India victorious over Pakistan

All out

Totalall out231
K Akmalc Yuvrajb Z Khan19
Mohammad Hafeezc Dhonib Patel43
Shafiqb Yuvraj30
Younus Khanc Rainab Yuvraj13
Misbah-ul-Haqc Kohlib Z Khan56
U Akmalb Harbhajan Singh29
Razzaqb Patel3
Shahid Afridic Sehwagb Harbhajan Singh19
Riazc Tendulkarb Nehra8
Gullbwb Nehra2
Saeed Ajmalnot out1
  1. 1831 Commentary

    Sachin Tendulkar is man of the match, and he says: “I would like to thank everyone here for their terrific support and not to forget the team’s effort. It was brilliant. Initially, Viru got us off to a flier, and when we started I was thinking of 310-315, but the ball was stopping for the spinners. Going back to Mumbai for the final is a wonderful occasion. We want to be clam, be focused on our job.”

  2. 1829 Commentary

    Mahendra Dhoni: “We would have loved to have scored another 20 or 30 runs but I felt as the game progressed the wicket got a little bit slower and once they got a couple of wickets in the middle overs it got very difficult. It was important to respect the bowling and go for a par score and defend it with our bowling.”

  3. 1827 Commentary

    Shahid Afridi: “I want to congratulate the Indian cricket team and the whole Indian nation for this great victory and wish them well in the final as well, but really the boys have done a great job in this competition and I’m proud to be the captain of these guys. Sachin was lucky, we missed some opportunities, but I think they played better than us. I want to say sorry to my nation, We tried our level best.”

  4. 1825 Commentary

    India v Sri Lanka is the final many predicted (including myself) when the quarter-finals came out. It’s the one that was suggested following the form-lines from earlier in the tournament. However, Pakistan have been excellent, particularly with the ball (if not so much today). Nobody gave them a serious chance of being a contender at this World Cup, but they certainly were.

  5. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    Umar Gul had a bit of a nightmare. If you look at all the bowling figures in this match everyone bowled pretty well. All the Indians were disciplined and in control but Umar Gul was all over the place and the extra runs he conceded were so important. He’s one of the most experienced of all these players, but the tension got to him.”

  6. 1820 Commentary

    Harbhajan Singh: “Really happy about how everything has gone today and thank you to everyone for supporting us and giving us blessing to win this game. This was like a final. Whenever India and Pakistan play, pressure is double. I think we bowled really well, we fielded really well and deserved to win today. We’re excited today to be playing the final in Mumbai, in front of my second home crowd [he plays for Mumbai Indians in the IPL].”

  7. Commentary

    From Rajesh Raheja, TMS inbox: “Today, each one of the Indian team can truly claim a share of the bubbly!”

  8. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew

    “It’s been a huge sporting event this, it’s passed off peacefully, it’s passed off exactly how the local wanted. If it’s one step towards restoring sporting relations between these two rivals then it’s the right way to go about it.”

  9. 1816 Commentary

    A dignified Afridi comes onto the outfield now to shake hands with the victorious Indian players, whose celebrations are restrained. They know they still have one crucial engagement left in this tournament.



  11. WICKET Misbah c Kohli b Zaheer 56

    No runs from the first ball, or the second though I think Zaheer was lucky not to be wided. The third ball is hit to square-leg and the defiant Misbah still refuses to get off strike. Ugly heave, again to square-leg. And the fifth ball travels high into the night sky, before Kohli settles calmly under the catch at long-on. Game over.

  12. 49 overs Commentary Pkn 231-9

    Patel has been good today and he watches Misbah backing away to leg, follows him and it’s a dot. Half-volley on leg-stump, slammed straight for six! He defends the next one. Misbah’s playing his own private match here against India’s seamers. He turns down a single off ball four, leaving 31 wanted from eight balls. Good stop from Raina in the deep keeps Misbah to a single off the fifth ball of the over. Ajmal almost gets a four off the last, but can;t beat short fine-leg and Misbah must hit five sixes from the final over to take Pakistan through to the final.

  13. 48 overs Commentary Pkn 224-9

    Rank wide from Zaheer. It goes all the way to the boundary so costs India five. Misbah can’t find a boundary from the first legitimate ball of the over, and he’ll stay on strike until he does. Now he bottom-edges one haplessly to Dhoni. India coach Gary Kirsten is wreathed in smiles, even though Misbah finally gets one away for four through the covers. On a length, and hammered straight for four by Misbah, who gets the strike for the first ball of the 49th over. Pakistan still need 37.

  14. SMS

    Dan: “Great match, proud effort from Pakistan but it’s written in the stars for either Sachin or Murali… Which legend will take it?”

  1. 47 overs Commentary Pkn 210-9

    India are tight in the ring, stopping the singles. Single for Ajmal to third man, for what it’s worth. Afridi stares on, deep in thought, from the balcony. Misbah gets to 40 with a single to mid-on, and Nehra finishes off, he’s taken 2-33. Brilliant performance from a man who’se selection was criticised in many places when the teams were announced.

  2. WICKET Gul lbw Nehra 2 (Pkn 208-9)

    It was full and struck him in front of leg-stump. It could only be out.


    Gul is given lbw to Nehra, they’ll review it….

  4. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Adam Mountford

    On Twitter: “Are India about to become the 2nd team in WC history to play in a final on home soil + could they be the 1st to lift the trophy at home?”

  5. 46 overs Commentary Pkn 208-8

    Misbah clips a nice boundary, but he took longer to get going in this innings than a car with a dead battery on a winter’s morning – and it’s too little too late. Quick single puts Gul on strike. Solid fielding from India will ensure the win now, and the hugely experienced Tendulkar scampers up from third man to keep Gul to one. Couple more singles, and a dot from the last ball.

  6. 45 overs Commentary Pkn 200-8

    The 200 comes up for Pakistan but they’ve left themselves too many to get over the last five overs.

  7. SMS

    Martin: “I think Geoffrey Boycott knows it’s Katherine Jenkins. I believe he once said ‘I’d miss my lunch for her’  which is a proper Yorkshireman’s quote.”

  8. WICKET Riaz c Tendulkar b Nehra 8 (Pkn 199-8)

    Riaz is a tail-ender and cannot be expected to score regular boundaries. He swishes and misses at Nehra. Yorker just outside off-stump. It’s another dot. Detailed volley of instructions comes Riaz’s way from Misbah, but the next ball is about self-preservation as Riaz ducks the bouncer. The boxes of celebratory fireworks can surely be unpacked now, India fans… And as though to confirm my suspicion, Riaz skies a catch to Tendulkar. Richly-deserved wicket for Nehra.

  9. 44 overs Commentary Pkn 199-7

    Misbah produces his reverse-sweep again and it’s another four, this time off Harbhajan. Good, full length to Riaz. He can’t get underneath it and it’s a precious dot (if you’re Indian). And another. Quick single off the last but is it enough for Pakistan?

