the middle of the Saharan desert in Algeria. I can watch cross country skiing from Norway, bog snorkelling in Yorkshire and water skiing from Greece but no cricket. Thank goodness for the BBC and the internet. Anyway is it too much too ask for both teams to lose…”

      Text commentary on bog-snorkelling? That would be fun…

    97. 13 overs Commentary Aus 52-1

      Ponting brings up the fifty for his side with a two off his legs, before guiding a single past mid-on. Harbhajan has 0-6 from three overs.

      And if you manually refresh this page, some of you should be able to see a graph on the right-hand side, showing the “worm” of the Australia innings score, over by over. Some uncharitable colleagues in the office jokingly point out that  technology is advancing to the point where you may not need me here any more. But would those graphs be able to tell you when batsmen switch their helmets for caps, or when dogs run on the pitch?

    98. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett

      Contributor BBC Sport’s Oliver Brett

      “He clearly has no intention of bowing out himself, but it may not be too big a stretch of the imagination to say Ricky Ponting could be playing for his international career right now. Three lost Ashes series and a quarter-final exit in the World Cup wouldn’t look too great on his captaincy CV, and his lack of runs in all forms of the game is more than just a worry now.”

    99. Commentary

      From Diloro, TMS inbox: “Following the game on the net in sunny Botswana – come on Dhoni, make my day and knock the Aussies off their perch.”

    100. 12 overs Commentary Aus 49-1

      Ian Chappell joins Alison Mitchell on TMS as Ashwin’s sixth over begins with a single from Haddin, then Ponting is off the mark as he guides a single into the covers. Haddin executes a perfect lofted off-drive which evades the leaping mid-off fielder and sails away for four.

      And thanks to the many, many people who want to point out to Jonathan in Utah [5th over] that a Duckworth-Lewis calculation means that the team with the most runs doesn’t necessarily win…

    101. Commentary

      From Neil, Devon, TMS inbox: “Will England do the sensible thing this time and call up an opening batter? Why didn’t they do that for Shahzad? Let’s face it, Dernbach is unlikely to play.”

    102. 11 overs Commentary Aus 41-1

      New batsman is Aussie captain Ricky Ponting – yesterday, he had to deny reports that he was set to retire from internationals after the World Cup, amid claims he was set to finish his career in English county cricket. But the rumours persist that if Australia lose today, this could be the final time we see him in an ODI (whether by his choice or not). India take the fielding powerplay. Haddin rotates the strike with a single, Harbhajan changes the field for Ponting, who pushes his first ball into the off side. Second ball, he’s hit on the pad… but despite the roar of the crowd, it’s a fairly half-hearted appeal as it appeared to hit him outside the line of off stump, and umpire Ian “Gunner” Gould shakes his head.

    103. SMS

      From Gary, Salisbury: “Best wishes to Yardy, brilliant of him to come out with the real reasons behind his departure, full credit, top bloke. Also, is there any way this game can go the whole way? I have a whole day of work to get through, I’m expecting a cracker of a game.”

      As we’re in the knock-out stage, it can go all the way to a ‘super over’ if the scores are tied…

    104. 10 overs WICKET Watson b Ashwin 25 (Aus 40-1)

      Zaheer’s off and Ashwin has changed ends. With two spinners in operation, Haddin has forsaken his dark green helmet for a bright canary yellow Aussie cap. (“Canary yellow? That’s Australian gold, my friend, and don’t you forget it,” I can hear a voice somewhere saying). A single takes him to 14. Ashwin bowls from close to the stumps, fielding sharply off his own bowling as Watson tries to turn him to leg – then he’s bowled around his legs trying to sweep!

    105. Twitter

      From midnightphilos: “Pete [5th over] and Bob [6th over], I believe the oldest rivalry in cricket is technically Canada v USA, as this was the first international match.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved today

    106. 9 overs Commentary Aus 39-0

      Harbhajan Singh into the attack, replacing fellow off-spinner Ashwin. He has a slip and a leg slip in for Watson. “Ticket demand has been so high for this game, that many of the multiplex cinemas have been showing it too – and the demand’s also been high for tickets there,” notes Alison Mitchell on TMS. Watson sweeps, but can’t beat the man saving the single at backward square leg. Bhajji is one ball away from an unlikely maiden over until the pugnacious Watson sweeps again, running two to the mid-wicket boundary.

    107. Commentary

      From Aussie ex-pat Glenn, London, TMS inbox: “Come on Aussies, perfect call from Punter at the toss and a vital one to win! Now a big hundred from someone in the top three – don’t count Punter out for a big score today!”

