East Ruimveldt labourer accused of salon break-in

A man accused of breaking into a woman’s salon and stealing a quantity of items worth in excess of $94,000 was yesterday admitted to bail in the sum of $120,000 after appearing before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton.

The allegation against Devon Nurse is that between December 16 and 17, 2009, he broke and entered the salon of Samantha Boyce and stole two electrical fans, five gallons of paint, four blow-dryers and a quantity of other items valued $94,500.

The 35-year-old labourer who resides at 344 East Ruimveldt was not required to plead to the indictable charge of break and enter and larceny.

Attorney-at-law Patrice Henry who represented the accused made an application for his client to be admitted to reasonable bail on the grounds that he has no antecedents, poses no risk of flight and has been cooperating with police investigations.

According to Henry, the charges are baseless and trumped up. He argued that at no time was his client ever placed on an identification parade nor was any confrontation held with him and the police.

The lawyer posited too that the court needed to take into consideration the date of the alleged incident and when  his client was brought to court; noting that his client was not in hiding and could have been contacted by the police all the while.

Magistrate Octive-Hamilton, however, told the attorney that he should leave those considerations for the trial.

Nurse was ordered to return to court on May 6 for reports on the application of the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) at which time it will be determined whether he is allowed to plead to the charge or not.  Additionally, that date will be for statements and fixtures for trial.

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