  10. SMS

    Anon: “For Geoff Boycott, think it was Katherine Jenkins… ”

  11. 43 overs Commentary Pkn 192-7

    Dhoni’s been an excellent captain today. He’s had faith in his five bowlers, getting through Yuvraj’s overs at intelligent intervals, and rotating the seamers about nicely. Nehra, who’s been admirably economical, still has three to go and he’s got Riaz in his sights. Time for Misbah to step up with 10 an over wanted? Nope, just a pushed single to fine-leg. Good shot from Riaz, backing away to leg but timing one past mid-on for four. All the pundits keep on saying India would have done better with Ashwin – I just don’t buy it.

  12. Commentary

    From Tahir Zafar, TMS inbox: “Afridi quote after defeating Kenya – ‘you should take a chance, otherwise they will bowl in the same area if you don’t take chances’. Think he needs to say that to Misbah.”

  13. 42 overs Commentary Pkn 184-7

    Last ball of the over is turned to midwicket by Misbah. Problems for Pakistan.

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

    “I’d sooner have that Welsh lady sing who sang at the Ashes rather than the fat lady. She’s very pretty is the Welsh lady.”

  15. WICKET Afridi c Sehwag b Harbhajan 19 (Pkn 184-7)

    Harbhajan fires one just inside the guide lin that indicates a one-day wide. Afridi is upset that wasn’t called a wide, and now he leans back to a high full-toss and hits a towering drive right up in the air. Sehwag settles under the catch, he’s gone.

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

    “It’s tight. Pakistan only need a good couple of overs and then it’s down to a run a ball.”

  17. Commentary

    From Daniel Ratling, TMS inbox: “Was lucky enough to be in India during the group stages. Coming out of the England vs South Africa game the Chennai locals repeatedly shook my hand and one kind gentleman even gave me and the Mrs a free rickshaw ride as he had enjoyed the England victory so much. The Indian supporters encapsulate everything good about cricket.”

  18. SMS

    Long-suffering fan of losing teams: “Pakistan remind me of my team Preston North End, who often make a successful start to a game, then make a concerted push for defeat.”

  19. 40 overs Commentary Pkn 177-6

    Misbah has finally breathed some life into his innings, and pushes out confidently to deep midwicket for a single.

  20. NOT OUT

    I think it’s bounced an inch in front of Nehra, so Afridi is safe.


    Yuvraj is full of length and straight, and here comes Misbah with a boundary! From a reverse sweep! His first of the match… Afridi pulls out to deep midwicket, where Nehra dives forward to claim a possible catch, and they’ll go for the review.

  22. 39 overs Commentary Pkn 168-6

    Afridi scratches the crease like an impatient colt at the non-striker’s end as Misbah fails to get him on strike. Finally after three balls, Misbah gets the single and Zaheer, brought back into the attack, fires down a wide. Big drive down the ground from Afridi for two.

  23. Twitter

    From kuny_m: “It’s Not Over Until “Mr Boom Boom” is out – FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  24. 38 overs Commentary Pkn 163-6

    Yuvraj is bowling his ninth over, looks like he’ll bowl his full 10 today. Still no boundary from Misbah, but there is one from Afridi! Tossed up very slowly outside off stump and fairly thumped through the covers. A bit of anger about that shot, I think. He takes a couple off the next ball and there’s two more from the final ball. Much better from Pakistan thanks to Afridi, but it’s Misbah on strike for the next over.

  1. WICKET Younus c Raina b Yuvraj 13 (Pkn 106-4)

    Missed stumping. Dhoni has been tremendous with the gloves in this tournament but he has just given Younus a precious life on 13. Just grabbed at the ball too quickly without waiting for it to nestle in the gloves. But Younus’s tortured innings finally comes to an end. Lofted cover-drive, Raina leaps above his head to pluck it out of the air.

  2. 25 overs Commentary Pkn 106-3

    Pakistan need a boundary or two, they are being steadily stifled. Harbhajan pushes Younus down to long-on for a single, and Misbah almost gives leg-slip a catch! Now he gets off the mark with a sweep for a single

  3. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew

    “The crowd are back to belligerent form again. They went very quiet for a while. The pitch has got very slow.”

  4. 24 overs Commentary Pkn 103-3

    Misbah defends the final ball of Yuvraj’s over. India are beginning to engineer a strong position here, but you wouldn’t bet against a few more twists and turns.

  5. SMS

    Anon: “In hospital with new born baby. Should be a joyous day but doctors won’t allow radio on! Scores being updated by SMS :( ”

    Very odd. My daughter was born to a burst of Abba as the midwives had selected a radio station with some sort of Abba tribute on.

  6. WICKET Shafiq b Yuvraj 30 (Pkn 103-3)

    Yuvraj clean-bowls Shafiq. It was straight and full, and for some reason known only to himself, the batsman though it was the one to cut. Never. Middle stump is flattened.

  7. 23 overs Commentary Pkn 100-2

    Choked appeal for lbw as Zaheer raps Younus on the pads. Good one-handed stop on the boundary edge from Harbhajan keeps Shafiq to two. Another two for Shafiq from a loose one fired down the on-side. The 100 comes up and with a whole lot of bugs flying about under the floodlights the last ball is a dot. Better over for Pakistan.

  8. SMS

    Anon: “An Indian colleague was hauled into a meeting an hour ago despite much protest. He grabbed the seat facing the door. Every few overs we hold up a piece o f paper with the score to the window on the door of the meeting room. The temptation to falsify the numbers.”

  9. 22 overs Commentary Pkn 94-2

    If I was a Pakistan fan, I’d like to see my batsmen taking on Yuvraj Singh. My feeling is this wicket is too slow for him to be a serious threat. But they’re a bit crease-bound here. Younus gets a thick edge to a cover-drive that almost results in a possible catch. Raina appears to injure himself as he dives to stop a run at short extra-cover. He’s OK, I think. Required rate moves ever close to six an over…

  10. SMS

    Simon, in Manchester: “My girlfriend is a primary-school teacher in Oldham, Lancs. In her class, she has four boys named Sachin, and two named Shoaib. Guess what they’re doing today!”

  11. Commentary

    From Andy in Barcelona, TMS inbox: “Twenty overs gone, two wickets down and not a single extra – that’s the kind of bowling that wins World Cups.”

  12. 21 overs Commentary Pkn 93-2

    Dhoni has a lone wide slip in place as Zaheer comes back for his third spell. Shafiq is beginning to play quite nicely, tucking the left-armer away for two to deep square-leg. Back comes Zaheer, beating him with a lovely ball that holds its line outside off-stump. Quick single off the last ball of the over, slight misfield at mid-off.

  13. SMS

    Joe, Central London: “Ollie from Wimbourne, since when was Sky TV a feature of school TV rooms? Actually, when did schools begin having TV rooms?!”

  14. 20 overs Commentary Pkn 89-2

    He’s the local Punjabi lad but he got a first-ball duck today. So what can Yuvraj Singh do with the ball today? Four singles from the first four balls, he’s bowling extremely slowly. Younus blocks the fifth ball and there’s an easy single from the last ball.

  15. 19 overs Commentary Pkn 84-2

    A few concerned expressions in the Pakistan dressing room as Shafiq and Younus take a few singles off Harbhajan. Required rate is moving slowly towards six an over.