      It may have been a ‘perfect call’ as you put it, but even with those oft-discussed specially minted ICC coins, I believe you still have a 50-50 chance of calling correctly…

    108. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Alison Mitchell

      “I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a cricket match not involving England as I am today – although I’ve already been ‘outed’ as half-Australian!”

    109. 8 overs Commentary Aus 37-0

      Zaheer goes round the wicket in the style of Wasim Akram, and Watson gets down on one knee to flick-sweep him for four. He dabs the last ball for a single to Harbhajan, who’s slow to react at mid-off, and nicks the strike.

    110. Commentary

      From Craig, Blackpool, TMS inbox: “Mixed emotions for today’s game, want India out as they are a very dangerous side and wouldn’t want to have to beat them to win the Cup. On the other hand, has any Englishman ever wanted Australia to win at anything? Ever? Ever ever?”

    111. Twitter

      From keithhussey: “India batting second for the first time against a big team. Should be interesting to see how the Indian openers fare.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved today

    112. 7 overs Commentary Aus 32-0

      Haddin and Watson exchange singles before Haddin goes aerial for the first time, lofting Ashwin over long-on for six! The off-spinner has 0-21 from four overs.

    113. 6 overs Commentary Aus 24-0

      As Geoff Boycott reveals on TMS that “Fred Goodall from New Zealand was the worst umpire I ever had in my life,” the same pattern of Aussie scoring continues for the fourth consecutive overs as Haddin starts the over with a single, and Watson bludgeons a four through the leg side.

    114. SMS

      From Bob from Berkshire: “India v Pakistan is bigger than England v Aussies. Move with times, Pete from Portsmouth [5th over].”

    115. Commentary

      From Jonathan in the TMS inbox: “Watching the match here from Utah, US at 3am. My call: the team with the with the most runs wins this one.”

    116. 5 overs Commentary Aus 19-0

      Single for Haddin, then there’s a hold-up as India realise they have three men outside the circle – having to bring one in to comply with the powerplay restrictions. And for the third successive over, Watson hits the last ball for four – this time back past the bowler.

    117. SMS

      From Pete, Portsmouth: “Quit your jibber, Jabbar [0855]. The game’s biggest and oldest rivalry is and always will be England v Australia. Although I want the same semi-final as you.”

    118. Twitter

      From England women’s cricket captain Charlotte Edwards: “Think the Aussies will win, good choice bringing Dave Hussey in for Smith!!”

    119. 4 overs Commentary Aus 14-0

      Haddin aims a big hit at Zaheer, but Virat Kohli – in a catching position in the area I like to call Reasonably Short Extra Cover – makes a superb stop to turn a probable four into a dot ball. The Aussie keeper nudges a single to long leg, and the crowd roar as their hero Sachin Tendulkar does the fielding. Watson flicks the last ball for four through square leg. He has nine, Haddin has four.

    120. Twitter

      From BBC Hindi sports editor Mukesh Sharma: “Yesterday Ashwin had a chat with pitch curator Dhiraj Parsana and chief selector Kris Srikkanth during practice. Let’s see if it benefits India.”

    121. Commentary

      From Zain, South Africa, TMS inbox: “India are a bowler short – Yuvraj to bowl a full 10 is a risk if there is no early breakthrough. Aus need to score 275+ as India have loads of batting.”

      I’d have thought we might see a bit of spin from Raina or Sehwag if Yuvraj can’t get through his full 10…

    122. 3 overs Commentary Aus 9-0

      Haddin guides a single off his legs, but Ashwin keeps Watson tied down for most of the over until he whacks the last ball through cow corner for a first-bounce four.

    123. Commentary

      From Andy, TMS inbox: “Massive credit goes to Michael Yardy for striking another blow in removing the stigma of discussing mental health issues – I’m sure this will be a real boost to other sufferers.”

    124. 2 overs Commentary Aus 4-0

      Left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan takes the second over, he’s had a great World Cup so far. Haddin knocks a single, then Watson is frustrated as India have an interesting field for him – with a slip and a man at fourth slip/gully who cuts off Watson’s chop to third man. The blond opener plays and misses, the crowd sense a catch behind as it’s taken by wicketkeeper Dhoni but there’s no snick – and no appeal. (Not that the umpires would have been able to hear an edge with the crowd this loud, as Simon Mann and Vic Marks point out on TMS).

    125. SMS

      From Phil in Thetford: “Please, please let it last longer than yesterday’s game – I would like to listen to the game this afternoon while sat in the sun in my garden with a cold beer.”

    126. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

      “It’s an afternoon for cool heads – it’s difficult to have a cool anything out there, but that was a cool over from Ashwin.”

