Region Nine communities receive tractors

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds presented 18 tractors to the residents of the various satellite communities in Region Nine in order to boost development.

A Government Information Agency (GINA) press release said each tractor is complete with a trailer, plough and scraper attached and costs about $3 million. They were handed over to residents of Karasabai, Tiger Pond, Rokomoto, Pipang, Yurong Paru, Kopinang, Kanapang, Waipa and Tiperu after requests were made during a previous outreach activity in the region.

Hinds said while reviewing a road project for the hinterland a decision was made to provide each village with a tractor to allow residents to assist with road works and to bolster agricultural activities in those areas.

He also discussed plans to establish centres in the regions, where residents can access training that will prepare them to maintain and operate the machines. In the meantime, mechanics will be sent into the various areas to assist villagers with operating the machines and they will be given a number of basic tools including a grease gun, for maintenance works.

The Prime Minister also said improving the road would better facilitate the transport of agricultural produce to the coast and allow more economic activities.

He then commended Hinterland Coordina-tor Harripersaud Nokta who, during his tenure as local government minister with the support of the villagers, took the initiative to establish trails between villages which led to the much-talked-about annual safari.

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