  16. Twitter

    From apuk79: “What yr gut feeling sir?”

    Since you ask, at this stage I fancy India. Pakistan have a lot to do from here with this wicket getting harder to bat on all the while.

  17. 18 overs Commentary Pkn 80-2

    Patel is India’s hottest bowler at present, but Dhoni gives him a rest and brings on Nehra instead. Quick two for Shafiq down to deep square-leg moves him to 25. Younus plays and misses outside off.

  18. SMS

    From Sachin in London: “Running home from school… got in trouble for shouting in joy when the second wicket fell!”

    Were you named after the Little Master?

  19. 17 overs Commentary Pkn 77-2

    Shafiq, involved in easily the biggest match of his short career, drives one firmly past Harbhajan for four. Great shot. Younus defends.

  20. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “That’s a bonus wicket for India. Patel has built a little bit of pressure  and India are right back in the game. Unnecessary risk from Hafeez.”

  21. 16 overs Commentary Pkn 72-2

    Hafeez was just beginning to sense a little bit of scoreboard pressure you sense. He had batted very well for so long, but wanted more boundaries. Now it’s time for the hugely experienced Younus Khan and after a huge delay he steers his first ball to midwicket. Could this be a wicket-maiden to add to his maiden in the previous over? Nope, Younus drives through point for a quick two.

  22. SMS

    Ollie from Wimbourne: “Managed to secure the afternoon off from school, only for our TV room to be locked for bad behaviour. Heartbreak!”

  23. WICKET Hafeez c Dhoni b Patel 43 (Pkn 70-2)

    Tries to scoop/paddle/sweep something well wide from off-stump. Poor shot selection, great wicket for India who have been building some pressure.

  24. SMS

    Anup in Leicester: “Mark my words. This one is going for SUPER OVER.”

    If there’s a tie, as Anup suggests, a single-over eliminator, known in some parts as a super over, will decide the contest.

  25. 15 overs Commentary Pkn 70-1

    Dhoni is on the attack, first slip and a leg-slip positioned. But Hafeez gets off strike with a single and Harbhajan serves up a gift, all short and wide. Shafiq cuts him away diligently for four.

  26. Twitter

    From PresyNaras: “Why Nehra and Munaf? Even if it’s not a spin track (in this case it is) Ashwin is a better choice than either of these two men.”

  27. 14 overs Commentary Pkn 63-1

    Outstanding dive and stop from Yuvraj at point keeps Shafiq runless against Patel. Little bit of pressure now after four dot balls, and now one cuts away and stays low – very hard to score off balls that do that.

  28. 13 overs Commentary Pkn 63-1

    Harbhajan has decided this is a good wicket to bowl nice and slowly on. Give the ball a chance to grip and turn. Very poor misfield from the bowler himself gives Hafeez a single.

  29. SMS

    Q from London: “I’m working on the biggest deal of my working life and this match is not letting me focus. Please Pakistan – hit a few boundaries, calm my nerves and let me sell this company. Sorry boss!”

  30. 12 overs Commentary Pkn 59-1

    Munaf Patel, who has possibly the most impressive eyebrows in international sport, sees Hafeez coming across his stumps to mow one down to fine-leg for four. The Pakistan opener is going very nicely at the moment and he gets an earful from Patel for his troubles.

  31. 11 overs Commentary Pkn 54-1

    Bowling powerplay taken. On comes the only specialist spinner in the India side, Harbhajan Singh. Asad Shafiq is the new batsman and Dhoni has long-on placed for the new batsman so it’s an easy single. Don’t know why new batsmen don’t get more attacking fields. Dangerous times for Hafeez. He nearly drives a catch back to Harbhajan, then tries to cut one that turns sharply and keeps low.

  32. SMS

    Ali in Birmingham: “At some point in this innings Afridi is going to have to come in, steady the ship, play within himself and deliver a restrained but ultimately match-winning knock!”

  33. 10 overs Commentary Pkn 52-1

    Bowler Munaf Patel has hands on hips as Hafeez’s gentle drive is placed in just the right place to beat both extra-cover and mid-off. No great weight behind the shot but it was timed and placed so very nicely. An extra fielder comes into the off-side ring and it works for four balls. Now could this be a catch for Zaheer at deep square-leg? Well, he doesn’t go for the catch, in the end he bails out of even attempting to stop it and that’s four rather cheap runs.

  34. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “We’ve seen a lot of people out like that today, suggesting the ball may not be coming on as much as people think.”

  35. Commentary

    From Hugo, TMS inbox: “I’m confused. Dew is water droplets right, so how does it help to prevent dew by spraying water droplets on the pitch? Isn’t that like trying to put out a fire by lobbing a couple of nice dry logs on?”

  36. 9 overs WICKET Kamran c Yuvraj b Zaheer 19 (Pkn 44-1)

    Zaheer back on, from the same end where he started off. He is into a decent rhythm now, but there’s no movemet out there for the seamers and India may need to bowl lots of dot balls and build some pressure… saying that, India DO strike, square-drive, Kamran didn’t keep it down, and an easy catch to backward-point.

  37. Twitter

    AltCricket: “Pakistan should win if they play sensibly. But they won’t, so…”

  38. 8 overs Commentary Pkn 43-0

    Hafeez plays a really good shot off Nehra for yet another four. This one was straight and just back of a length, but he whipped it with wrists and lots of bottom hand wide of mid-on for four. Hafeeez has been in and out of the Pakistan side for a long while, but looks to have improved a great deal in the last few months.

  39. SMS

    Ben in Newcastle: “Gang warfare has broken out in my year 2 class room. The Indian and Pakistani children are all trying to whip up support for their country from bemused six and seven-year-old Geordies.”

  40. 7 overs Commentary Pkn 38-0

    Hafeez launches one over point for four off Patel. It may not have looked like he was in control of that but he was. Checked drive up to a deep-set mid-off for a single, and now a much luckier boundary from Akmal. It went slowly in the air at a nice catchable height, but through an off-side gap and with enough momentum to bring him a boundary.

  41. Commentary

    From Atif Qureshi, TMS inbox: “Ramiz Raja has been constantly praising the Pakistani openers. Can someone go into the commentary box  and tell him to be quiet before the dreaded commentator curse comes into play!”

  42. 6 overs Commentary Pkn 29-0

    A few dot balls and the crowd comes back to life, like zombies in a horror film. Could this be a run-out? No, Nehra got a touch on the drive but Akmal was safely inside his crease when Hafeez’s drive hit the stumps at the far end.

  43. SMS

    From Anon: “Come on Pakistan keep your heads and show the world that quality exists amongst the mayhem.”

  44. 5 overs Commentary Pkn 28-0

    First bowling change, Patel on for Zaheer. He starts with a lovely fast leg-cutter, beating Akmal’s outside edge. Worm fans – we’ve trialled little red dots for wickets but unfortunately it causes havoc. Akmal’s fat edge on a pull is in the air for a long time, but drops safely. Lucky. Hafeez gestures to Akmal, urging him to calm himself and it’s a good start from Munaf Patel.

