Gas prices rise again at GuyOil, Texaco

The price for gasoline has been increased since Thursday last at both GuyOil and Texaco service stations, while diesel prices are fluctuating.

To cushion the impact of the increase in oil prices, government recently slashed the excise tax on gasoline and diesel.

The price for gas at GuyOil is $980 per gallon, a $45 increase over the last week’s price. Diesel prices remained at $920 per gallon.

At Texaco, the price for gas is now $1,000 per gallon, up by $45, while the price for diesel has been reduced from $1,023 to $995 per gallon.

At Shell Gas Station, the gas prices remained at $989.55 per gallon from the previous week, while diesel rose to $985.5 per gallon from $919.8 per gallon last week.

As a result of the increase, several minibus operators have been demanding increased fares, leading to a clash between the representatives of various associations and Minister of Commerce Manniram Prashad  on the issue. Several checks have found that commuters are slowly coming around to paying the increased fares.

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