Vegetable prices double in city markets

As a result of the heavy rainfalls and flooding on the East Coast of Demerara, prices for vegetables have doubled at the Stabroek and Bourda markets in the city.

The rainfall has affected many farming communities along the East Coast and in other parts of the country, resulting in scarcer supplies.

As a result, at Bourda Market yesterday the price for bora had increased from $600 per bundle to $1,500 per bundle, with parcels retailing at $200. Meanwhile, both ochro and cabbage moved from $80 per pound to $160 per pound, while boulanger sold at $300 for three, up from $200 for three or four.

The price for carrots, another scarcity, increased from $160 and $200 per pack to $500 per pack, while tomatoes have moved from $200 to $260 per pound. Pak choi and Callaloo sold at three bundles for $200, moving from five bundles for the same price, while squashed sold at $300 for one, up from $100 for one. Prices for pumpkin, shallot and celery remained the same.

At Stabroek Market, the increased prices for greens were similar to those at Bourda, except for cabbage and tomatoes, which sold at $120 per pound (previously $60) and $240 per pound (previously $160), respectively. According to vendors at both markets, bora and carrots are the greens highest in demand at the moment.

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