  45. Commentary

    From David Wallace, TMS inbox: “Gotta neutral’s feeling in my bones that Pakistan are going to snatch this. Mark you, my bones have been wrong before.”

  46. 4 overs Commentary Pkn 26-0

    More surgical precision from Hafeez, the checked drive scooting away through a gap in the covers for four more. Nehra’s under pressure for the remainder of the over. Lovely work from Gambhir in the deep keeps Hafeez to a single.

  47. 3 overs Commentary Pkn 20-0

    Well there’s no question Pakistan, at the moment, are comfortable in their role of slight favourites to win this huge match. Akmal drives Zaheer through the covers for three, then Hafeez clips one away through the on-side for four. Zaheer hasn’t quite got it right at the moment.

  48. SMS

    Anon: “If I had to rate the Indian batting performance – three and a half stars out of five. In GCSE terms, a B- pass. Perhaps just good enough.”

  49. 2 overs Commentary Pkn 12-0

    Ashish Nehra – who along with Yuvraj, Sachin, Sehwag, Harbhajan and Zaheer was part of India’s 2003 World Cup team – almost removes Kamran from an inside edge, that rebounds off his body instead of cannoning into the stumps. Hafeez finds space in the long-leg region to collect a couple. So far so good for Pakistan.

  50. Twitter

    From PtheP: “Just come back from the Sport Bar in Victoria – never been so packed, probably never taken so little £ -electric atmosphere!”

  51. 1 over Commentary Pkn 8-0

    Square-drive from Kamran has just enough on it trickle into the ropes. Lovely start to the chase from the first ball of the innings. Ball four shoots through low: India will want to see lots of that, Pakistan will want to see none of that. Last ball is driven sweetly, straight and firm for four.

  52. 1415 Commentary

    Here we go, Zaheer to Kamran…

  1. India won the toss and decided to bat
    260 for 9 (50.0 overs)
    India 1st Innings – Close
    Sehwaglbwb Riaz
    Tendulkarc Shahid Afridib Saeed Ajmal
    Gambhirst K Akmalb Mohammad Hafeez
    Kohlic U Akmalb Riaz
    Yuvraj Singhb Riaz
    Dhonilbwb Riaz
    Rainanot out
    Harbhajan Singhst K Akmalb Saeed Ajmal
    Z Khanc K Akmalb Riaz
    Nehrarun out (K Akmal)
    Patelnot out
    Extras2nb 8w 8lb18
    Totalfor 9260(50.0 ovs)
    Saeed Ajmal10.00442
    Shahid Afridi10.00450
    Mohammad Hafeez10.00341
    Fall of wicket
    141Yuvraj Singh
    236Harbhajan Singh
    256Z Khan

    Back to top

    Umpires: I J Gould, Taufel, R S Madugalle, Bowden
    Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, K Akmal (W), Shafiq, Younus Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, U Akmal, Shahid Afridi (C), Razzaq, Riaz, Gul, Saeed Ajmal
    India: Sehwag, Tendulkar, Gambhir, Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Dhoni (C/W), Raina, Harbhajan Singh, Z Khan, Nehra, Patel

  1. Contributor India’s Suresh Raina

    “260 is going to be enough, we have Harbhajan and it is not going to be easy for them. It’s a very good total on this track.”

  2. 50 overs Commentary Ind 260-9

    Raina drives the last ball to wide long-off for two. And Pakistan go into a huddle with a few high-fives. They should be confident of getting these runs but India remain firmly in the game.

  3. WICKET Nehra run out 1 (Ind 258-8)

    Sacrifical run-out, just getting Raina on strike for the last ball.

  4. Twitter

    From SwallowFM: “You could say Tendulkar was merely a whisker off.”

  5. WICKET Zaheer c K Akmal b Riaz 9 (Ind 256-8)

    Riaz to Zaheer, dot. Riaz to Zaheer, thin edge, caught behind and that’s his fifth wicket. Well done him.

  6. 49 overs Commentary Ind 256-7

    There are almost as many opinions about what a good score is as there are people packed into the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium. Gul is into his final over and Zaheer misses out as he gets another generous full toss , but drills it down to the man at long-off for just one. Raina changes bats and runs hard to get a two off the fifth ball. Lovely shot now from Raina, clipping a full one down the leg-side for four. Gul 8-0-69-0.

  7. Twitter

    From huggablesambo: “How many lives did Tendulkar have in the end?”

    Not sure, but I think he was just short of officially being classified as felis catus (domestic cat)

  8. 48 overs Commentary Ind 246-7

    Zaheer Khan plays a remarkable shot lofting high over cover, the trajectory akin to a Gary Player sand-wedge. He gets a couple of runs for the shot. Raina’s not getting enough strike, but it doesn’t matter as the world’s biggest leading edge from Zaheer skews over point for four!

  9. 47 overs Commentary Ind 238-7

    Ajmal finishes off tidily, he’s been superb today, taking 2-44.

  10. SMS

    Tim, Liverpool: “Think your comment about waiting til we have seen Pakistan bat is spot on. A score of around 250 will be very competitive given the pressure on the batsmen. It’s not just a World Cup semi-final – its India vs Pakistan with two whole nations watching. Plus a few neutrals like me!”

  11. WICKET Harbhajan st Akmal b Ajmal 12 (Ind 236-7)

    RIght, we’re on borrowed time now. Very, very slow over-rate. Ajmal strikes, Harbhajan charging down, missing and stumped.

  12. 46 overs Commentary Ind 235-6

    Raina, having ground out 14 from 25 balls, gets a half-volley from Gul and he goes “downtown”, hitting the lofted drive for four. That’s better. Next ball is a wide. Well, if Gul was on Anne Robinson’s TV show, you wouldn’t be asking who the Weakest Link was for long. Horrid full toss, Raina – cool as cucumber raita – threads it wide of mid-off for four. Afridi is stomping about a bit. Another wretched Gul full-toss, tickled fine for another four by Harbhajan AND THE CROWD HAVE WOKEN UP! Gul is 0-59 from seven overs.

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

    “The way the’re playing, India couldn’t knock the skin off a rice-pudding. I’ve never seen an Indian side play like this.”

  14. 45 overs Commentary Ind 221-6

    One over before it would have become mandatory, India take the batting powerplay. Single for Raina, more prodding from Harbhajan. And finally we have a boundary, a sort of checked sweep from Harbhajan, placed very nicely. Wide from Ajmal and they’ll run an extra one on an Akmal error. Better over for India.

  15. SMS

    From Anon: “Has the pitch become difficult to bat or is it just the Indian batsmen?”

    Hard to say. It will become a lot clearer once Pakistan bat, as it often is. But the ball did come on beautifully early on, whereas the softer, older ball has been a bit harder to get away.

  16. Commentary

    From Roland, TMS inbox: “What a shame Tendulkar did not get his ton, think the other batters may have been affected by him wanting to reach it so much.”

  17. 44 overs Commentary Ind 213-6

    The last Indian boundary was in the 30th over, since you weren’t asking… Harbhajan gets a couple off Riaz’s first ball, then there’s a wide and the skipper comes over for a chat. Another HUGE wide, brilliantly saved by Akmal leaping to his left. Raina, the last real batsman remaining, swishes at one and misses. Boundaries? Nope.

