Guard accused of receiving stolen $1.5M bank cheque

Security guard Delmark Parris, accused of receiving a stolen bank cheque valued $1.5M, was on Thursday admitted to bail in the sum of $250,000 by acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry.

The allegation against Parris, 20, of Stevedore Housing Scheme, was that on February 4, at Georgetown, he received a Republic Bank cheque valued $1.5M, property of Amernauth Muneshwer, knowing same to be stolen.

Parris was not required to plead to the indictable charge of receiving stolen property.

Police Corporal Venetta Pindar told the court that the “facts were as charged,” when asked by the Magistrate.

Parris is to return to court on April 13.

Last week, Raschad Adel, Christopher Wayne, and Orvin Milton were accused of conspiring to forge a Republic Bank cheque #2091582, property of Muneshwer. It is also alleged that during the same time mentioned, Wayne and Adel each received Republic Bank cheques, which are reported to have been stolen. Milton was also charged with receiving 99 cheques, which appear to have been stolen, between March 5 and 16. The men pleaded not guilty to all the charges and were granted $125,000 bail each.

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