Gunman terrorizes Linden family

A Siberia/Old England, Linden family was yesterday attacked by a lone gunman and members now fear for their lives.

The Frederickses of the inland location of Linden said that during the early morning hours yesterday they were awakened by the sound of heavy banging at their front door.

Peering through a window, a family member said, they saw a man they believed was wanted man Onan Orlando Thom, walking down the front stairs of the house. He had a gun.

Shortly after, they were forced to take cover when the man fired several shots at the house, damaging a car parked in the yard.

They said they were unable to sleep for the rest of the night since they feared the worst. According to occupants of the house, they had long been a target of Thom over an old grievance he had with some their relatives, none of whom reside at the Siberia/Old England home.

They claim that Thom had adducted one of their relatives a few weeks ago in Nottinghamshire when rounds were fired too. It was as a result of this incident that the wanted bulletin was issued for Thom.

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