Hotel break-in convict said he was drunk

- but ‘changing thieving ways’

A man who said that he was drunk when he broke and entered a hotel but is working towards “changing” his “thieving ways” was yesterday sentenced to two years imprisonment when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Gilford Daniels accepted that on March 25, he broke and entered Herdmanston Lodge and stole one toaster, one kettle and a flask to a total value of $29,000, property of Michael George.

When given a chance to speak, the defendant told the court that he regrets his actions and was under the influence of alcohol when he stole the items. He said too that he is working towards changing his “thieving ways.”

Daniels explained to the court that he gained access into the building through an open gate and then entered through a door which was ajar after which he saw the items and removed them.
He then begged for mercy.

When asked if he had previous convictions, Police Corporal Venetta Pindar told the court that the man had been arraigned on three similar charges before. She explained that he had spent 18 months in prison for the first matter, was fined for the second and placed on bail on the third.

After handing down the sentence, the magistrate encouraged the defendant to change his actions and resolve to be an individual of better character.

Daniels, agreeing with the magistrate, said that is his personal desire also as he realised that he is “getting no younger.”

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