Autopsy confirms alleged burglar beaten to death

The alleged burglar who was killed at a Mandela Avenue house early Saturday morning, died as a result of multiple injuries and a fractured skull a post-mortem examination yesterday revealed, confirming reports that he was beaten to death.

The occupant of the house who reportedly committed the act has since been released on station bail; he had been in police custody for 72 hours. A senior police officer however stressed that investigations into the death of Colin Clement Davis are continuing.

Police had stated in a release that they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Davis which occurred around 01:30 hrs. A police source told Stabroek News that the occupant of the house, who according to reports was a caretaker of the property, woke up and found the man standing at the back door, which had already been opened, with a crowbar in his hand.

The occupant of the house dealt the individual several blows to his head with a piece of wood and was subsequently detained by the police.

Relatives have since disputed that Davis, a father of two and resident of Lot 667 Avocado Square, East Ruimveldt was a thief. The yard where he was found is within walking distance of his home.

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