Union to issue ‘fare structure’ for route 47 buses

The United Minibus Union will be issuing a fare structure to the route 47 buses after these operators attempted to strike yesterday.

The union’s consultant, Ronald Backer told Stabroek News that route 47 does not fall under the union’s purview but a meeting was hastily arranged after hearing of the planned strike action.

Bus operators were seen filling out membership forms during the meeting, which was held near the route 47 park. One minibus driver said that without union representation they were constantly harassed by police whenever complaints were made about their raised fares. Backer said that the buses are not government-owned and as such the government should have no say in their affairs. He advised operators to produce their membership forms if harassed.

The route 47 buses were on the verge of striking in an effort to have a $20 increase added to their $60 fare. They thought it was unfair that the South/Guyhoc buses fares had been raised to $100 while their fares remained the same. “We going through the same thing as them. Gas and spare parts raise for we too… is $1,020 [per gallon] for gas at Texaco now,” one driver said.

Backer said the route 47 buses, which travel to West Ruimveldt Front Road and Back Road, will raise fares from today.

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