  18. 43 overs Commentary Ind 207-6

    Ajmal to Harbhajan with two slips in. Two slips! That tells you how much Pakistan are on top, doesn’t it? Straight through the defences of the right-hander with one, now the batsman gets a lucky single. Where are the Indian runs? Second half of this innings has been so poor from them.

  19. SMS

    Anon: “One promise have been delivered from Afridi… not letting Sachin complete his 100… now waiting for the 2nd one… to win this game…”

  20. 42 overs Commentary Ind 205-6

    For a man with such good overall ODI stats, Dhoni doesn’t half produce a lot of dross with the bat when the pressure is on in an important game. Not enough freedom in his batting. And what a day Mr Riaz is having! Excellent bowler he is.

  21. WICKET Dhoni lbw Riaz 25 (Ind 205-6)

    Umpire Taufel got that one right, another one that hurried on from the left-arm seamer. Big problems for India, huge problems actually. And Pakistan? Never has a team dropped so many catches and yet been in such good shape.


    Riaz strikes for the fourth time or does he? India are reviewing the lbw verdict.


    For the first time since the start of the third over, India’s overall run rate is below five. Riaz into Dhoni, outside edge… and it’s dropped by a diving Kamran Akmal.

  24. 41 overs Commentary Ind 203-5

    Still a case of defend and nudge from these two Indian batsmen… Crowd very quiet.

  25. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Ramiz Raja

    “If Pakistan can pick up a wicket before the batting powerplay is taken then India will be in trouble because their last few batsmen have not really fired.”

  26. Twitter

    From Jamiespires1979: “Run a ball from here on gets India to a very competitive 260. Calm down.”

    Well, James, first they have to get there, then they have to defend it, with only one spinner in the side and possible dew issues. Ramiz Raja reckons it’s a 300-run pitch.

  1. 40 overs Commentary Ind 200-5

    Well here we are, 10 overs to go, 200 runs scored so far. How many will India end up with?

  2. NOT OUT

    Huge inside edge onto pad, he’s not out.


    So, 300 looks well off the agenda unless something remarkable happens, and Afridi is bowling his final over now. Huge appeal for lbw against Dhoni, not out says umpire Gould and they will review it.

  4. 39 overs Commentary Ind 195-5

    Dhoni has shed his helmet, maybe that will help him hit the ball a bit harder. Nope, another single off Ajmal. Appeal for lbw against Raina, but he got a little bit of bat on it. Apologies, the previous over was bowled by Afridi.

  5. Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Ramiz Raja

    “I’d be tempted to bring on Wahab Riaz now because he does bowl those wonderful yorkers, and that bit of extra pace against Raina could be the right move.”

  6. 38 overs Commentary Ind 189-5

    Afridi did his thang when he caught Tendulkar – arms diagonally held aloft as though he was a kid having completed a star-jump. Anyway, here’s Afridi with the ball, with Dhoni and Raina the men who simply have to get India up to something they can defend. Two singles, four dots.

  7. 37 overs WICKET Tendulkar c Afridi b Ajmal 85 (Ind 187-5)

    This Indian run-rate is scaring nobody at the moment. None of the Pakistan bowlers are letting down Afridi, it’s just the catching that’s been diabolical. Two singles only off Ajmal, can’t even remember the last boundary – and finally Tendulkar is caught. Loose drive, low to extra-cover.

  8. 36 overs Commentary Ind 185-4

    Dhoni, with a highest score of 34 in the tournament, looks like he’s hoping to get to the powerplay in one piece before cutting loose. Three singles here off Afridi.

  9. 35 overs DROPPED CATCH Ind 182-4

    Tendulkar is beginning to look more ambitious, finding two wide of mid-on and another two through a gap in the covers. Can you believe it? Tendulkar has been dropped again, this time by Umar Akmal just above his head at midwicket. Hafeez finishes off, 0-34 from his 10.

  10. SMS

    Richard the English Teacher: “A trope is a term for language that is used figuratively, such as a metaphor, or irony, or a metonym.”

    No wonder my confusion, as it was a keyboard slip that almost made sense…

  11. Commentary

    From Kalwant Chagger, TMS inbox: “Re: India’s record when Tendulkar hits a century… I’d be worried if I was a Pakistan fan. India have a 69% win rate when Sachin scores 100.”

  12. 34 overs Commentary Ind 177-4

    This is interesting because Tendulkar’s on 76 but cannot just push 24 runs with singles to get his 100th 100. India need more than 240-250 here. He does get a single off Gul as it happens, before, with just 13 runs coming off the previous 30 deliveries. Gul bowls a no-ball, but India fail to take full advantage of the free hit.

  13. 1222 DRINKS BREAK

    Time for something cold. Funny game this. India bossed it early on, but Tendulkar’s been in and out of form and could have gone about five or six times. Honours even maybe at the moment? Hard to say really…

  14. 33 overs Commentary Ind 173-4

    With Hafeez into his ninth over, which features a couple of singles, I would like to inform you that on BBC World Service now, there is a debate as to whether today’s semi-final can go some way towards improving relations between India and Pakistan.

  15. SMS

    A frustrated Indian supporter: “Useless Indian team. They are a bunch of inconsistent players. Their bowling line-up is totally rubbish. They will lose this match badly the way they are playing at the moment. Playing Nehra, what was Dhoni thinking? He lost us the match against S Africa. It looks like its Sri Lanka to win the World Cup this time.”

  16. 32 overs Commentary Ind 171-4

    Umar Gul, torn asunder at the start of the innings by Sehwag, gets another go. Dhoni misses the first one, before thrashing one without any timing to deep cover for a single. I reckon 300 is off the agenda today for India as Gul keeps Tendulkar tied down for a couple of balls. Great stop from Umar Akmal prevents a run. Good over.

  17. 31 overs Commentary Ind 170-4

    Quite a few bowling changes going on. Ajmal is back for a spell and it’s a very tidy over. Tendulkar has 11 boundaries in this innings but he’s not scored off plenty of balls.

  18. SMS

    Alex in Northumberland: “Looking at my keyboard I presume trope is actually tripe.”

    Thanks. I know trope is a word, though, so what does it mean?

  19. 30 overs Commentary Ind 168-4

    Tendulkar is saved again by a bit of fortune, a thick edge deflecting too far off his bat to make it a genuine chance for Akmal, just pinging off the end of his gloves. And now he hits that lofted cover-drive for four off Afridi.

  20. 29 overs Commentary Ind 161-4

    Hafeez, whose main job is as an opening batsman, has bowled really tightly for Afridi today. He’s through his seventh over, and has gone for just 25.

  21. 28 overs Commentary Ind 160-4

    Riaz, with three of the four wickets to fall today, concedes three runs to Dhoni, who finds acres of space at deep midwicket. Riaz worries the Tendulkar edge with a lovely ball that just leaves the bat, and now there’s a ghastly misfield from Gul at fine-leg, gifting Tendulkar a four. He bowled badly and now he’s fielding badly.

