Businessman shoots, injures would-be burglar

A licensed firearm holder shot and wounded a knife-welding burglar in his yard at Lot 25 Bagotstown early this morning.

The wounded man identified himself to police and hospital officials as Mohamed of Herstelling, East Bank Demerera.

Reports are that just after midnight, Mohamed forced his way through some boards at the top of the southern fence. Barking dogs aroused the suspicion of the occupants of the yard where a shop is located at the front. It is believed that the man was after gas bottles that were being stored behind the shop and had accomplices waiting outside to collect them.

The businessman Susyan Mohamed said he warned the man to drop his knife and after he refused he fired a warning shot in the air. The burglar who had concealed his face with a handkerchief then ran to the back of the yard where he was confronted by the businessman who shot him in the shoulder.

The wounded man was later taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he has been admitted a patient.

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