Stakeholders to discuss city’s budget today

The Mayor and City Council in collaboration with the Implementation Committee will meet stakeholders today to discuss the council’s 2011 budget before it is presented to the public.

Yesterday chairman of the Implementation Committee Keith Burrowes said the meeting will be held today at 6 pm at De Imperial Banquet Hall on Brickdam. Seventy-three persons, including ministers, other government officials, non-governmental organisations, councillors and members of the private sector are expected to attend the meeting.

It is hoped that the invitees will be able to identify ways to support the council in its work. This year’s budget is said to be an educated budget in terms of specific indicators and results.
The budget was designed to ensure that council meets its target in key areas such as solid waste management, drainage, the cemetery and public health. This is the second year that the Implementation Committee has assisted the M&CC in preparing its budget.

The budget takes into account the council’s grown capacity and as a result a more precise budget was developed for 2011.

Burrowes said he hopes today’s meeting will be one of frank discussions.

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