  22. Twitter

    From wafa1024: “People need to stop parroting the Sachin/century trope. He has 48 ODI 100s & India won 33 of those games.”

    Great use of the word “trope”

  23. 27 overs Commentary Ind 150-4

    So, Tendulkar has been let down by four of his team-mates. Two got a start and didn’t go on. Two never started, and played limp shots to give their wickets away. What will happen now? Tendulkar takes a single off Hafeez and now another Dhoni edge, this time a more deliberate shot, gets him his second boundary.

  24. 26 overs Commentary Ind 145-4

    Hat-trick ball for Riaz with Dhoni, pushing himself above Raina in the order, on strike. Pakistan back on top, no doubt about it. Near silence in the crowd. Appeal for a catch at the wicket! No, nothing doing. Low edge from Dhoni, scoots past first slip along the ground for four. A few more cheers in the crowd, but it’s much quieter.

  25. WICKET Yuvraj Singh b Riaz 0 (Ind 141-4)

    Yuvraj Singh has been sensational in this tournament. Now he has to ensure India get a good total, But no! Low full toss, a bit of swing and it’s bowled him!

  26. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

    “After such a good start they don’t want to lose that momentum.”

  27. WICKET Kohli c Umar Akmal b Riaz 9 (Ind 141-3)

    Sort of half-hearted guide from Kohli, and it flies gently to backward point. Good moment for Pakistan to strike. That’s Riaz’a second wicket.

  28. Commentary

    From James Thompson, TMS inbox: “I really want Tendulkar to get his century; purely because I want to hear how loud a cheer these Indian fans can make when he gets there! Someone try and get a decibel reading on it.”

  29. 25 overs Commentary Ind 141-2

    It’s all gone a bit cagey – a bit slowly, slowly catchy monkey. Pakistan are happy for India to tick along at four an over, and India are also happy to do that. Hafeez through

  30. SMS

    From Saha, London: “Need Sachin to hit 99, some one else hit 100. Can’t remember last time India won when Sachin put up a ton. ”

  31. 24 overs Commentary Ind 136-2

    Riaz, the left-arm seamer who got rid of Sehwag when the Indian opener was blazing away early on, is back. Kohli guides one off the back foot to deep point, Tendulkar eases a short-pitched ball down to third man for a single.

  32. SMS

    From Col: “Not sure Vic’s got that right – the only help India need is a good total! Tight bowling from the seamers will peg Pakistan back and wickets will then fall.”

  33. 23 overs Commentary Ind 133-2

    Kohli has time to play himself in, but he tries an expansive drive at Hafeez only to mistime a shot that rebounds off the bottom of his bat back to the bowler.

  34. SMS

    Jack from Cheadle: People, rivers flow down the easiest route away from the centre of earth which is basically a spinning sphere which is what Afridi does pretty well which is what Tendulkar hits the easiest way to the boundry from the centre of the circle. There.”

    No. I’m no clearer

  35. 22 overs Commentary Ind 130-2

    Sachin manages to get that lofted cover-drive right this time. It’s the same shot that almost brought about his downfall in Afridi’s previous over; now he gets the required elevation and it’s a boundary. Oh, so delicate from Tendulkar, a little nibble outside off and four more very handy runs – he’s on 56 now.

  36. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Geoff Boycott

    “I can’t remember watching Sachin bat when he has not picked the bowling.”

  37. 21 overs Commentary Ind 120-2

    More careful play from Tendulkar as he faces Hafeez, who ends the over with three dot balls at Kohli and finally Pakistan have an element of control over the batsmen. Good stuff from the men in green.

  38. 20 overs Commentary Ind 119-2

    Having got away with his loose drive, Tendulkar adopts a cautious approach for the remainder of the over. Four significant let-offs for him now. Run-rate has dipped below six an over.


    Kohli gets off the mark with a smooth single, and now Tendulkar is REALLY BADLY DROPPED by Younus Khan at extra-cover. Afridi must be beside himself but is controlling his emotions pretty well.

  40. 19 overs Commentary Ind 116-2

    Virat Kohli is the new batsman. On that stumping, Gambhir was coming down the wicket looking for the drive but just didn’t get close enough to the pitch and was beaten in flight. Good work from the not-always-brilliant Akmal.

  41. WICKET Gambhir st Akmal b Hafeez 27 (Ind 116-2)

    Hafeez whirling away; couple of singles, some defending. And Gambhir is stumped!

  42. Commentary

    From BBC Sport text commentator Pranav Soneji, TMS inbox: “Currently in the rather swish luxury seats at Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for my flight back to Blighty and imagining Oliver losing his rag at numerous intervals while desperately trying to stay abreast of what’s going on in Mohali.”

    Very unfair, Pranav. I’ve not lost my rag once. England aren’t involved, remember?

  43. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “Unless there is dew I think India have picked the wrong team, there is a little help for the spinners but seemingly none for the seamers.”

  44. 18 overs Commentary Ind 114-1

    Afridi, in his fourth over, has Tendulkar defending the first three. But now a lofted drive played in slow-motion nonetheless proves mightily effective. It goes over Afridi’s head and Riaz on the boundary makes a right mess of the attempted save. Afridi not entirely delighted.

  45. Twitter

    From VScricket: “Tendulkar looks so circumspect after that Ajmal over. The free flowing stroke-making is gone. Its all nudges and dabs now.”

    Yes, Gambhir looks much the happier of the two batsmen at the moment

  46. 17 overs Commentary Ind 110-1

    Nobody expected spin to be the answer today, but there’s no question Afridi is getting a little more joy from his slower bowlers. Third spinner Hafeez is into the attack now. Gambhir waits for the loose one and cuts him for four. I’m stating the obvious, but Pakistan need another wicket.

  47. SMS

    From Wombat: “From my understanding, tidal movements are due to the gravitational pull of the moon and such like, technically making the initial point correct. Not that that helps with Tendulkar.”

  48. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “If they’ve got any sense they’ll take the batting powerplay now, they usually mess it up at the end of the innings!”

  49. 16 overs Commentary Ind 102-1

    Gambhir is charging down the track to Afridi, but he is forced to defend. Now he sweeps, but straight to short fine-leg. Finally, he manoeuvres one to a gap at point.

  50. Commentary

    From Richie, TMS inbox: “Will be interesting to see if Afridi actually takes wickets and keeps it tight against possibly the best batting line-up in the tournament. So far he has taken easy wickets against easy opponents.”

  51. 15 overs Commentary Ind 99-1

    Oh, hello. It’s the Sachin paddle-sweep and Ajmal is scratching his head because he’s got it away really fine and that’s four runs. Beautiful doosra beats Sachin’s outside edge and Akmal can’t take it either, so it’s four byes for India. Oh no, he’s changed his mind and the umpire is giving runs now. That would have been a catch to slip if there was one.

  52. 1112 DRINKS BREAK

    Lots of talk about that Tendulkar lbw still. To everyone’s general agreement, it looked an excellent decision from umpire Ian Gould at the time and I don’t genuinely believe Tendulkar thought he’d survive. But he had one review up his sleeve, he chose to use it and the technology somehow believed it would turn sufficiently to miss leg-stump.

