Wismar trio fined for breaking and entering

Three men were each fined $100,000 after they were found guilty on Wednesday of break and enter larceny by Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Christianburg Magistrates’ Court.

Akeem Alexander, 20, Veloza Hackette, 19, and Randolph Williams, 21, have to pay the fine or spend a year and a half in prison.

The trio, of Half Mile Wismar, Linden, was accused of break and enter and larceny committed on Monday December 14, 2009 at the industrial area at Wismar, where they entered the storeroom of Clive Grenville.

There, they stole four Powermaster batteries, valued $240,000, a Stihl 500 chainsaw valued $180,000, four plane blades valued $640,000, a tool kit with tools valued $30,000, 10 gallons of gasoline valued $10,000, a bow saw valued $3,500, all of which was property of Grenville.

The three had pleaded not guilty but were convicted based on evidence led at their trial.

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