    127. 1 over Commentary Aus 3-0

      Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin will take the new ball – we’ve seen a lot of spinners do that in this World Cup – and Watson blocks his first ball, with a slip and a short mid-wicket as the two compulsory close catchers. He pokes a single into the leg side, before spinning one down Haddin’s leg side which is called as a wide. There’s a leg slip in for Haddin, who guides a single to Harbhajan Singh on the square leg boundary. Tidy from Ashwin, and a bit of turn already.

    128. 0858 Commentary

      Shane Watson and Brad Haddin opening the innings for Australia. Stand by your beds, we’re ready to go…

    129. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Alison Mitchell

      On Twitter: “Hmm. Just handed official team sheet – has Yusuf Pathan batting at 7 and no Raina.”

    130. Commentary

      From Jabbar, Islamabad, TMS inbox: “Who else is hoping for an India v Pakistan semi-final? Pakistan went about their job brilliantly yesterday, it’s India’s turn now to give the game’s biggest rivalry one more chance on the grandest stage of them all.”

    131. 0855 Commentary

      Steve Smith, left out of the team today, is one of the most enthusiastic singers of “Advance Australia Fair”, as are the Hussey brothers. The Ahmedabad crowd give a huge roar as the Indian anthem ends – they’re really up for this one.

      And in the latest item of cricketers’ hair-related news, taking the heat off Jacques Kallis and his new hairline is none other than Indian icon Sachin Tendulkar, who has dyed his hair brown.

    132. 0850 Commentary

      And speaking of Mohammad Azharuddin, you can also have a listen to BBC presenter Mark Chapman’s experience of bowling to him for BBC School Report. Here come the players, ready for the anthems…

    133. 0849 Commentary

      Some India-Australia stats, courtesy of my ever-knowledgeable colleague Paul Grunill: in nine previous World Cup meetings between these two sides, Australia have won seven of them. India’s last win against the Aussies was in Delhi in 1987 – they made 289-6 with Gavaskar, Vengsarkar and Azharuddin hitting half centuries. Aussies were bowled out for 233 with Azhar joining in the fun by taking three wickets, as did Maninder Singh.

    134. 0846 Commentary

      Needless to say, we want to hear from you as the game unfolds today – in all the usual ways. You can email tms@bbc.co.uk (with “For Mark Mitchener” in the subject line), text 81111 (with “CRICKET” as the first word), or tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup as james277 has done below…

    135. Twitter

      From james277: “All the best Michael Yardy. I empathise with you. Get home, relax and then, only then look forward to a season with Sussex.”

      Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved today

    136. 0840 Commentary TEAM LINE-UPS

      Stand by for Test Match Special who are on air from 0845. Here are the full teams:

      India: Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Suresh Raina, Ravichandran Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel.

      Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Cameron White, Mike Hussey, David Hussey, Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Jason Krejza, Shaun Tait.

      Umpires are South Africa’s Marais Erasmus and England’s Ian Gould, while fellow Englishman Richard Kettleborough is on TV replays and Pakistan’s Asad Rauf is fourth ump. Match referee is Sri Lanka’s Ranjan Madugalle.

    137. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Alison Mitchell

      On Twitter: “Chatted to Mike Yardy a fair bit during this tour but as is often the case with depression, it’s easily hidden. Thoughts go out to him.”

    138. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford

      Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Adam Mountford

      On Twitter: “Yardy says ‘difficult decision to leave at this stage’ but ‘only sensible option’. He has been managing the illness for a prolonged period.”

    139. 0834 Commentary TEAM NEWS

      Both sides make one change, strengthening their batting – Australia bring batsman David Hussey in for Steve Smith (and will presumably have to bowl some of his part-time spin), while India recall the fit-again opener Virender Sehwag in place of all-rounder Yusuf Pathan.

    140. 0831 Commentary TOSS NEWS

      Australia have won the toss and will bat first. “A really exciting game,” is the view of skipper Ricky Ponting. “Our batting was poor in our last game.”

    141. 0829 Commentary

      While we wait for news of the toss, a bit of news from the England camp this morning – spinner Michael Yardy has flown home from the World Cup because he is suffering from depression. Needless to say, we send the Sussex skipper our very best wishes.

    142. 0827 Commentary

      Morning, everyone. With one quarter-final done and dusted – check out our highlights of Pakistan’s thumping win over West Indies yesterday if you’ve not seen it – our attention now turns to Ahmedabad, where co-hosts India will be taking on Australia from 0900 GMT. It’s always keenly anticipated – and rarely dull – when these two titans lock horns, so let’s hope for a cracker of a game.

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