  53. Commentary

    From a nervous Pakistan fan, TMS inbox: “Someone tell me Pakistan are lulling India into a false sense of security…”

  54. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “That was a tough chance, he hit it pretty hard, but at this level they usually catch those.”

  55. 14 overs Commentary Ind 90-1

    Tendulkar gets a single thanks to the Misbah drop, and now Gambhir collects two to long-off and another single down the ground. India are playing Afridi pretty sensibly on the whole.


    Make that six lives left for Sachin, he’s dropped by Misbah at midwicket off Afridi, a low one to his right!

  57. SMS

    From Azra Banaras: “I’m really hoping Tendulkar isn’t a cat.”

    I don’t believe he is, but if he is then he’s got seven more lives I suppose…

  58. 13 overs Commentary Ind 84-1

    It’s all dots and ones for the time being. Unsurprisingly, Tendulkar is keeping the big shots in hs locker for the time being. Gambhir tries a big swipe but it doesn’t work. Now he tries something much more cute, an open-faced dab past slip for four. Nice shot.

  59. SMS

    From ER: “Actually, tidal movements can reverse the flow of rivers, so there’s more to it than gravity. Just like there’s more to Tendulkar than hand-eye coordination.”

  60. 12 overs Commentary Ind 79-1

    Spin seems the way to go so Afridi brings on the tournament’s leading wicket-taker, in other words himself. Accurate as ever he is, Tendulkar jogs a single and Gambhir does the same.

  61. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Sunil Gavaskar

    “It looked as if it was the doosra and it would have gone on to hit the stumps but the ball-tracker said it was not not a doosra, that the ball held its line and would have gone on to miss leg stump.”

  62. 11 overs Commentary Ind 76-1

    Huge over. Pakistan thought they had removed Tendulkar twice from consecutive balls, but he survives…

  63. NOT OUT

    Very, very close. But Tendulkar gets the benefit of the doubt on this one, he just gets his toes down before Kamran Akmal could take the bails off. Huge roar!


    Now there’s an appeal for a stumping from the next ball, the umpires will review this one.

  65. NOT OUT

    Tendulkar will be given not out. On all the replays it looked like it was hitting leg-stump, but the ball-tracker has it going on to miss leg-stump and Sachin survives.


    Pakistan take the five-over bowling powerplay. Gambhir is keen to get his feet moving in an attempt to locate some gaps against Ajmal but the bowler keeps both him and Tendulkar quiet. Now there’s a big appeal for lbw against Tendulkar, and that’s out surely, but they will review it.

  67. SMS

    Anon: “Rivers flow due to gravity as Mr Newton figured with the apple. Tendulkar… who knows?”

  68. 10 overs Commentary Ind 73-1

    Single for Gambhir off Riaz, and now he slips one down the on-side and it flicks Tendulkar’s hip before trickling to the boundary so that will be four leg-byes. Fewer runs coming off the bat now, but this still represents a great start for India.

  69. Commentary

    From James Hustler, TMS inbox: “Fun times in the office – we’ve two developers on adjoining desks, one Indian, the other Pakistani, the Aussie behind them is constantly trying to wind them up, our South African contingent left last Friday and I’m just keeping up the English reserve.”

  70. Twitter

    From shivamLM: “On my metro ride home from University here in Dubai, the train was filled with people rushing back home for the match!”

  71. 9 overs Commentary Ind 68-1

    OK, so Afridi moves to his spin option, with Saeed Ajmal brought on for his first over. Good, accurate stuff from the off-spinner. Four dots before Gambhir nudges into a big on-side gap and they rush through for two.

  72. Twitter

    From legsidefilth: “I love the pointlessness of analyzing Sachin’s genius. You may as well ask why a river flows. it just does.”

  73. 8 overs Commentary Ind 65-1

    With the perfect timing and artistry of a concert pianist, Tendulkar clips one from Riaz past mid-on for another delightful boundary. He keeps out a couple of good balls but attacks once against when he gets one that’s a little full and wide of off-stump. On bended knee, he creams it smoothly through the covers to move to 23.

  74. Twitter

    From lankan_gunner: “Everyone in Colombo thinks if Pakistan comes to the final then it would be easy for Sri Lanka! Wonder why….”

  75. 7 overs Commentary Ind 56-1

    With Sehwag out of the way, Afridi feels it’s safe to continue with Gul. Looking at another replay, that one that got Sehwag kept very low. Pitched short, but would have hit three-quarters of the way up leg-stump. Pitch has generally played well, and now Tendulkar tucks the wayward Gul fine down the leg-side for his second boundary. Gul is either a million dollars or a wayward bag of nerves. At the moment it’s clear which he is today. Two more for Sachin through the covers.

  76. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Sunil Gavaskar

    “Sehwag was providing a fabulous exhibition of strokeplay but the moment he missed that ball he was going to be lbw.”

  77. 6 overs Commentary Ind 49-1

    India’s number three is the left-handed Gautam Gambhir. He pushes another good ball to midwicket and charges off for a single.

  78. WICKET Sehwag lbw Riaz 38 (Ind 48-1)

    Yes that’s out. Pitched on middle and leg, straightened and hurried on to Sehwag a bit. He’s gone!


    Afridi makes his first bowling change, bringing on his third seamer, the left-armer Wahab Riaz. He quietens the crowd with an excellent over, and now Sehwag is reviewing an lbw appeal. He was given out, but let’s see!

  80. Twitter

    From England’s Steven Finn: “Sehwag looks like he’s on a mission here!”

  81. Commentary

    From Dr.Santosh D’souza, TMS inbox: “Being a citizen in a country where we are alleged to ‘eat, sleep and live’ cricket, I’m finding it strange to be working in a hospital in a far away village without any TV set nearby.”

  82. 5 overs Commentary Ind 47-0

    Gul finally keeps Sehwag quiet… for all of three balls. A half-volley fired at middle and leg is only going one place, the midwicket boundary. A bouncer is a much better idea. It’s Sehwag’s weakness and he sensibly ducks underneath one. Oh but this one, another bouncer, is very wide of off-stump and that can be helped down to the third-man boundary. Sehwag has raced to 38.

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “This will be a big moment for Gul, who is regarded as one of the best bowlers at the end of the innings – he’s not doing very well at the start of it at the moment.”

  84. SMS

    Manj, Luton: “Loving the BBC coverage. No need to hit f5, runs constantly updated and even a pretty graph. Licence fee finally put to good use.”

    Always good to have a happy customer!

  85. 4 overs Commentary Ind 39-0

    Tendulkar finds a gap behind point off Razzaq to collect a three and now Sehwag hits a glorious lofted straight drive for a one-bounce four. That man is really ticking, Pakistan need him out quickly. India just need him to keep going – simple really. Oh but let’s not forget Sachin, and a pushed-drive wide of mid-off from the last ball makes it to the boundary as well. Advantage India.

  86. SMS

    Riaz Ahmad, currently failing the Tebbit test: “Days like these I wish I were retired. My uncle is home, feet up, samosa in hand. Me in the office, gyrating in my seat. Come on Pak!”

  87. 3 overs Commentary Ind 27-0

    Sehwag tucks three loose ones from Gul through the leg-side for three easy boundaries. Now there’s a slow, loopy one outside off, and that’s smashed for another four! Another one is thrashed through the covers for a fifth four in the over, it’s a free hit for a no-ball. Finally, a dot to end a super over for India, and an awful one for Pakistan.

  88. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew

    “Even the great Tendulkar will be nervous and that was the run of a man desperate to get off the mark.”

  89. Commentary

    From Nilesh Patel, TMS inbox: “I heard that 60% of Indian white collar workers will be staying at home today and that it’s a national holiday in Pakistan. Like the millions of Indian and no doubt Pakistani fans following this game who don’t live on the subcontinent I’m nervously sat at work hitting F5.”

  90. 2 overs Commentary Ind 6-0

    Abdur Razzaq, who will try to swing the ball a little bit into India’s two right-handers, begins with some accurate stuff before Tendulkar does his best Usain Bolt impression, pushing to midwicket and dashing off for a single. Sehwag, slicing his drive a touch, collects his fifth run

  91. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Vic Marks

    “You’ll need your Factor 30 if you’re an Englishman watching this.”

  92. 1 over Commentary Ind 4-0

    The pitch has a mottled look to it, with patchy grass, but it’s very dry so the covers did a good job last night when the rain came down. Sehwag drives the third ball coolly and crisply through the covers for four. It wasn’t a half-volley and was sent down at 90mph but he found it so easy to put away. He brings up 1,000 ODI runs against Pakistan with that shot.

  93. Commentary

    From Vinayak, TMS inbox: “I am Indian team fan and I am sitting here in the office in Farnborough with a tiny little screen opened at the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s difficult to concentrate in these occasions.”

  94. 1000 Commentary

    We’re pretty much bang on time after all as Sehwag marks out his guard, preparing to face Umar Gul. Crowd roaring already. Bring on the cricket!

  95. 0958 Commentary

    We might be a little late starting up as there are lots of handshakes going on between various politicians and the players. The players don’t want to hang around much longer. I’m expecting lots of runs today, and not so much joy for the spinners. We’ll just have to see about the dew later on.

  96. SMS

    Bilal From Harrow: “Couldn’t sleep last night, I’m in school and can’t focus and keep getting into trouble for not focusing, everyone bought their flags in today. Good luck Pakistan, as a proud British Pakistani, I want to say we’re proud of the Pakistani cricket team. By the way can someone take me out of school?”

  97. 0954 Commentary

    National anthems are under way now. Yuvraj Singh said he wanted India’s fans to stand up and sing the Indian anthem as loudly and passionately as possible… The focus etched onto Shahid Afridi’s face has to be seen to be believed, while many of the Indian players are hiding their emotins behind huge wrap-around shades.

  98. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew

    “Form doesn’t count for anything today. Today, it’s pressure with a capital P. This match is being seen as an opportunity for the two countries to rekindle relations so you can’t measure how important this game is.”

    if you were not already aware, Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani has accepted an invite from Manmohan Singh to watch this game in Mohali

  99. Commentary

    From Suganya Gowdhaman, TMS inbox: “How can they leave out Ashwin who is any day a better bowler, fielder and batsman than Munaf.”

  100. Twitter

    From England’s Tim Bresnan: “Washing all done. Time to start relaxing. Starting with Entourage season 7.”

    OK, so not everyone in the world is following this match, it seems

  101. TEAMS IN FULL Commentary

    India: V Sehwag, SR Tendulkar, G Gambhir, V Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni*†, SK Raina, Harbhajan Singh, Z Khan, MM Patel, A Nehra

    Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal†, Asad Shafiq, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi*, Abdul Razzaq, Wahab Riaz, Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal

  102. 0945 Commentary

    Now for more of our preview content to bring your way: We have a gallery of all the best photos from the build-up to this match, while BBC radio’s Tim Peach looks at the status of Indian cricketers and how they match up to Premier League footballers.

  103. Twitter

    From JuicyJat: “Let’s hope for the 100th hundred from the Master (Tendulkar). I am sure all will be forgiven if India win today and lose the Saturday match.”

  104. SMS

    From Hamayoun, Stockport: “Couldn’t sleep last night ‘cos I was so nervous – never mind the atmosphere in the stadium – in my house it’s fever pitch! – Let’s hope for a great game and a Pakistan win of course.”

  105. 0938 Commentary

    Pakistan field the same side who proved far too strong for West Indies in the first of last week’s quarter-finals. Shahid Afridi says he thinks it make no difference which team bats first. Let’s see!

  106. 0937 Commentary

    Ravi Shastri looks fit to burst already, such is the tension out there. India captain Mahendra Dhoni sounds quite calm, though: “It looks a good track, we’ll look to put pressure on the opposition, we’ve had a good two days off, we played soccer and volleyball. I don’t exactly remember the feeling when we played the T20 final in South Africa, but one thing’s for sure – it’s a very important, game, We just have one change, Ashish Nehra instead of Ravichandran Ashwin. Pakistan play spin very well.”

  107. Commentary

    From Shehzad Arshad, TMS inbox: “I beleive that If Pakistan bowl first today they have a chance of winning. The pitch should be the same as what they would play in Lahore without the pressure of home support.”

  108. 0932 Commentary

    TOSS NEWS: India win the toss and will bat first.

  109. Commentary

    From James Eadon, TMS inbox: “Whoever wins, is there a more watched sporting occasion worldwide? World Cup final, 100m Olympic final… Maybe but not by my figures… There’s talk of over a billion watching today!”

  110. 0929 Commentary

    Toss coming in a sec, but there are some rumours that Pakistan are unchanged, while Ashish Nehra plays for India. Let’s see if that’s the case…

  111. Twitter

    From nirbhaisingh: “Taken the day off to watch the match at a friend’s. Reminds me of the Eng vs Brazil WC game in 02. Anticipation is immense.”

    Please tweet adding #bbcworldcup or send to @bbcsport_oliver

  112. 0925 Commentary

    We have produced an absolute banquet of preview content to keep your appetite up for this match. For starters, you may want to pick the bones out of Sam Sheringham’s Shahid Afridi v Yuvraj Singh article. Meanwhile, Ali Mitchell has written about the relationship between India and Pakistan fans. More tasty morsels to come later…

  113. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell

    Contributor BBC Test Match Special’s Alison Mitchell

    On Twitter: “Ten of 15 day-nighters played here have been won by side batting first. That may be my last tweet, there’s no room to have laptop out! There are 19 broacasters in our box at last count!”

  114. 0918 Commentary

    Among today’s imponderables are this: In a World Cup which has been kind on the older players, will Shoaib Akhtar play for Pakistan? Will Ashish Nehra play? (If he does, I think India will have six survivors from the 2003 final in today’s line-up.) Will the dew be a factor later on under floodlights and does that mean it’s a win-toss-and-bat wicket? Finally, and more simply, who’s going to win the thing?

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